11 thoughts on “It’s YOUNG Perps: Jack Hunter and Rick Kelson

  1. I pass, Young? How old is Jack Hunter now anyway? Thirty something? It’s gotten as bad as cheesy 80’s movies where thirty year olds are playing high school students.

    1. He did an interview in 2017 where he said he was 26. If that was true, then he’d be 33/34.

      I wouldn’t want to see him in another six years.

    2. You don’t see him that much because his stock went down after that trans man scene he did. I think he did another one too. With that and his words about bi 3ways or whatever many people got turned off

      1. That’s so true. In all honesty that’s when I lost interest. His last decent scene was with Woody Fox. He did the trans work and he plummeted off the scene. Same thing with Scott Demarco. These “gay” men who start doing trans/bi/str8 scenes seem to have that effect in their careers. Even if they decide to go on tyrant mode when they get backlash. Atlas Grant, Brock Banks, Riley Mitchel, Thyle Knoxx just to name a few. Even Michael Boston isn’t the same powerhouse name as before. They get the kitty and their careers become gritty.

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