XBIZ “Retired Performer Casey Tanner Passes Away”

Liam Riley “My heart breaks hearing the news 💔 If you’ve been here for a long time anyone who knows me knows Slade aka Casey Tanner. 2014 a time early in my career at Helix Studios – Casey Tanner was my best friend. He was one of the funniest, sweetest, caring humans.”



Twitter has disabled the embed feature on selected tweets. An example are the two tweets from David Skylar below – one tweet can be embedded, and the other one is not allowed. Tweets from Queer Me Now & Men Of Porn can’t be embedded.

David Skylar “I’m getting pretty buff in the arms, this is week 3 of being back on my fitness routines.”


Georgie Jackson “The first male in the LGBTQ community to win a WORLD TITLE. I’m back fighting in June might have to start making some naked fighting content anyone want a naked spar 😂”


Jacob Peterson “#NewProfilePic”


Greg Riley “From 2017 to 2023”


Mitch Matthews “Life update: I’ve been well beyond burned out for weeks 😅 I’ve worked my day job double-time for 3 months now to cover close to $10k in unforeseen expenses on top of filming and the Grabbys campaign 🙄 My willpower is returning, caught up on $, and I’ll be back soon! 😙”


Queer Me Now “Former BelAmi Gay Porn Star Sven Basquiat Is Now The Most Followed Instagram Influencer In Czech Republic”


Ty Roderick “Another session down more to come soon 😎” (re tattoos)


Drew Valentino as a stand up comedian “Are you a Top or a Bottom? 🤤🎤😂”


Johnny Rapid “I love being outside”


Henrik Sommer “⚜️ I’m back. I am and have been healthy, which I found amazing. my palate had been very inflamed. I don’t have and didn’t have any venereal diseases, luckily. However, I was ill, my head and neck still hurt, I’ll talk about that later. love you guys, sorry for the wait💚🥰💋”


Henrik Sommer “⚜️ Why do I always make life so difficult for myself? why do i talk so much and present myself with such a broken look and character? because i have been aware of conflicts in this world all my life. the strong only see themselves or behave one-sidedly and thus incorrectly. as a young person you quickly look for enemy images, such as with racism or bullying. i also enjoyed being crazy, but i wanted to learn and never have to submit. so i had the biggest conflict and everyone was always talking against me. don’t do this, don’t do that. i survived everything and today i know a lot to be more than just a porn doll or a mess. I did it with heart, a lot of pain, and yet I did it gladly so that I can take care of you and me. I take full responsibility for everything. no matter what happens. ❤️ love ❤️”


Cory Kane “Hospital chic 💅”


Adam Russo “Yeah my award came in. Thank you @GayVN and all who voted for me. I’ve moved into bear county 🐻”


A tweet from Diesel that I can’t embed on this post “Demystifying gay porn sex positions.. When a bttm is getting fucked on his head like this it means: The Top cant stay hard The position works with a floppy dick cause the soft cock points down, the bttm squeezes his ass to keep him inside of him. Hard cock doesnt bend like this”


14 thoughts on “XBIZ “Retired Performer Casey Tanner Passes Away”

  1. Perhaps the reason why some tweets can’t be posted is because even the internet is disgusted by what was written.

  2. Jaxxxon makes a HUGE deal of being straight, gay4pay, went on the telly to condemn gay porn, etc and now he’s back just like that? I guess the money was just too good to have principles.

    I LOVE Diesel wading into this 🙂 David is a freaking nightmare, so it is like a soap to see him keep going off and ranting.

    And Chris is back, but to do what? Is he going to get back to bottoming, I wonder? He’s been out of porn for a decade and I was going to say I thought he still looked great, but the first two new photos of him and he looks tired, haggard and sour-faced :-/

  3. So correct me if I’m wrong. Wasn’t Geordie the same man who said that he would vomit after fucking guys when he arrived back home to his weird ass looking girlfriend? Wasn’t he the one who said so many derogatory things about homosexuals and our realm of porn, despite making his funds off of fucking us? Wasn’t he the one who retired because he claimed to hate gay porn and was straight and always has been straight? Fast forward three years later and he’s part of the community?!?!

    He still has a fucked up warped view of gay bottoms because in one of the replies to his “coming out”, he almost freaks the fuck out when a response mentions of him “taking dicks” and now coming out. He goes off about how he never took dicks that he only gave dick. He wanted receipts about the accusation. As if being a bottom is something that’s beneath him or makes him weak. This guy is another label user like so many that partake like him. Go back away please and leave us alone. Wrestle your internalized homophobia somewhere else.

    1. That’s him. He went OFF on gay porn, swore never to do it again, that he despised it…






      (Denz, by all mean take off any links you’re not happy with or by all means, make a Geordie/Daniel is a gross hypocrite post.)

      1. “He went OFF on gay porn, swore never to do it again, that he despised it” I’d love to read where he said that. Too many have done that and it really is infuriating to me.

    2. And this is a guy who clearly loves getting his ass fucked but claims it’s “too painful” and has gotten rid of all his ass play content on his OF. He’s also claimed to never have sucked dick which isn’t true as there’s been a couple of scenes where he did a decent job of slobbering cocks. If he just accepts being bi, fluid or whatever I’m ok with it but the “I’m straight “ crap is just so tiresome.

      1. So I’ve never heard of this model until now and was curious about all the fuss, and in just a few key strokes I found videos of Geordie Jackson passionately kissing, eating ass and in one clip – climaxing while intensely riding a man’s finger. Point: if I didn’t know better I would suspect he was family! He’s no slouch as a top and if gay sex really makes him sick then that just makes it hotter because he’s so good at it!

        1. And he also attempted to bottom, so I’m not sure how much credence I’d give his “only gave dick” comments.

    3. You may be thinking of Malachi Marx regarding the vomiting issue. He said that in an interview after his first “retirement” from gay porn. I wish I could find it. He also said other very negative things about the gay community. Unfortunately I don’t recall. I just remember thinking what a frigging asshole to take money from the gay community, then turn on them as he did.

  4. RIP Casey. He surely battled a lot of internal pain and disease towards his last days. He was strong.

  5. Skylar has absolutely zero self awareness
    Diesel is desperate for relevance
    Larkin is desperate for attention
    Chris Rockway, still hot as fuck

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