It’s Carter Woods at Disruptive Films.

A picture’s worth a thousand words, but what are thousands and thousands of pictures of your crush worth? To Wyatt Foster (Carter Woods), they’re priceless. His admiration of Cory Potts (Dante Colle) grows by the day and so does his hope that one day they’ll be together. It seems Cory’s marriage is holding on by a thread, one Wyatt would be happy to snip, and then he observes Cory in the act, with a man (Tristan West)! Wyatt thought the idea of Cory being into guys was a pipe dream until he saw him taking pipe. Now, it could be real. Right?

+ Still as Tristan: Tristan West at Corbin Fisher

15 thoughts on “Has a stalker: Dante Colle

  1. Ilove watching him fuck: manly sexy sensual. Yeah he fucks anything. Who cares? He is of very few performers who can fuck twinks men old men trans women til he cums, no edit cutaways so many times, he either pulls and cums or cums inside his subject. Most PS’s have to have that scene edit cut away cuz they cant cum from just fucking but dante cums from fucking so often, very rare in porn performers. I know a lot “gays” dislike himbut that just shows all y’alls arent truly “open minded”.

      1. Oh for sure it happens w him a lot. But more than most pornstars he can come from fucking w no scene cut away edit. Even in str8 porn its rare the guy can cum from fucking. Thats why I like dante performances. For me thats a major turn on for me when watching porn cuz to cum from just fucking u have to be really turned on. Thats why his performances to me are so fkn hot

  2. I don’t care if he has a stalker. I don’t care that he loves pussies and only fucks them privately and has only used gays for his “career” in work so far. Who needs Dante? Unfortunately he doesn’t give me anything anymore. But I’ll tell all my opinion about him anyway.
    At this point, thanks again for the reports that you always give us Denz.

    1. I think Dante Colle is ugly with thise bug eyes and flat face and is way too overrated but I don’t think he only fuck women off camera- that’s stupid to assume; sex with guys can be more pleasurable than with women- guys give better bj, you can fuck hole that is tighter than pussy, you can have your prostate stimulated, you don’t have to worry about making hin pregante… and guys are far more willing and rough in bed.
      Plus since he does gay porn a lot of women will be scared to sleep with him (because muh he fucks guy’s ass and its muh gross)

      Scott Finn who is bi and married a gurl few weeks ago said in 2020 that he fucked 100+ guys and only 1 girl [in the last 3 years] [2017-2020].

      Gay Porn stars have a mentality “I will fuck with anybody who will get me off better” and often guy will win over girl… I mean please all guys beg to give bj or finger your prostate while most women hate giving bj.

      1. Help!
        I have a stalker too! lol
        His name is @Sauron and he answers me every time I write something! lol lol
        It’s scary, but shows how obsessed, psychopathic, and above all destructive in their will towards gay or gay culture these people are.
        They are everywhere out there now…

      2. So these guys view gay men as simple sex objects then? Nice…?

        Does it really matter if those guys like gay sex better when they spend every single second of their lives public downplaying it and claiming how better straight sex and relationships are?

        There are many homophobic grifters who have way more sex with men than many gay men, but at the end of the day they’re still extremely homophobic and will throw them under the rug when it matters the most.

        We see this happening every single day in the gay porn industry.

        1. That’s exactly what fans of such G4P or bisexual men like (if we often read and interpret some people’s comments here). Or they are like that themselves and treat gays as dirt.

      3. Dante has a working friendship with some guys. Dillion Diaz who is married to a man is his friend. He is also friends with Aspen and Johnny Hill. Dante also is friends I think with Michael Boston. They all had sex in his RV for only fans. Dante is definitely more into women than men. He works with his male friends in his only fans making bi porn. But Dante doesn’t bottom anymore so that sucks.

  3. His standard is he fucks. Thats it. Just u dont like his standard doesnt mean he has to conform to what u want him to. Some of u “gays” r fkn morons!

  4. Dante Colle is boring now he just wants a pay cheque. Dante is working with high profile studios like Brazzers and female models now like Kia Noir and Ana Foxx. So why work in gay porn? He doesn’t need gay porn anymore. He doesn’t bottom anymore. He clearly prefers women so why bother with gay porn? His performances aren’t good anymore. He clearly is marketing himself as straight so why not just completely cross over?

    1. I think he does it mainly for financial reasons and to prove to himself that he still has a lot of fans in gay porn or the gay community. lol Also, he has to give some credence to the lies he used to tell in past (before he was a Straightporn Star) on gay porn blogs (first he was bi, then fluid, then pan and so on). It’s all a joke though…

  5. Dante is old news. Ugly, with that blasé (and also very flat) face all the time and enormous and weird eyes. Boring as hell. So arrogant. He clearly does Gay Porn due to money because he shows he doesn´t like it. Gays deserve something better.

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