Young guys with older men: Brian Bonds, Myott Hunter, Cain Marko, Noah White, Dillon Stone, Serg Shepard, Tucker Barrett, Ethan Tate, and Milo Miles

Carnal Plus is a network of sites that focuses on scenes with young guys and older men that go against your moral compass.

At Gaycest, the step-uncle (Brian Bonds) fucked his nephew (Myott Hunter).

At Boy For Sale, the buyer (Cain Marko) fucked the boy (Noah White) he bought at the auction.

At Scout Boys, the scoutmaster (Dillon Stone) fucked one of his scouts (Serg Shepard) at the campsite.

At Masonic Boys, the master (Tucker Barrett) fucked his apprentice (Ethan Tate).

At Twink Top, Milo Miles fucked the CEO (Dillon Stone) of the company to get the job.

11 thoughts on “Young guys with older men: Brian Bonds, Myott Hunter, Cain Marko, Noah White, Dillon Stone, Serg Shepard, Tucker Barrett, Ethan Tate, and Milo Miles

  1. ETHAN TATE is Hot ! He is always up for the party. I think he has been under used so far in his “career”
    He Tops and Bottoms with GUSTO.

  2. Carnal Plus has pages for people with fetishes. Old vs Young, Young vs Old, Doctor Games, Mormons, Incest and FTM Pussy Lovers. I’m just wondering why so many people hate these sites so much but keep turning them successfully for years? lol

    1. People with deviant fetishes are more likely to pay money to see their fetish performed. People with vanilla tastes ( most people) don’t pay nearly as often. It’s well known thing within the porn industry.

      They also cater to the heaviest porn users (their biggest customers) and these customers are much more likely to have the most extreme tastes.

        1. Yes, unfortunately also many “gay” performers who deviate now and suddenly call themselves sex workers, i.e. S4P or fluid. The gay porn industry, gay blogs or even the gay community support “them”, so gay porn has become just a hypocritical, self-deceitful, self-hated homophobic bunch. When I only think of the upcoming gay porn awards shows, which can hardly be surpassed in terms of mendacity, I get sick.

        2. Being gay isn’t a fetish but it is deviant. Deviant just means it’s unusual an deviant from the norm.

          BTW, we don’t need ’embrace’ everything others call deviant out of some sort misguided empathy. A lot of gay guys have this way of thinking and it’s silly.

          Some deviant things are genuinely awful and some deviant things are relatively harmless.

          I think the pseudo-kiddie porn is awful and likely damaging to the men who watch it.

    2. BTW, I could be wrong, but I don’t see Carnal’s FTM website listed anymore on their site. Not sure what happened to it.

      1. I don’t care what happened to the pussy side. I’m gay and I only want to watch gay porn. I only pay for that. Studios or performers with OF content that only produce gay!

  3. are there not any alternative mature performers out there? These folks feel so recycled: ubiquitous and lackluster – imo

  4. I am very sorry that Myott Hunter has to work with Briand Bonds. Same for Noah White with Cain Marko. The boys are gorgeous. Dillon Stone and Tucker Barrett are handsome.

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