12 thoughts on “Back in action: Rick Fantana

  1. The deep fall of a straight porn actor who’s now sucking cock and doing G4P stuff for minor gay labels. lol

    1. Because he’s a bi loose USL man that enjoys doing gay porn. Despite what they say actions speak louder than words. Now does that mean that he will ever own up to it or positively speak about his affection men or seek them out(not just for sex) off camera? No because with most bi men that’s impossible for them.

  2. There was a time when he was buff and attractive. It doesn’t feel right to fantasize about him now. He has obviously fallen on hard times, and is totally strung out now. Hopefully someone will help him.

    1. Carnal child molesting inc looks like a good fit for him. They only hire ugly older men to rape children.

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