17 thoughts on “Legally a woman: Robin Moore “Oh, and I’m also legally a woman now. I’m already a woman, but the legal part is great too.”

  1. BTW, there’s a pic of him in a diaper with a pacifier in his mouth on his Twitter account.

    Doing his part to fight the groomer discourse, I see.

    This is a fetishist, not a ‘trans woman’. I’m sad the community can no longer tell the difference.

    1. This is what years of unrestricted access to sissyfication videos and anime does to your brain.

      He lives his fetish full time now.

      How brave and stunning!

  2. Why are they all becoming tr@nnies? Is that the latest trend now? I’m not sure which is worse. This one or the one where they all become morbidly obese.

    1. Its twisted leftist ideaology thats brainwashing not only the gay community but also the kids. Ive been saying leftist commie marxist “progressives” r perverting, grooming and transing the kids and whatever else dummy is gonna buy into their nonsense! These ppl pushing this ideaology r fkn sick twisted evil humans.

      1. This shit again…

        You love to conflate multiple movements that have nothing to do with each other into a big conspiracy, don’t you?

        How is Marxism behind the current breed of transactivism if both movements have completely different historical origins? Marxism is based on dialectical materialism, while transactivism is based on queer theory, two completely incompatible schools of thought.

        Also, most transactivists are neoliberal obsessed with consumerism of pop culture. They don’t give a flying fuck about poor people or “the working class”.

        1. Ur a fkn jackass pseuodintellect. Big words dont make u impressive. Marxism and cultural marxis. Are at work here. Marxism is big government forcing its will onto ppl. Cultural marxism is brainwashed people ppl believing and forcing their beliefs onto others. Its very real. Dylan mulvaney/bud light and target forcing gay “pride” on americans are examples of cultural marxism. Its about forcing will onto others to ACCEPT what they normally would not. The fed govt most unions especially education unions, work unioms, r infested w marxist ideology but most ppl behind these groups dont know “marcism” cuz theyve not been exposed to the dangers of it ie th cubans who have fled cuba, the venezuelans whove fled there, the ppl whove escaped n korea, they attest that america is becoming like those failed communist nations because of leftist jackasses like urself.

          1. Bow wow!

            You’re posting on a freaking gay porn blog about how gay rights are a leftist-Marxist conspiracy to destroy America!

            I can’t make this shit up!

            You’re either a) a troll, b) a self-hating mental case, c) an AI masquerading as a person, or possible, all of the previous options combined.

        2. If it makes it easier on ur twisted pseudo inyillect mind its DEMORATS forcing this on us. Yeah, i triggered u and i dont give one fuck u fkn disgusting human who makes excuses for this disgusting ideaology.

          1. Yes, yes! You triggered me… triggered a laughing crisis that is!

            Keep hunting the communists behind your little windmill, brave warrior!

            Just be careful to control your sexual urges, otherwise your based “friends” might just decide to beat you to death once the time is right and they don’t have to play optics anymore.

            1. “Beat me to death”? Kinda like democrat KKKs who beat and terrorized black people? Or democrats who fought to keep slavery. Or democrats who sent japanese to “camps”? Or democrats toady who use skin color to advance their agenda? Tell me

            2. Yeah kinda like ur democrat kkks who terrorized beat and hanged black people? Who rounded up japanese people and “camped” them in an enclosure? Is that the kinda violence ur talking about that ur party commits?

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