Miles Fallon, Lobo Carreira, Alex Ink or Paco Colombiano? (April 2023)

The weekly poll winners for the month of April.

Week 1 – Miles Fallon of Bait Buddies & Chaos Men

Week 2 – Lobo Carreira of Lucas Entertainment

Week 3 – Alex Ink of Lucas Entertainment

Week 4 – Paco Colombiano of Sean Cody

This poll is no longer accepting votes

Miles Fallon, Lobo Carreira, Alex Ink or Paco Colombiano?
761 votes
Ends on 05/31/2023

11 thoughts on “Miles Fallon, Lobo Carreira, Alex Ink or Paco Colombiano? (April 2023)

  1. Paco is the one who will become a major star, loves cock, loves cum, loves to be bred and loves to breed and is hotter than hell.

      1. They still have breeding, occasionally, they just have so few models that measure up to their heyday.

        What they definitely don’t do anymore are multiple cumshots.

  2. Lobo C. is perfect. His husband is attractive, but a forgettable inked-up circuitboy clone compared to Carreira.

  3. All four are very easy on the eye. I’d be happy to find any of them taking up space in my bed.

  4. I just really wanna see the two boyfriends Lobo and Alex carressing, kissing, talking, moaning and staring at one another while being fucked! I just love it when boyfriends are probably wondering what their partner are feeling then, it’s probably the same as what he’s feeling because he’s also being fucked in the ass right at that instance too!

    Paco looks good. I don’t quite like how SC is like a place for OF boys to come hang out now, because I used to see fresh faces who come out to shoot on SC to have fun with the other boys, and some of them are just super horny and are really having a fun time! But I’d love to watch Paco and see what he looks like having cum fucked out of him, then have him kneel down, suck that cock, see that seed on his tongue and see how he gulps it all down, especially if he’s super into it.

  5. Been a fan of Paco’s ever since I saw that hot video clip of his going round on Twitter where he was enjoying being dicked by altydalty so much his eyes were rolling back in pleasure. If you haven’t seen it, search for it and you’ll see what I mean. Compared to what he regularly does/offers, this SC scene is ho-humm..

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