Ty Roderick “Sorry I’ve been distracted lately I’ve been busy making my daughters sweet 16 trip magical in the city of angels.”

9 thoughts on “Ty Roderick “Sorry I’ve been distracted lately I’ve been busy making my daughters sweet 16 trip magical in the city of angels.”

  1. You know I’d usually go on about how damn stupid some of these guys are with their takes on things but there’s one post and response that gets me upset the most and it’s the one between dumb ass Alpha Wolfe and even more stupid ass Ricky Larkin.

    Yes fellas, people aren’t going to like every single damn thing you put out there. Gay men (your shocking following) aren’t going to mesh well with seeing you sleep with females. That’s a duh moment. People aren’t going to like the scenarios you portray (homelessness etc) despite the fact that you were there in your personal life. That’s fine as well. You’re in an industry and world where criticism will run rampant. Thicken that skin and accept the reality that you can’t win them all. You boys need a reality check.

    To insult the fans and viewers because your dim egos are hurt is ridiculous. Alpha get over it and move the fuck on to filming more out of touch porn. To Ricky, first thing you need to do is learn how to construct a sentence and even better realize that there’s a whole lot of us that don’t want to depend on fucking for our finances.

    Porn might be the top priority for you but it’s a slim outlet for a lot of us who know even more than you do when it comes to making the grind/hustle and money. We see what you think is most important. A six pack and six figure income isn’t everything sir. Without our “clueless” viewership, your ass wouldn’t make a dime. BTW, weren’t you the one asking us clueless folks for money recently on GoFundMe?!?! Hmmm, okay! Your little three likes speaks volumes about your ignorant take.

    I’m so sick fucking tired of hearing anything about Elliott Finn. We just don’t give a fuck about him and his take in gay porn any longer. We got it you’re “straight”. Ugh. Go away.

  2. Elliott Finn …. You have ” moved on ” so why are you still boring the pants off people ? i’m straight … so you have told us many times ..

  3. Glass houses, Pierce? You’re the biggest cunt I know.

    Urgh…you KNOW you’re in trouble when Ricky Larkin comes to your defence!

    Ah, so Tom’s not already back in jail?

    Tegan, it’s great that you’re moving on…but is this moving on? You’re fixating on the past, which you’re clearly not over and keeping talking about it is just going to drive you nuts. I’m just hoping you’re not going to turn into the next Logan McCree :-/

    Am I the only one uncomfortable about a porn persona talking about their children? How does your daughter feel about being brought up in conversation between photos and videos of you doing porn?

    And now you married that woman, Roman? What Gay4Pay trash.

    I REALLY can’t call Nick Pulos. He’s totally not gay, or even bi and his scenes are just strange to watch.

    Davin…you’re getting worse with each new Tweet.

  4. The issue with TGS is truly sad. Apparently, the owner was a genuinely lovely person and was trying to help this Ludvig/Richard individual, who is a deranged sociopath and subjected him to extreme abuse before murdering him. By the way, the murderer claimed that Davin was his best friend – I get that it would be painful to hear what happened when people you knew very well are involved, but Davin was well aware of the sort of deranged, violent and horrible person that Ludvig/Richard is and should have had the decorum of only “mourning” over Bill Futral; at least when making public announcements.

    I mean, we’re talking about a guy who is obsessed with genocide, Nazism, knives and guns and constantly uses extreme racist language, all of which Davin knew. I understand it if he didn’t believe that things would go that far, but he should have had a minimum of good taste by only mentioning the victim. Anyway, he is an idiot. However, Monstah Mike said it quite well: ‘I hope [Ludvig/Richie] rots in jail’.

    Regarding Alpha Wolfe and Ricky Larkin, who cares? You should be very much aware of the fact that when you are a public figure of sorts, some people are going to criticize you very harshly no matter what you do or how good your intentions may be. Especially because the both of you make all sorts of controversial statements and are always pursuing controversy as a means to promote yourselves. If you can rely on scandals to increase your social media presence, you should be thick-skinned enough to understand this and take the criticism in stride, because MANY of the things that the both of you do and say are rather disgusting and it’s only normal that others will point them out to you.

    Regarding Nick Pulos, I am shocked at how gullible some gay men are and how easy it is for some of these straight scroungers to get money from them by making empty promises. Yes, I understand that these G4P models have an incentive to do this because it is easier than getting a proper job, but I have never understood what the gay men get out of this… Are innuendo, empty promises, contradictory statements and silly suggestions that emotionally rewarding for them? Really? Because all I see is a bunch of losers wasting money on someone who is basically laughing all the way to the bank right in their faces. To this day, I’m shocked at how quickly some people fall for what is transparent, crass gay-baiting.

    Finally, Tegan should move on with his life and stop trying to convince people who have no interest in following his path. If he is so sure of his faith, he should do something productive with it (what about feeding and sheltering the poor?), rather than return to porn spaces seeking a reaction just for the sake of feeding his own ego.

  5. Nick is a guy who is the saddest non sexual, dull sex wirker I have ever seen. He claims he’s Bi and people on LPSG will die on that hill defending him. He barely does anything and doesn’t even suck cock and claims he’s been with more men than woman sexually.

    The whole guysite murder is horrible and brings attention to domestic abuse and how people turn a blind eye to it, in this industry. All the signs and history was there and this guy still had access to the victim. Someone mentioned Davin and seemed to lay blame at his feet when he isn’t responsible for allowing the murderer access to the victim. The vicitm for some reason still stayed in contact and was involved with the murderer. Davin comes from an abusive background and was trying to see things from both sides Either way it’s sad.

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