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Edward of Beefcake Hunter, Leo Louis, Enzo Muller, Nick Cranston & Jake Waters

Edward of Beefcake Hunter agreed on his 8th scene to kiss the site owner.

Leo Louis and Enzo Muller kissed their prom date before the two had sex inside the limousine at Men.

Nick Cranston as a police officer in his latest scene at Naked Sword, which had him in a flip fuck with Jordan Star.

Jake Waters, who got married to Dillon Diaz last month, was in a flip fuck with Tony Sting (aka Rainn of Sean Cody) in their bisexual threesome at Bi Phoria.

7 thoughts on “Edward of Beefcake Hunter, Leo Louis, Enzo Muller, Nick Cranston & Jake Waters

  1. Edward of BCH is fkn HOT HOT HOT!!! Not too crazy bout the long beard but it doesnt cuz hes fkn fine! I like when his beard is trimmed shorter.

    1. I’m actually fine about the beard. He pulls the look off, but it’s just CRINGEWORTHY to see old Crusty Thong clambering all over him. Fingers crossed he’ll move to a better site.

      1. Lol. Yeah be like me: pay no attn to sub…just enjoy tops pleasure, even kissing someone hes probably not attracted to but can still do it! Hes fkn hot!

  2. I REALLY wish they would get rid of women in GAY porn!! Bisexual scenes are one thing, that audience knows what they’re getting, but women observers or supporting players have no place in man-to-man sex! Not ever!! Men DOT com committed an abomination when it started that trend.

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