Tweet: Elliot Finn “Why some models choose gay films over straight.”

26 thoughts on “Tweet: Elliot Finn “Why some models choose gay films over straight.”

  1. Denz, let me start by saying that I LOVE this section. The endless supply of entertainment is simply amazing. Thank you! ❤ And to all the people who also comment, I also love to read your witty comments! 😀

    Lately, Diesel Washington is being awesome. He should be some studio’s casting director or scriptwriter – the quality of porn would improve immensely under his direction. Also, why doesn’t perform again? He could still easily do it, as he’s better looking than many of the current models in porn.

    Larkin Magnus’ transformation is rather spectacular. The one and only downside I can find in it are the horrendous tattoos, but hats off to him for being disciplined and constant!

    Lukas Daken is SUCH a visionary. So, he was the first to start calling his hole a pussy? Zoroaster, da Vinci, Galileo, Newton and Darwin could only wish to come up with something so innovative! 🙄

    Ricky Larkin should start writing self help books. A person as positive, generous, tolerant and obviously insightful as he is needs to keep spreading that wisdom among the unenlightened. Seriously, he is so misunderstood: we were all thinking that he was a pug-faced arsehole, when in reality he is an angel of healing! Keep on pontificating, Ricky! You’re our guru! 🤣🤣🤣

    And then we get Pierce Paris’ invaluable business insights. Because nothing says ‘I’m a serious businessman’ like bitching about gay men, complaining about everything and dazzling us with the sight of your soft dick and bored look in every scene! Who needs Trump and his Art of the Deal? We have Pierce and his sponge cock to lead us into a future of endless prosperity! 🤣

    Elliott Finn should just go away. He keeps saying that he isn’t interested in porn or men and yet, he is talking about that all the time. Just shut up, dearie.

    Travis is also right: we gay men tend to lose our minds whenever we see a hot guy (and sometimes, even a not-so-hot one), and we allow ourselves to be financially exploited by straight men who don’t give a damn about our community or our struggles. We ought to have more dignity and be more intelligent about whose pockets we’re lining.

    Ryan Driller/Jeremy Bilding, Danny D, David Skylar, Damien White, Brock Kniles and Cliff Jensen – please, kindly go and fuck yourselves. It’s rather embarrassing to see that the most entertaining aspect of your gay porn careers are your utterly clueless Twitter comments, you bunch of daft himbos!

    As we can see, Andy Lee is also addicted to attention – not satisfied with mooching off gay men, now he’s whining about losing his job on TV over his gay baiting on OF. Maybe his former employers saw the quality of his content and fired him for being a lazy, self-serving twat? It’s the likeliest explanation. 🥱

  2. A stellar batch of tweets this weekend. How lucky are we?! 🙄

    Well… Nothing really to say that I haven’t already said a million times or more. If this is the best the porn community has to offer, I think it’s high time we do a cleanse/reset and find a new crop of guys to put through the ringer.

    Not sure why Ryan Driller’s tweet should even be here? He ditched gay porn a LONG time ago. It’s also amazing how his sexuality continues to change over time. Apparently, bisexuality is a disease that you recover from after a few weeks. Cough I hear you, Andrew Stark, Lucas Knight, and Tommy Defendi.

    As for the rest? Vomit-inducing. There are no words. Just the sight of these guys makes me limp.

      1. That’s okay too. It’s just that many of them have been “gaybaiting” for years out of fear to lose fans, money or attention rather than just being honest with themselves and standing up for themselves which is really sad.

      2. I have no issues with bisexuality. As long as I don’t have to partake in it. I just don’t like posers. People who lie to get ahead or to deceive people to further their career.

        1. That is how I see it too. I think honesty towards the gay community is the most important thing. It doesn’t matter if it’s porn or its a fantasy. If these people want to be taken seriously or treated with respect, they should first take the hand that feeds them seriously! After all, we are the main buyers of their “staged” stories, they always use the word “gay” in their content! Without us most would be nothing!

    1. Dude is still making bi porn. He did recent videos with Christian&Cassie(Another loathsome bi guy btw)

      These men can claim straight or whatever but the fact that they still do this stuff ON CAMERA over a DECADE later is telling. I don’t care what Twitter fingers or gay white knight tells me otherwise.

      I just hope they figured it out by now and be comfortable with it since it’s acceptable now then it was then.

  3. I’m here for andylee and all the straight men who do gay porn. beautiful men. and they have to face a lot of negativity from dramaqueens. who take porn for something more than entertainment

    1. I think that all of us adult people here know exactly what porn is or should be. But if it’s for these performers to throw this “shit” at the gay porn industry or gay culture in general as entertainment or attention in the Network then I wonder why we as gay men (?) should shut up?

    2. If you think they are straight you can at the same time believe mediums can speak with spirits of the dead.

  4. It’s time again for an insightful network week with the real faces of the performers in the gay porn industry! So let the entertainment begin: what honestly just amazes me is what tweets from Ryan Driller aka Jeremy Bilding or Danny D aka Matt Hughes are doing here. Just because they’ve been making G4P movies for what feels like a century doesn’t mean we gays still value a tweet from these guys!

    Since these other guys just can’t keep their stupid mouths shut, they also get their fat off : David Skylar shoots the bird again. Straight porn companies don’t want to take him because his cock is too big! What? Really? Is that exactly what they told you? I mean we have Ryan Drillen here now or Danny D who sure have bigger cocks than you David. So I’m assuming you are doing something wrong if you think they don’t want you because of your cock size? Maybe you should get some advice from your colleagues Pierce Paris who now does more straight than gay porn productions (LOL, and that with his flaccid rubber penis) or get Cliff Jensen. But I think there’s only one reason why the straight porn agenda doesn’t want you: you’re just too crazy in your head for them too and you just talk shit every

    Elliot Finn : Can studios like Next Door please give him the sack. I mean it’s bad for your own business if you hire an actor who only reports negative things about what actually makes a living, doesn’t it?

    Then there’s Dillon Diaz : Gay Performer of the Year? Really? The guy has fucked more vaginas (also with his “fake gay” husband Jack Waters) than he has made gay porn!

    Brock Niles doesn’t bother me if he thinks he’s trying to attract attention with his “straightness offensive” or anger gays : You’re a boring lame G4Payer who can’t even rimm or really suck cock, like your lame straight buddies Andy Lee, Ricky Larkin or Damien White !

    So now I can’t anymore, this “circus” here is more exhausting than I thought…..(LOL)

    1. Actually think Elliot Finn did get the sack from Next Door. He claims he “retired” but he is CONSTANTLY talking about gay porn. Most other porn retirees haven’t blathered on about it for a year afterwards (ESPECIALLY if they’ve got a str8 OnlyFans going on w their girlfriend). So, part of me feels like this online presence is all about “look at me”” and “peope are paying attention” in terms of marketing and hopes that either Next Door or somebody else picks him up.

      (Why do I think there’s bad blood w him and ND? Because I will never forget that one of his last tweets before he quit was about a beef he had with another model there – I think it was Brandon Anderson – and said model he had an issue with is STILL there)

  5. LUKAS DAKEN – A pussy ?? I would have to call your hole a Tunnel, way too sloppy and blown out.

  6. Hmm I could’ve seen Trent Summers over in SF Pride this year, but the crowds got too overwhelming for me…BTW if anyone haven’t been there I suggest visiting the GLBT Museum; the 1st Wednesday is always free, the original Pride flag is there on display and the history and culture is too important not to see.

  7. Ryan Driller…is he talking about ANY porn, aka returning to his Jeremy Bilding gay porn days? I thought he’d totally detached himself from that, which is why he changed his name. Or, is he just looking for more straight work? I personally loved him in gay porn…but he turned his back on it totally years ago :-/

    And Danny D too? He was Matt Hughes, but again, changed his name and never looked back! Damien…didn’t you turn straight and turn your back on gay porn?

    What is going on this week!

    David…you’re not that big. Your ego is, but your dick isn’t.

    And I’m not giving Andy and his team of gay-baiting, findom, thirst-trapping, aggressively straight guys any air-time.

  8. Elliott really believe anyone will believe he got 2000$ per scene hahahah.
    David Skylar- Danny D is literally above your tweet lol.
    Brock since when breastfeeding id supposed to be sexy…Gross
    Damien White is Gross and one if those few guys I don’t doubt is straight.

    By the way anyone know what happened to Princeton Price? He was featured on this MoP quite often then his ass dissapeared.

  9. Jeez Denz i really do feel for you, you have had to really have to shift a lot of doss for all of this!

    All I can say is who cares for any of these ego centric delusional individuals, and the only two stands out are:

    Diesel W which I agree re his first statement as its gay ot straight porn we are over saturated with hetero Ideology.

    Re Travis Stevens statement yes sadly as gay men always revere and hero worship the mythical straight guy and in this industry and in society always will!

    Oh before I forget Elliot is bloody annoying by I do like him even though he is delusional and desperate for attention as they say no publicity is bad publicity. Also he did not get paid $2000 per scene at Corbin Fisher as he tweet me last year saying he received $1200 Dollars per scene and I cant see him earning more than that in NDS!

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