1. HJ

    I love scenes like this. Trevor B. looks like he’s grateful for the mentorship and loving every moment.

    • Sauron

      Is he bisexual? I remember something about having girlfriend and boyfriend at the same time. Plus he shot powerful loads.

      • logogay

        You already know who is what. You only ever post to bisexual, straight, G4P or queer guys as soon as it comes up. If it’s just about gay you don’t care. We (GAYS) know who you are. Don’t act so hypocritical.

        • Rocket

          And you only post whiny biphobic rants. Get a fucking life.

  2. Reg

    Well, that didn’t last long! He “returned”, never shook having Resting Bitch Face the whole time and now he’s off again? What, did he just need some quick cash?

    • Cherrystick

      Right. Again, his comeback did nothing for me and to me there’s no loss with him possibly bowing back out of the scene.

    • Ian

      Maybe to promote his Only Fans? But not sure where the gossip about him retiring again came from.

    • JR

      And thinking he could “act” and deliver serious lines. And not get rid of that hideous early 2000s haircut.

  3. NovaStar

    His films aren’t moving me any. If this is “the end”, then that’s fine with me.

  4. Steeno

    I hate to say it, but he’s looking a bit “doughy…”

    • Richard

      That was the exact word I was looking for. Pale and doughy. And looks like smells of fried food and cigarettes.

  5. Alex

    This relaunch has done wonders for RandyBlue LMAO

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