Miscellaneous: Jayden Marcos, Marco LeBeau, Ollie Barn, Corbin Fisher, Staxus, Treasure Island Media, and Jaxton Wheeler

The hole of Jayden Marcos, compared to his female scene partner, at See Him Fuck.

Marco LeBeau with another cameo appearance at Men, this time with the scene of William Seed and Tim James.

Ollie Barn, with a nose ring, in his latest scene at Southern Strokes.

The talent pool of Corbin Fisher for years to come.

A Barbie parody and a pink sale from Staxus.

Seven scenes with men with no dicks in Dickless Men of Treasure Island Media.

Jaxton Wheeler is back with a new account on Twitter.

33 thoughts on “Miscellaneous: Jayden Marcos, Marco LeBeau, Ollie Barn, Corbin Fisher, Staxus, Treasure Island Media, and Jaxton Wheeler

  1. Great.. more MAGA and conspiracy bullshit from Jaxton Wheeler 🥴

    I don’t know which is worse.. him being a Findom or the idiots who are giving him money..🤢

    Btw there’s a shot of him on his twitter, at someone’s house, where his did a collab by the pool.. I’m pretty sure it’s the Vegas house Colby Jansen owns.. 🧐

  2. Jayden Marcos: I can’t lie, I have liked a lot of Jayden’s films but then seeing him with some chick made me puke a little. He’s done down several notches with this. 🤢🤢🤢

    MEN: I wish this site would die like yesterday. That one site is everything wrong with gay porn & with trash like William Seed in this current film, it’s easy to see why it should be gone already. Pure fuckery.

    Southern Strokes & Staxus: Easily the best films featured in this bunch. They may be twinks but they be loving all over each others bodies, which is what i need and want in a gay porn film. It’s perfection, something that many of the other studios & most OF sites need to take a page out of. And speaking of a site that needs to be like SS & Staxus…..

    Treasure Island: What the entire fuck is that bullshit? Why the fuck would I want to see “dickless men” in gay porn? This site is one of many that doesn’t value bottoms dick at all and they need to go extinct right next to MEN. Putting cages on dicks along with more pussy on this shit? You got me fucked up & it’s insulting. This is just vile & disgusting.

  3. Wheeler is another narcissistic Right Wing psycho. The self loathing with these conflicted bisexuals must be off the charts. Would urge gay men not to finance his mental illness.

    1. Be careful with the word “bisexual”- some people here really strongly believe that any guy in porn that is masculine and say is bisexual is lying and in reality 100% straight.

      Any normal person in the face of evidence would agree with your view but here…

  4. Since Jayden Marcos made his “bi” status clear from the start, I don’t care what or who he fucks. In his “gay scenes” he is flexible and will do anything, but is he really good? I’m not that keen on him. The only right thing he did in his career was to get away from the homophobic shit studio Gayhoopla. Because otherwise I would never have seen him since I’ve never subscribed to this crap.

    CF seems to be in big trouble. If that’s their “talent pool” for years to come, namely having performers on their rosters that are already doing 5-10+ scenes a month with the same people without really having any new talent, then they might as well be kicking the door finalize. Super boring.

    What William Seed is is my biggest disappointment since he came back from his “hiatus”. He still shoots his same “G4P-looking” scenes ala Malik Delgaty and Co. for the same dumb label, which I don’t subscribe to anyway, without any chemicals, or kissing, rimming, blowing, etc. He used to have good OF content where he did exactly what he never does with MEN, namely everything! But even the content has become fucking boring. One of the losers for me of the year!

    I won’t say anything about Jaxton Wheeler or Treasure Island, they are both too homophobic and too crazy in their thoughts for me to care. At least Treasure Island doesn’t use the word “gay” in their stupid publications.

    Why is this taking so long with the Barbie theme? I’m curious how Mindgeek will process this crude, ridiculous scenario in their homophobic videos, including WNB or Trans Angels. With William and Malik as Ken’s. LOL LOL……

    1. Jayden Marcos worked for GayHoopla and is way to masculine to be gay tho.

      I hate to admit it but only hot [kinda] masc Gay guys in porn are CF’s Calan, Brenner Bolton, Connor Kline… and that’s maybe the end.

    2. its funny to me a gay porn site can be called homophoic people really? calm it all the way down and take afew seats with this calling everything and everyone homophobic already

  5. Treasure Island Media has always been toxic trash. I’ve never seen a website pride itself on glamourizing the most destructive, degenerate life styles possible and encouraging gay men to participate in it. It’s a bunch of sex/porn/drug addicted tweakers doing obscene shit.

    It’s sad that young gay men think that website is normal and ‘sex positive’. It’s a fucking mess.

    1. Totally agree but like you said, this is the style of the website since the beginning and if it is still alive, there must be a huge base of fans.The fact is, most porn studios is based on drugs but they’re smart enough to “cut them at the edition”. But again, this is a really sad way to live.

  6. Men don’t have vaginas and repeating this doesn’t make it any more convincing. I also question what kind of transman would fetishize and focus on their quintessentially female body part. These are just weird people with a weird body mod/intersex kink; stop trying to integrate this crap into gay spaces and media.

    1. I am a man who was told I would have to have my penis and testicles amputated, effectively giving me a vagina. Would that automatically make me a woman, especially if I still dressed like your stereotypical man? Of course not. The conversation needs to be more nuanced than your own biases or prejudices.

      1. I don’t think I would ever need to explain this, but here it goes: a vagina is not an amputated penis.


        Also, clothing stereotypes are not what defines if someone is a men or a women. This is literally reactionary Bill shot.

        Lastly: stop using the suffering of actual men who actually lost their actual penis in meaningless internet argument. This is disrespectful as fuck.

      2. Also, I’m calling bullshit on your “dick amputation” story.

        The only ones who use dick amputation as a way to push vaginas on gay men and deny material reality FtMs who couldn’t care less about actual men who had to amputate their penises.

        The same goes for the weaponization of intersex conditions by transactivists: they don’t give a crap about intersex people beyond their usefulness as an argumentative crutch.

        1. You can believe what you want about my story, I know what’s true and can feel empathy for people who don’t want a penis as much as I was scared of losing my own. And yes, an amputated penis after reconstruction is no different in function if not appearance as a vagina. And if clothing wasn’t used as an instant identifier of sex, why is there a war on drag? Be hateful and ignorant all you want, just own it.

          1. ‘no different in function’…Jesus Christ, you are a dumb ass. Vaginas are for reproductive sex and child birth. A hole from an amputation is a scarred up hole. It does not self-lubricate, nor does it push children out. It’s a fucking wound.

            You clearly think woman’s vaginas are ‘just holes’ for dicks to go in because you’re a porn sick loser.

            Trans fetishes and activists are some of the most ignorant, delusional people I have ever met.

          2. The war drag is happening because the drag community is helping to push trans propaganda on to little kids. Men cannot be women and women cannot be men.

            It’s deranged to try and teach little kids lies like that because a tiny minority of adults don’t like and can’t accept their birth sex for various reasons.

            The trans community and the ‘queer’ activists are completely out of line

          3. I can’t fucking believe on what I’m reading here.

            No, a vagina is not just a freaking hole. It’s an actual organ with a series of functions like any other.

            I know many people here aren’t exacly sympathetic to feminism, but we can all agree that this kind of shit is very mysoginistic.

            Where did you learn about biology? Porn? Twitter?

            1. No different in function for a man who typically can’t have children. That much should have been obvious but I understand the need to play semantics when peddling hate and trying to deny certain human beings the right to exist. The point was never to change your mind because you want to believe what you want to believe, but for non-lazy thinkers, it was an opportunity to remind readers the topic isn’t black and white nor are we our genitals, no matter your faux advocating for the actual amputees out there. Stay out of people’s underwear and you’ll be a much happier person.

              1. It’s the opposite, Dean. You will never change your mind despite not having the facts on your side. You’re part of a cult that believes gendered souls.

                You’re no better than a creationist.

              2. Nice projection right there.

                If you really cared about men who lost their penis you wouldn’t be using them as simple props to push FtMs and PiV sex on gay men.

                You might not know this simple fact, but people use their genitals to have sex, not their brave and stunning gendered souls.

                Stop trying to deny material reality.

                The only person “playing semantics” here is you, who had the nerve to compare a cirurgical wound to a vagina, because apparently in your mind a vagina is just a hole for penis to enter on, not an actual human organ.

                You’re no different from a misogynistic sex pest in this regard.

  7. Not sure if a glimpse of Marko LeBeau sandwiched between Jaxton’s Hammurabi beard and a woman’s asshole was really worth it…

  8. Sometimes I have a really weird impression- that gay guys are less passionate than bisexual or “straight” guys in their scenes. If you actually cut out lackluster guys like Finn Harding who cant even cum guys at 10’s Dean Cody and Corbin Fischer did really good job- many times you see those guys shooting such giant and powerful loads and barely be able to pull out which made wonder about existence of “straight guys who enjoy sex with guys”- that instead of being turned on by a guy they are turned on by rubbing his body and cock against other muscular body and cock.

    They would be indistinguishable from guys who are bisexual and only have sex with guys but they would be quite common.

    1. I get that feeling as well. It does feel like gay men (both in and out of porn) these days are seriously bad at sex. Is it any wonder that Sean Cody is at an all time low, they’re fixated with finding low quality gay men that get directed with low quality producers, just to name a studio.

    2. I think nowadays the gay man are too focused on himself and his body, stucking on a loop trying to find someone just like him, a mirror. So if a porn star can’t choose his scene partner, the sex doesn’t work. That’s why I think some OF are hotter than most famous studios…

  9. JAYDEN MARCOS has a very beautiful, attractive hole.
    JAXTON WHEELER: What a creepy creature!
    TREASURE ISLAND: Absolutely trash. Totally disgusting. Insane/toxic people.

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