10 thoughts on “First kiss: Cory with the owner of Beefcake Hunter

  1. BCH is the only G4P site where performers, most of whom are actually straight or bi, have sex with a man for money. Some of the actors are even straight porn actors. What I also think is good is that the owner runs the whole company himself and just does his thing, without major influences from straight/queer/bi/fluid/pan people from the “big” gay porn industry out there. Without offensive comedy fantasy scenarios that insult gay culture or with the influence of women and vaginas. Just G4P sex. They are small companies that have existed for decades and mostly offer fresh faces that you almost never see in gay porn but only at BCH or MCF. However, Millitary Classified have fallen into the gay porn industry in the last few years of the standard business model exchange, where we can now see actors who also regularly shoot for other gay porn studios. As for the owners of both studios screwing these guys, well, we can think of them what we want. Many out there insult them and these small businesses and say they are old gay whores who suck at sex and look ugly. But they usually get the hottest G4P guys with whom they then have sex in front of the camera. There is a lot of envy among many narcissistic people out there.

    1. I would say 60% of guys on this site are bi and 40% are straight with insigificant amount of gay ones. Straight guys are gross- they don’t douche- idk why anyone would stick his tongue or dick there ewww..

  2. I’m not going to run the owner down or make wisecracks at his appearance, but… I will say this. For me, personally, the whole point of porn is to become aroused by two or more people engaging sexually and preferably attractive. The attraction’s not there for me. And secondly, watching a “straight” (or at least perceived) straight man doing something that goes against his natural inclinations is a huge turn off for me. The desperation it takes to pay someone to fulfill a need, only to have them repulsed is a bit sickening to me.

    1. Yeah it might be. But probably they love it or at least very deep. Other cultures, past or present it is or was normal to have homoerotic things without criticism or blacklash

    2. “The desperation it takes to pay someone to fulfill a need, only to have them repulsed is a bit sickening to me.”

      Then I commend you for your celibacy.

      1. I’ve never had to pay or coerce someone into sex, nor am I celibate. Some of us have standards. Too bad others don’t.

    3. I agree with this.. theres not even the possibility of mutual attraction here. They are probably grossed out by this guy. having to let him blow them for money. It really is too bad he cant hire other guys gay guys to be in front of the camera. would be worth buying. But, I dont see this being a fantasy unless the fantasy is guys letting a dude blow them for money which they probably desperatley need.

  3. id buy a subscription if the owner stayed behind the camera. it weirds me out seeing this. same thing with the owner of militaryclassified.

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