15 thoughts on “Trevor Brooks in a bisexual scene

  1. Everytime I see one of these guys in having sex with a woman, I hear the beginning of Queen “Another on bites the dust”.

    This year we’ve lost Drew Dixon, Isaac X, and now Trevor 🙁.

    Where did all the actually gay gay men in porn go?!

    1. Isaac and Drew are what? Bi, gay, or G4p? I distinctly remember Isaac having been interviewed more than once and saying he’s a gay sex worker.

      1. No gay implies homosexual which is same sex only which is men with men. When these guys step out and start sleeping with women in mainstream porn and BTS, they’re not gay. Doesn’t matter how much they constantly troll us with that same sentence of “I’m gay, this is just money and work”.

        Drew specifically tweeted out how much of a gay man he is and how he loves everything about men. He even went on to talk about how he never has and never will have sex with a woman then fast forward a few months later and he’s licking pussy and fucking women like it’s life or death. His constant “I’m so gay” tweets dissolved and he then rubs salt into the gaping wound by claiming it was his best and proudest project ever. Drew is lame.

        In reality, these men can decline a scene or project. If they’re licking and sticking kitty it’s because they want to and the same implies for these str8 guys who are engaging with gay sex.

        Like Drew, Issac and Trevor, these guys are simply label users. Wind blows left, gay! Wind blows right, bi! That’s exactly why I’m so happy there’s a block, delete, unfollow button.

        1. Drew is as fake as his (awful) hairpiece. He will say and do anything to try and justify why he suddenly “bi”.

      2. As for Issac, he admitted that he’s bisexual in a tweet back on the 25th of June, 2022. He said he likes watching str8 porn and loves to have sex with men and women.

    2. I’m honestly surprised that Cade Maddox hasn’t already gone this route. I’ve noticed that the only times he’s ever given a scene partner oral sex or acknowledged their genitals at all were when he did scenes for Jockpussy. That’s pretty telling.

  2. Is there really no gay actors on gay porn? Or the studios are willingly CHOOSING to not hire gay men? It’s happening a weird case of homophobia dressed as inclusivity and nobody is doing nothing

      1. For a guy to get work these studios hire bi guys as these studios are short sighted and think Gay men would like pussy. Remember that Buck Angel scene in Titan sent Titan on its downward spiral. There are no Gay own Studios. That’s the big problem. Drew is overexposed. Trevor never trusted him. Whose Isaac lmao

        1. It’s a shame. You don’t see this being done on the str8 side with their male performers on mainstream. When’s the last time anyone has seen on Brazzers the male performer fucking some guy bareback before he pulls out and goes to fuck the female and then engage in a bi orgy.
          NEVER. That shit wouldn’t fly with the male consumers and yet…

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