12 thoughts on “Loves to bottom: Maverick Sun

  1. Well actually he is a welcome and reliable model for gay standards when it comes to being the ass whore and Fluffer for active performers. But I find his overall achievements, as I said before, underground. Even his OF content looks boring. He’s not even gay. But for Mindgeek it’s a stroke of luck to have someone like him who takes his ass for the whole straight/bi bunch.

    1. And it must have been undeniably predictable that he would now have to play the “gay” ass bitch after his embarrassing trip to vagina land!

    2. Just another human hole who will act like he doesn’t have a dick attached to him. I’ll gladly pass on this fool.

        1. Another one of those “queer” fanatics who keep coming up with the same reasoning, gays want to explain to everyone what preferences someone has or should have!
          You get this wrong my dear, it’s people like you and your bi/queer/straight/feminist People who want to invade our territory (specifically gay porn) and dictate what we have to respect or tolerate!
          So don’t twist the facts. You can get along with @Jay, I think you would get along very well.

  2. Fugly
    Plus he is a bestie of Dullgaty.
    Wonder if they fucked in private despite Miss D supposed straightness.

  3. He’s not a strong performer from the scenes I’ve seen. And unfortunately he’s taking Vitamin S like far too many gay porn performers. I don’t like see that at all.

    1. Wow! And where did you gain knowledge of what vitamins he taking? I think this is what the call FAKE NEWS.

      1. What you release here as views about gays is what we (gays) all call fake news and know from people like YOU!

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