Newbies at ASG Max: Kam Stone, Jackson Bell, and Matty West

This coming October, the first audition scene of ASG Max is a threesome with Kam Stone, Jackson Bell, and Matty West.

Expect to see them on Next Door Studios, Pride Studios, Active Duty, and the other sites that belong to the ASG Max network.

Kam Stone is the boyfriend of Logan Aarons. According to his profile on X (Twitter), he is a strict top.

Jackson Bell now has three scenes released by Hot House.

Matty West first had a scene at Naked Sword, and he is the latest update at Sean Cody.


  1. Scott

    Kam’s boyfriend is Logan Aarons — not Logan Stone

    • Denz

      I corrected the name.

      Thank you!

  2. logogay

    Well at least a few new faces. However, this exchange between studios is now extremely annoying because it is simply no longer necessary to look for new faces, talents who are ready to make a career in porn. Everything becomes more one-dimensional and interchangeable. This comes at the expense of quantity and becomes boring over time. Because what do these three offer that is different or better that they haven’t already done before at the other studios?

    • Phil H

      Do you ever have anything positive to say? Absolute boring, whining cunt. Try going a week without posting on here. Or if you can’t manage that, try a week where you only post when you can be positive. I’m betting since you’re a fucking crybaby you’d be as successful at the second as the first.

      • logogay

        It was actually my own criticism of the many changes of actors spread across many studios. Or crossover models, always the same faces and types. This has nothing to do with the attractiveness or hotness of the three men. If you immediately feel personally attacked by this or see it as an act of revenge to insult me ​​because I may have exposed you in the past on this blog, then you don’t need to freak out like that.

  3. MOP User

    That strange patch of hair on his chest needs to go. 😕

    • MOP User

      “Strict top” = boring

      I have no interest in someone who is only willing to stick to one position.

  4. Pssuucl

    A lot of potential here. I like the minimal tats.

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