William Higgins vs. Belami Online vs. Fresh Men: Michal Renok (aka Gene Allen) and Radek Cerveny (aka Pierce Harrington)

The two, as Michal Renok and Radek Cerveny, first had a scene released last year at William Higgins, with Michal as the top.

It was followed last June by Belami Online, with Michal as Gene Allen still as the top to Radek as Pierce Harrington.

Their third pair-up is the latest update at Fresh Men, with Pierce as the top.

13 thoughts on “William Higgins vs. Belami Online vs. Fresh Men: Michal Renok (aka Gene Allen) and Radek Cerveny (aka Pierce Harrington)

    1. Radek (aka Mark Troy, Victor Shumann, James Lewis, Jimmy Hunt)) is one of my favorite Higgins escapees. He doesn’t always eat cum (he did in the first BA) and has done swell over 100 videos for several producers. He said he was str8 in his Erotic Solo in 2019 but he has to be bi or gay or a great actor. As for Michal aka Dominic Easton), he also started in 2019 and has been around as well

      1. I rememeber I did have a thing for Radek when I think I got to watch him get fucked more in the past. I recalled he’s an avid runner, right? I wonder if he still is. So I guess the boy does get fucked, or well now he tops more, sadly, his way through races!

        Well at least he manages a way to finance himself.

      2. And when you said he ate cum in BA. I guess you meant he received cum in his mouth right? I wish BA does more swallowing but I don’t think BA models usually do that.

  1. Are there any belami/Wh videos when top is cumming right after pulling out without any distracting edits? I only know Rhys Jagger and Ariel Vanyan scene but its understandable since Rhys is into guys.

        1. Both are bi
          Actually most bi guys have girlfriend and kids because they only view guys as sexual object to cum and thats it.

    1. Most actors from BA, WH or others from Eastern Europe Studios in general are bi or at least G4P and only live out their bi inclinations in porn. In private life, very few actors come out as gay. Although at least the Czech Republic is already considered one of the most liberal, progressive countries in Eastern Europe. Homophobia is still very strong in Eastern Europe. That’s why they call it the Africa or Arabia of Europe in the Gay Community in Europe.

      1. Personally I am bi and if I were a pornstar in straight porn I probably wouldnt mess with girls off camera- too much effort. It doesn’t mean I am actually gay since I would really be turned on by female co-stars and enjoying vagina nd pulling out in the last second.

        1. Good for you to be bi. But in principle you confirm what I write. You only talk about female, straight porn and vaginas. So it’s all about things that have nothing to do with gay. Goodbye….

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