Tweet: Igor Romani “@menofporn wow the comments on your article about are …”

Did Mike Mann say these words on social media, or is it from an article?

Chris in his own words about the incident (the tweet can’t be embedded).

Igor Romani, as Kevie, sent a comment on the post about her with regards to her facial feminization surgery “Hey it’s Igor thx for defending me 😉”

Can someone please translate what she said?

UPDATE Two more tweets from Igor aka Kevie, in English “I don’t want controversy. I just want to live as a woman. It’s simple as that.

Joey Mills and his former boyfriend, Angel Rivera (tip @ Gus)

43 thoughts on “Tweet: Igor Romani “@menofporn wow the comments on your article about are …”

  1. Denz, quite the collection of oddities yet again. I love this feature every week.

    Cliff Jensen, welcome to the real world. None of us ever had sugar daddies paying our bills. Maybe if you had less Las Vegas trips, tanning salon visits, and lavish dinners (all on your Twitter feed) your bills would be a little easier to manage.

    Chris Damned is correct: everyone, regardless of their profession, has the right to be free from harassment of any kind.

    Davin Strong…I really had to laugh at how hard he STRAINED himself trying to avoid pronouns in his breakup story. LOL. Everybody in the Twitterverse knows it was your girlfriend sweetie.

    Diesel Washington again wins the week with the best tweets, hands down.

    Jake Waters wrote a porn script. Next challenge: writing a sticky note for the postman.

    Della Ari, no idea who – or what – this is and never want to. Ever. You and your girl hunt need to go far, far away.

    Maxx Monroe, Damien White, Ethan white, Ethan Tate, and Jake Spencer just never cared about this group at all. Past or present.

    Tom Faulk. No. Just no. With those face tats and prison/drug history I’d say submit your resume to Trailer Trash Boys – since the studio was literally named after you – but, no, even TTB has standards.

    The Joey Mills- Angel Rivera soap opera should come with popcorn 🍿. Who doesn’t love a good bitch fight?

    Nick Fitt wins the sweet tweet of the week.

    And finally, Steve Rickz, your retirement sounds like just about the best idea I’ve heard all month!

  2. Diesel Washington is our new MOP hero! He should get a costume with a cape, because he is fighting for gay men’s visibility in the world of an increasingly anti-gay porn industry. Oh SuperDiesel, we love you!!! 😘😆

    The Joey Mills and Angel Rivera situation is so convoluted, messy and difficult to follow that it makes the Bible look like a colouring book by comparison. They need to issue the entire thing in instalments and add a support guide, because it’s impossible to follow… Also, they broke up 3 1/2 years ago? Isn’t it time for them to stop whining about their mutual grievances already? Jesus, talk about holding on to grudges!

    And speaking about whining and overlong soap operas, so now Cliff Jensen has become an activist for affordable healthcare in the US? I must admit that this is impressive: he has gone from engaging in bitchfights with Ricky Larkin over Roman Todd’s (and his own) drug use, to taking on corporate healthcare providers – is there anything that this modern age Martin Luther King cannot do? He’s saving the world one Trimix injection at a time! 😂😂😂

    And continuing to discuss homophobic G4P whores who decide to have sex with men on their own volition, even though they “hate” it, who is Mike Mann? I had never even heard of him, but now I’m glad that I hadn’t. What a massive twat.

    The Nick Fitt story is very sweet. Congratulations! ❤

    Jake Waters – do get over yourself, will you? You’re not writing the next Blade Runner or Citizen Kane. It’s a porn script, for God’s sake! Also, I wonder how long it will take for you to include women in them, so your “husband” can open our narrow minds by fucking them.

    Davin Strong, go to therapy already and stop divulging your every bowel movement on Twitter as if it were some sort of achievement. It’s called life, and it’s difficult for everyone. Stop pretending you’ve discovered something that nobody else knows… Also, that “them” is your girlfriend, who to you is clearly not unworthy, like men. Fuck off, you self-important, homophobic fool!

    Griffin Barrows, you have finally fulfilled your dream of losing your Gold Star to a woman! You’ve been tweeting about it for ages and now, you’ve managed to do it! We all knew that you were bisexual and now, we’ve confirmed it… 😏 All I can say is that at least this time, you’re not posting your escapades with married men who cheat on their wives with you, but you’ve moved on to sleeping with the wives as well. I’m sure your religious fundamentalist relatives are delighted about your porn-ified conversion therapy – their prayers have been answered! 🙄

    Fun times, all in all. Thanks, Denz!!! 😘

    1. Well, Griffin did shoot with Noah in the past if I’m not mistaken, so this is just another day in the kitty park for him.

      Also, I do not believe for a minute he was ever a “gold star”. Not at all.

      He’s clearly a sex addicted person who has long since decided to stop giving a shit about having any standards, so if he goes full straight, I couldn’t give less of damn.

      Lastly, Noah is a shit person because of their hissy fits and known history of exposing gay men who don’t want to have sex with them.

      1. Griffin did a scene with Luke Hudson a few years ago on OF, but that’s all I’m aware of. I do recall in his Chaosmen solo he said he was “technically bi” in the interview part, but that may have been to put on a certain persona since he’s had a long-form interview recently on YouTube where he said he was gay. In that same interview, he also said that sex workers who do stuff that’s against their sexual proclivities or orientations often resort to some unhealthy coping mechanisms to get past it, so it makes me wonder what his poison was to get through the Noah scene because it looked perfunctory at best.

        1. He’s bisexual. That’s for sure. He said he was gay probably because of the $ and gaining sympathy from the gay community.. not because gay is his sexuality. After gaining sympathy (in terms of followers), he’s already comfortable enough to coming out the second time but this was intentionally wrapped in actions of having sex with a transman. Slick but smart enough to dodge the hate from his true gay fans by having the “alphabet’ people already by his side as his prominent shield. Lollll

          1. You know what the most stupid part of it all is? I’m 100% sure that Griffin, Derek Kage, Dillon whatever his last name is and all the other gays who pretend that they like women too are big old fairies. They’re probably gayer that all of us combined. But the fact that they think that pretending that they like women / pussy too makes them any more interesting, progressive or whatever it is that they think they’re doing is so pathetic. They are not the first (and sadly by the looks of it won’t be the last) gay man riddled with internalized homophobia and heteronormative tendencies. I am sure that in the back of Griffin’s mind he was thinking that what he really wanted was a big fat veiny cock in his mouth during that scene and not what was there in front of him. It’s all so pathetic really. It’s not 1950s anymore, you don’t need to pretend you like women to make Jesus happy. Just be the fairy you’re supposed to be and stop assauting your own body for clout.

            1. Thank You I Agree 100%!

              These Gay Men, sorry I meant to say Straight /Bi Guys 😂 are fooling no one. But at least it creates more publicity for them, so that they being discussed/talked about creating derma an attention within their pathetic dull desperate lives.

  3. Oh God, comments like the 1st guy is why I am starting to detest these so call ‘St8’ men in gay porn.

    Please just turn up fuck and keep your mouths shut when you leave the industry ta!

    Davin those relationships sound complicated love to be fair.

    Daddy Diesel Does It Again! ‘Yep Gay men dont have sex with women, Period’ I agree fully with you in that that mate!

    Jake best of luck as you’ll need it with that husband of yours, “Ms I am gonna block any one who calls dares to call me Gay, even though I a married to a man and am constantly fucking females on films Yawn! Next drama please Ms Dias!

    Della Ari Noooooooooooo!

    Damien that what happens as we get older our circle shrinks to be fair.

    Good old Nick Fitt I am happy for him.

    The rest of the tweets are bloody waste of time.

    Denz I am gonna say thanks for the weekly roundup as usual. However but I am noticing that you are focused continually on Trans/Bi/ Alleged Straight Men spouting their nonsense, like the first and the last part of this post.

    It bloody depressing to be fair and I am visiting this blog less because of it and the continued comments and debates that arise because of it is just damn well tedious. I guess this gain you a lot more followers and promotes endless discussion and debates.

    But for this old bloke who used to enjoy reading your blog is just bleeding tired of this nonsense!

    Have a good week mate!

    1. I’m going to defend Denz on this one: weekly roundups are getting more and more shit because the people inside the industry are also becoming more and more shitty.

      There’s no way to avoid this simple reality.

      1. Fair Point Mate, but it tiring to read this all the time not only this blog on the others so I not going read or comment about these individuals expect on the weekly round up which is my choice of course!


  4. Mike Mann – FUCK YOU! You didn’t have to do anything. If fucking other men took such a toll it affected your mental health then you should have stopped. You should have stopped fucking men, left porn and found something else to line your pockets and stroke your ego.

    I’m starting to see why some who comment here want ALL straight men out of gay porn. It’s not that breeders can’t convincingly do what’s required to make good scenes, it’s because of the high likelihood they will later turn around and disrespect us as a means to distance themselves from the mountains of gay porn media they chose to take part in. This bullshit happens way too often.

  5. Mike Mann : “I’m not gay. I do not like men in that way. I was gay for pay”. this is one of the classic reasons of those straight men in gay porn and blaming their past works in gay porn (which basically their decision to make) for their mental health. So, for future ‘straight men’ who tempted to do gay porn, should remember this in the first place, please when you decide to do something against your will, you should be responsible for it.

    What happened to Chris Damned : Yes, I agree with him. That’s totally harrasment. Idc if you are a commoner or having the same field of work as Chris (pornstar), if someone grabbed you without your consent, that’s basically a harassment.

    For Diesel, thank you for standing with the truth.

    Jake waters : ….. Next.

    Igor Romani : Lmao.. I think Igor should learn about how to handle the negative responses. You ‘presented’ yourself to the public..ofc, they’ll have some opinions about you either it’s positive or negative. But first, you shouldn’t hope and demand that it’ll be 100% supportive for you. There’ll be people who agree and disagree.

    For Angel and Joey: This shouldn’t be made public, btw.. you both need to solve the problem privately without having third party on this one.

    Griffin : Already unfollowed and unsubscribed.

    Noahway : ……………………. *sigh

  6. Igor Romani…you’re an effeminate gay men. Transitioning because you want straight dick doesn’t make you a woman. It just makes you desperate.

    He’s transitioning because of a deranged fantasy/wish fulfillment, nothing more. In fact, without the current wave of trans propaganda, he wouldn’t even be entertaining this non sense.

    Drop the T.

  7. This week’s posts are a prime example of a little tendency I noted within the gay porn industry recently: from one side, we have G4Ps who declare their disgust for gay sex loudly and openly, and on the other, self-id “gay men” who write daily essays about the wonders of vaginas and PiV sex… yeah.

    There’s even accusations of “heterophobia” being thrown around against the few speaking out about the increasingly marginalization of actual gay men and gay sex in the gay porn industry!

    That’s quite interesting…

    If someone were to say this 5 years ago, people would just laugh at them, but here we are!

    This is what happens when straight people take over positions of power within gay porn and the whole industry is a huge monopoly: they’re going to shove all of their bootleg straight, bi and pansexual content into gay sites and we have to love it, otherwise we’re bigoted evil people.

    I have said it before and I’m going to say it now: if these people are so preoccupied with inclusion and whatnot, then why they never pressure MG to also post trans and bi scenes into Brazzers and their other straight sites? I wonder why…

  8. Chris Damned is such a drama queen. I think he’d be more offended if no one paid him any mind whatsoever. I’ll never understand these self-righteous porn “stars” who are quick to invoke the #Metoo movement just because it’s become something trendy and PC to do. Your cuteness is dwindling, Chris. Use it while you still can.

    Mike Mann – Don’t know you. Don’t want to know you, but I do know you’re in good company with many other assholes in this industry. If anything, I hope karma plays her hand and brings back your gay porn past to slap you in the face when you need it most.

    Ok Ok Ok. So Griffin Barrows is bisexual. Fine. You’re allowed. Just stop cloaking yourself as a gay man. You’re clearly not. And what the hell is with this Noahwaybabes person? She looks like Max Lorde’s twin. I always felt Max Lorde had a sort of androgynous, elvish look about him. If I haven’t seen him naked and in action, I would swear he was FTM. But back to Noah…. You are what you are. I have no disdain for you as a person wanting to be yourself, regardless of what you identify as. I’d appeal to your common sense and decency though and ask that you talk some sense into some of these dudes you’re letting vaginally penetrate you. Let them know that they’re not gay and should not be allowed to call themselves as such. Thank you.

    Angel and Joey – Your tumultuous borderline/narcissistic relationship is really little to no interest to most of us here. You each feed off the other’s toxic energy and it’s not becoming. Then again, you can’t rationalize with the irrational.

  9. Wow and again we have a time of homophobic derailments, humiliation towards the gay subculture, self-expression & self-destruction as well as exclusive conversion therapy behind us which once again suggests how fucked up most of the actors and their views are! Maybe porn really isn’t a healthy place for many of these “SEX WORKERS” as is always defended by many! I don’t have much to say this time, most of the comments here have pleasantly surprised me, especially @Akerus. I don’t have to say much more, my opinion is the same in most views.
    Thanks again to Denz for your reporting, there is a lot of work behind running a blog like this.

    1. One more thing : I’m 100% sure that many of these (almost all) performers we’re talking about today and out there all read this blog and other blogs, even though they keep claiming that they don’t care about other comments or their gay gay fans! lol
      So keep up the good work these narcissistic, hypocritical and homophobic whores should be put in their place!

  10. Diesel Washington is simply ignorant about human sexuality (like many others). Sexual behavior and sexual orientation are two different things. Sexual behavior is what you DO. Sexual orientation is how you FEEL. Gay men have had sex with women for ages; their survival depended on it. Some even enjoyed it. But it did not provide the same fulfillment as same sex relations.

    It’s also outrageous that someone thinks s/he knows better how another person feels inside than that person does. Insulting and arrogant. Let people say they’re straight/gay/whatever. Who gives a flying fuck?

    1. Wow excuse our audacity to acknowledge that people lie about their sexuality. Yes, you must be right, we’ve never had anyone lie to themselves or to the world saying that they are straight when in fact they are not, that’s an absolutely new-fangled trend, this hasn’t hapened to millions and millions of people in the course of history. Also, I’m sure that everyhing that comes out of everyone’s mouth is the absolute truth, not only about their sexuality, about every single story they tell. Human beings don’t lie, how could we imply such a hateful thing? You call Diesel ignorant, but I’m pretty sure you’re failing to notice that the biggest dumbass is you.

      1. I said nothing about people lying to themselves. Nothing. I talked about the nature of human sexuality. The fact is that you cannot get into another person’s head to know if they are lying or not, and it’s arrogant of you to assume that you can. Because sexual orientation is about how one feels, and because sexuality is so fluid, one can be completely truthful about being straight, and later on be truthful about being gay. You really like to twist words; I did not call Diesel “ignorant” in a derogatory sense; I only said that he was ignorant about human sexuality, like so many others.

        1. ‘I said nothing about people lying to themselves. Nothing.’ -> But you indirectly accused someone for lying with your false views about the nature of human sexuality. This is what’s called a ‘pathological liar’.

          ‘I talked about the nature of human sexuality’ -> you were already twisted it by the queer ideology views so basic science (biology) will always be denied and rejected to be applied for human sexuality in the first place (which it should since it’s deeply connected).

          ‘The fact is that you cannot get into another person’s head to know if they are lying or not, and it’s arrogant of you to assume that you can.’ -> You can’t get into another person’s head, correct (because we’re not alien who read thoughts).. BUT, you can ASSUME someone’s lying or not by their actions that didn’t match with their spoken words or thoughts. It’s not arrogant. it’s baseline of body language behavior that we all could learn to interpret. Lol.

          ‘Because sexual orientation is about how one feels, and because sexuality is so fluid, one can be completely truthful about being straight, and later on be truthful about being gay.’ -> Sexual orientation is about how one feels TOWARD another (adult human) person. Sexuality is ONLY fluid for bisexual person. If one person today claimed he was gay then another day he claimed he was straight, then another day he’s claimed that he’s a woman..that’s basically a confused man that really needs a psychiatrist’s help, tbh.

          ‘You really like to twist words; I did not call Diesel “ignorant” in a derogatory sense; I only said that he was ignorant about human sexuality, like so many others.’ -> You are already being twisted by the queer ideology about human sexuality so you judged Diesel’s words based on that. Simple.

        2. “one can be completely truthful about being straight, and later on be truthful about being gay.”

          Oh dear lord, up your meds.

    2. Applauses to Diesel for his brave for voicing out his opinion based on truth and did not deny the reality.

      ‘Sexual behavior and sexual orientation are two different things” correct, but sexual behavior define your sexual orientation (don’t forget this!). Ex; If you are a man, attracted to the opposite sex (woman), having a relationship with a woman and having sex with a woman, then all of this ‘sexual behavior’ define that your ‘sexual orientation’ is straight.

      ‘Gay men have had sex with women for ages’. Those ‘gay men’ you claimed, they have had sex with women before their realization of their sexuality (usually this would be happened in a long time ago, I would say it’s from old society and it could happened in this era but in the country who despised/banned homosexuality, usually in a country of religion based and heavy of having strict society norms). That’s probably why you think and wrote the next ‘their survival depended on it’, right? Because gay men won’t survive the norms that already pressured them first in those countries.
      If a ‘claimed’ gay man still having sex with a woman (even enjoyed it), they’re not gay, they’re bisexual. If they insisted they’re gay, that’s what we called homophobic!
      ‘But it did not provide the same fulfillment as same sex relations’ yes, because they’re not… gay in the first place.
      ‘It’s also outrageous that someone thinks s/he knows better how another person feels inside than that person does. Insulting and arrogant’ We did it based on context. Idc about the people and what was happened ‘inside their house’ as long as it’s inside their house. But it’s different when you ‘presented’ all of these (yourself, your feelings, your sexual behavior, etc) to the public.. that’s basically ‘an invitation’ to the party you’re having. Lol.

      So, when you ‘presented’ yourself as gay to the public.. act like one! If you’re not, then you shouldn’t be mad if people having different opinions (gives a flying fuck) with you!

      1. Sexual behavior absolutely does NOT define sexual orientation. The rest of your response unfortunately depends on this incorrect premise. I suggest you read the scientific literature on the subject.

        1. Incorrect premise? Lmao.. so you’re saying, an adult human male already coming out as gay man, having a relationship with other adult human male, but then because of ‘curiosity’, having sex with an adult human female, would still be called as ‘gay’ now??! What a BS!!

          Why would I read the scientific literature on the subject when you people already denied the basic science?? Make it make sense!

        2. The literature doesn’t support the notion of ‘fluidity’, you dolt. Most people have a fixed sexual orientation that doesn’t change throughout their lifespan. In modern society, the only exceptions are men with sex/porn addictions and promiscuous women with emotional problems.

  11. CLIFF JENSEN – You are just NOW figuring all that out? Been like that forever, gets worse the older you get.
    RANDELL PP3 – Who the fuck cares. Nobody knows you or misses u in gay porn.
    CHRIS DAMNED – Don’t worry it isn’t long now that Nobody will be grabbing u or asking for your attention. You step closer to a nobody more every hour…
    ANDREW STARK – Your body art looks amazing, good job!
    JAKE SPENCER – I look forward to you returning. Hot looking man.

  12. “Them” Davin…you’ve made it clear you’re straight and only date women, so stop being coy. I’m curious to see though is this changes your behaviour.

    I was really excited about the return of Andrew Stark…but he looks like he’s had a hard life since he last did porn and I’m not impressed by anything he’s doing so far. He absolutely looks to be on his wife’s leash and certainly isn’t pushing any boundaries in scenes. He’s a shadow of his former self.

    Griffin…no words.

    Mike Mann…then why do it? No one held a gun to your head and you could have pushed trollies around a car park or stacked shelves instead.

  13. I guess no one wants to talk about Tom Faulk’s new White Supremacy tattoo’s he’s aded to his chest. That stands out among all the other trash this week. This is also tied to Cliff Jensen. Anyone, remember that whote trashy racist GF he had before he went to prison and all the racist shit she posted and he never posted anything contradictory to them?

    When will people stop allowing these people to keep making more content and supporting it. When Cliff came out of jail, he brought a new friend with white supremacy tattoo”s in and had him making movies. Enough is a Enough with these trashy motherfukers.

  14. Mike Mann has mental health issues and has beenopen about it. This was posted on his OF, His own platform. He didn’t just decide to go run around and have blogs pick it up, someone apparently wanted people to know about it. Still, he is wishy-washy and goes back and forth with doing OF and not doing it. He’s not really being vindictive or nasty to people, except the people who are members of his OF who badger him and talk shit to him.

    I need more Jaxson Briggs!

    I didn’t know how much I missed Andrew Stark until I saw His new daddy pics. Hot man. I wonder how many times he fucked Rocco Reed off camera when they bothed lived in NC. They seemed to have a special connection in their scenes together.

  15. I’m tired of the trans posts. We all know that these creators do this stuff because it catches eyes and nothing more. So long as people keep watching it for shock value and they keep making money, they’ll keep making them.

    I have no issue with people being trans or people having sex with who they want, but when you start claiming you can have PiV sex and still be gay I have issues. I honestly wonder how long before the right wing picks up on this trend in politics and starts claiming that laws that discriminate against gay men aren’t discriminatory because gay men have started saying it’s possible for us to learn to be into p**sy.

  16. Mike Mann: He can rot in hell. His films are drop dead boring because it’s obvious that he’s not into what he’s doing. Watching paint dry is more exciting than watching anything with Mike Mann in it and it’s his fault that he’s going through any “mental anguish”. Nobody asked him to do gay porn so i don’t have an ounce of sympathy for him. He’s the perfect example of why straight men have no business doing gay porn.

    Chris Damned: I’m not much of a fan of his but if what he’s saying is true, then he didn’t deserve that. No one should be touched inappropriately, no matter what they do for work.

    Diesel Washington: That man is my hero. I love that he has the guts to say what so many gay men are thinking & feeling. There really is an agenda to turn gay porn into “queer porn” & I’m not here for that shit. I want men with dicks and ONLY men with dicks in gay porn. I only want gay men in porn not everyone under the damn sun in it. It’s a shame that there is a division in the gay community over this but I’m riding with Diesel till the wheels fall off.

    Jake Waters: If this script of his is as limiting as crappy as most of his films, then he can keep that shit. When i see performers who are limiting in their films start producing and directing films, I get scared because I’m sure they’re gonna keep the limits of sex, i.e. the top doesn’t suck dick, in that film and the vicious cycle of bad gay porn continues. I’m not excited about this.

    Joey Mills/Angel Rivera: Those tweets were more interesting and fascinating than their recent films. They both used to be so exciting to watch, now their films are so horrible. How the mighty have fallen.

    Griffin Barrows: This is the bullshit I was talking about with Diesel. How you calling yourself gay and you’re fucking pussy, no matter who its on? Don’t come up on here and lie and then get mad when you’re called on it. In looking at his Twitter page, it he appears to be a bottom but he sure had no problem fucking that motherfucker. Why can’t you top a dude but you can fuck that kind of person? Hell to the NO. That dude is a phony and a fraud and he needs to go the fuck away from gay porn ASAP

    Nick Fitt: Good for him that he’s found love. We should all be that blessed to find the love of our lives.

    Thank you for this wild and crazy round up Denz. This was fun!

  17. I also noticed how lots of performers who claim to prefer to bottom become full-on tops when they’ve doing scenes with FtMs.

    But then again, the “top” and “bottom” designations aren’t quite applicable to straight sex, so that’s a moot point.

    Also, most FtMs do pressure the “gay men” who have sex with them to do so PiV, because they feel nothing from anal, so that’s another interesting thing.

    (I even bet these FtMs hold the same disgust many straight women have for anal, but that’s another topic)

    1. The reason you don’t see a lot of FTM topping is the same reason that I will never call a trans man and a man gay sex. It’s because the people watching it aren’t registering it as gay sex either. The “appeal” of FTM porn is a pussy getting fucked. The so bi/pan men that call themselves gay know dang well that if the trans guy was the top they’d suddenly be waaaaay less interested. Because they hypocrites know dang well that there is something very different about a two gay men having sex and a trans man and a man having sex.
      Could that difference be that it’s not gay sex I wonder? /s

    2. Nowadays, the terms ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ already being replaced (step by step) by the word ‘dominant’ and ‘submissive’.. lol.

      I even noticed that in the straight porn, there’s already a session called ‘pegging’, right?! Where’s the woman used a strapon dick and penetrated her male partner. Ex: some of Lance Hart’s (now called Lucy Hart) scenes in straight porn. I know this is a gay fethisization but seems like they called it as ‘reverse roles’ and it was already in a ‘category of kink’ in straight porn and afaik, this type of porn is also part of lesbian scenes. I also noticed that lesbian scenes were treated as ‘straight porn’. That’s why, we’ll see so many lesbian scenes in straight pornsite although it should be a part under the umbrella term of gay porn.

      I saw some gay OF performers (mostly bottom) have been doing this with a female partner in a MFM scene (which is bisexual scene.. lmao) and their true gay fans were critisized and calling out about this.. because this was a part of straight porn (kink). But these ‘gay OF performers’ excused this by saying that they did this because it’s still part of gay scene (penetrated anus) and they’re still ‘gay’ after that. Lmao.
      This was a clever move btw. Because this type of kink in porn was mostly blurred for me. I hope later we could have a conversation about this. This is an interest for me. Lol

      Some FtMs also did this when the male partner was pure gay bottoms. I also saw some gay OF performers doing this in male-to-male scenes. Probably, in the future, we’ll get to see more about this trend of ‘kink’… 😩

      1. That would then no longer be a KINK trend, it would be the “introduction” of normality through conversion therapy in every area of ​​gay porn or filmed content for “gay” people. lol

        1. Ah.. true! it also can be like that! So, the straight pornsite already ‘did the right thing’ for them put this type porn in their ‘kink’ category. In the future, bisexual men (claimed as gay men) who wants to do this with a female partner and called it gay sex should be critisized and called out. Because this is not a gay sex.

  18. The only redeemable twat or X lol God Elon is a twat, was Andrew Starks body art impressive but he’s G4P so there’s that.

  19. Any gay person still on “X” fka Twitter is certifiably insane and has zero self-respect.

  20. Griffin barrowes is insane. Like literally insane. Pple shouldn’t give that freak attention it craves and that obnoxious girl these gay porn studio’s have started pushing acting like she’s a man are ridiculous. Don’t legal pussy porn gay s3xcause it’s not. P3niw in vagina = str8 sex.

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