Tweet: Cliff Jensen “It was @kinkdotcom whom pulled outta their shoots with @RomanToddNYC & I this month after I went public to take Ricky Larkin down for blatantly selling fentanyl based pills to people in and around the industry!”

20 thoughts on “Tweet: Cliff Jensen “It was @kinkdotcom whom pulled outta their shoots with @RomanToddNYC & I this month after I went public to take Ricky Larkin down for blatantly selling fentanyl based pills to people in and around the industry!”

    1. I do as Jwan seems like a really nice bloke, but as that Ricky I have never liked him to be fair and wasn’t there some issue with his nephew last year and Jwan supported him in this a sit it would ruin his career!

      I used think Jwan was georgous when they first got together, but I saw picture recently with him standing next to Risky, and he looks rough. Poor Sod!

  1. I think Kink’s cancellation may have had more to do with Roman’s very recent pill snorting and overdose, than taking any sides. For any business that needs insurance, having liabilities like RT on the set can be a huge red flag. But Cliff does like to portray himself as “The Great Protector”.

    I think Presley Scott’s summary of the state of gay porn employment is about the best I’ve read lately.

    The rest seems to be the usual Twitter freak show, but I appreciate Denz doing all his hard work to assemble it all for us.

  2. Derek Bolt may be feeling down due to the “special” health supplements he takes, which are probably damaging his internal organs, especially his heart.

    Greg Riley and Marco Rubi look spectacular. In Marco’s particular case, I must say that his discipline and constancy are admirable, given the fact that he’s had so many back problems.

    The Roman Todd, Ricky Larkin and Cliff Jensen melodrama has been running for longer than most soap operas – and now Trent Atkins has a guest starring role! How should this drug-addled G4P saga be named? Whores of Our Lives? Straightbenders? Or is Just Pathetic a more fitting name?

    Daniel Evans is just beautiful. Evan Knox is a VERY lucky guy! 😍😍

    Marcus Ryan’s situation is incredibly sad. I hope that something can be done to help his situation, so that his eyesight improves. Nobody deserves this to happen to them. 😭

    I like Diesel Washington’s message more and more with every passing day. He is saying truly important things that we should all listen.

    The Ricky Martin situation is incredibly tacky, but this is not the first time he becomes involved with… Let’s call it ‘multitalented artists’. His former boyfriend Eduardo Verástegui and his former lover Eduardo Yáñez were officially actors, but it is well known that they did some very unique things to supplement their income while living in the US. So, this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

    Hoss Kado is mentally ill. What a repugnant thing to post. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

    Dillon Diaz, go fuck yourself. You may be tired of people criticizing you, but we’re all tired of your endless hectoring condescension and hypocrisy. 🤬

    Presley Scott’s own situation is very strange. Aren’t these guys supposed to make fortunes thanks to OF? Why is he so dependent on MG if they pay him so badly? I also find it difficult to believe that he’s being blacklisted because he simply resigned from a job – something else happened and if harassment was part of this ordeal, he should publicly denounce it. Still, at least he appears to be gay, so he has my support.

  3. This is what happens Cliff when one lies and caused drama its sad mate!

    Dillon enough said block away pal!

    Good on Della living her best life.

    Ah Jwan Yosef I do feel sorry for him if this is true, as Ricky is going through a mid life crisis. The other bloke got big cock an all, but that don’t mean fuck all to be fair and it won’t sustain a long term relationship.

    Marco Rubi wow looks hot!

    Tony Genius jeez he is still banging about RFC for what, at least 4 or 5 months now?

    Diesel you speak perfect sense mate.

    Presley there is more to this story than he is letting on I bet, but his observation about the industry is what I expected.

    Cory dealing with mental health issues is tough.

    Bruce Jones good for you pal dealing with your addictions as its tough.

    Hoss Urghhhhhhh!!

  4. Quin Quire – About 7 minutes, you are almost there.
    Aspen – I think its only a short time before Aspen makes the news and not in a good way.
    David Skylar, Zach Grayson Marco Rubi Presly Scott – speechless, I really don’t know you or care enough.
    Elliot Finn – I actually like his daily propaganda, its become funny at this point.

  5. Hang on…I thought Ricky Martin was still under the cloud of being a paedophile by having sex with his underage nephew?

    Oh Ellliot, just fuck off. Use your gay porn star Twitter not to parade around your fiancee.

    Ah and maybe all the sites will start to realize exactly how messed up Roman and Cliff are and the two can just walk hand-in-hand into obscurity.

    I can’t even talk about that prolapse…IT LOOKS LIKE SOMEONE BEING BORN!

    Physic is it now David? Tell me, what do you see in your future?

    Presley, you’re G4P right? You’re not giving us all the fact, because those Montreal studios work with NIGHTMARES, so what’s happened to make you different exactly?

  6. I’ve watched Roman Todd a lot and have liked him as a performer. Disappointed to find out he’s a druggie. In his video on Twitter about that experience, he tells of taking the first pill while he was on the plane headed to a shoot, and by the time he left the airport, he didn’t know who he was, In the next breath he says, “The shoot went great.” What? You’re stoned out of your mind but the sex scene went great? I don’t blame Kink, or anyone else, for not hiring him anymore.

    And for god’s sake, why does Elliot Finn keep talking? STFU and go away, dude.

  7. MARC DYLAN!!!!!!1!1!! Not even David Skylar could have predicted him showing up in this week’s Tweets of The Week!

    1. He’s gotten pudgy scroll down on his Twitter hittin an impressive 200 lbs Dumbell Bench but he’s a barrel now

  8. Mrs.Diaz, believe me most gays out there know you and don’t have to label or name you. We know who you aren’t because you don’t want to admit it, like your husband and many other cast members do, because they are afraid the house of cards of lies will collapse! I mean you been in the industry for years and you still have to justify yourselves and argue with people even though they might not care. So there’s something wrong with you. Most of the time, people who have been bitten screams Mrs. Diaz.

    Mr. Finn, I just feel sorry for your fiancé that she puts up with all of this and that you are now dragging her into your “work”. Does your fiancée also come from the porn industry or does she really have any idea what you are doing? Poor Woman.

    Quin Quire : Humans can’t be replaced (yet), not even by an KI.

    Mr. Diesel : Being transphop isn’t pretty. Being Biphop isn’t pretty either. Being heterophobic isn’t pretty either.
    But if we gays are insulted by performers, studios or commentators in gay porn, that’s always ok. That’s reality. We gays have achieved and received enough, that’s what many think out there and here.

    Cory Kane, Bruce Jones, Zack Grayson : Man I only wish you all the best, stay strong.

    Markus Ryan : Nobody deserves that, I’m sorry.

    Hoss Kado : for the fact that you are/were engaged and now maybe married, this is pretty weird. Sometimes straight men have the weirdest Fetish!

    1. Now I can say that I lived enough to see queer activists appropriate the word “heterophobia” in their gay erasure crusade.

      Remember when said word was just a strawman built by reactionaries in order to paint gay rights as an infringement on the rights of straight people? Yeah, I sure do!

      Again, why this should be a surprise? Most queer activists are in some way or other straight people with fancy new coats of paint, so that was to be expected.

      Also biphobia? Last time I checked, the majority of people who held disdain for bisexual men were straight and bisexual women (yes, really). I wonder why there isn’t any any movement within queer activism targeted towards “deconstructing” the bigotry of said groups of people? Yes, yes! I know the awnser to this one, but there are some things better left unsaid.

      Lastly: received enough? By who? When? Where? The “achieved” part I can understand, as gay activism is a century old thing, but “received”? It’s the good old queer activism taking point of “we gave our blood and sweat for you gays, so shut up and do what we tell you to do”.

      For that I say: no, and stop trying to distort history in order to fulfill your stupid fever dreams.

  9. Jensen looks like a jackass by involving himself in this. He has no reason to be the verbal mouthpiece online. Todd should also want to let this all go quietly. Taking an unknown pill, crushing and snorting it in an airport bathroom before a flight definitely shows an enormous level of stupidity. Attempts to blame it on anyone else is just making him look worse. Take your lumps and be happy that you survived!

  10. I’ll keep this simple and short.

    Elliott’s deluded girlfriend – Take a reality pill and snap out of it. Your boyfriend isn’t entirely straight and if either of you believe that, I’d advise seeking the help from a trained professional.

    David Skylar – What are you still doing here? It’s getting to the point where your colleagues don’t even want to film with you. How many more bricks do you need to fall on you before you realize that nobody wants you. Not even YOUR deluded girlfriend wants you from what it sounds like.

  11. Elliott Finn isn’t straight he has been fucked by other dudes for a few years sucked a bunch of cock. He probably is bisexual. I am surprised gay men are surprised Ricky Martin cheated. The problem is Jwan Yosef was neve Ricky Martin equal. Ricky probably loves his husband but he has all the power. The marriage was never equal and they weren’t monogamous like most gay male marriages. Ricky is the star and while the husband is good looking they were unequal. That’s the quandary when a good looking but not rich gay man married an extremely wealthy gay man. The rich gay men they don’t give a fuck. Ricky Martin is also handsome so sex is easy.

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