Size difference: Chuck Conrad and Sam Ledger

The 6’4″ with a 10″ cock Chuck Conrad was the top to the 5’7″ Sam Ledger at Men.

From MenCryptid vlogger Sam Ledger is is on the trail of the biggest legend yet: the Wood Lurker, an enormous man with an enormous D who lurks in the woods. Sam documents his journey as he pitches his tent, not noticing Chuck Conrad watching him through the trees and creeping closer. Sam hides in his tent when he hears a noise, and Chuck bides his time, picking his moment to shake the tent with a mighty roar, then carry Sam through the woods! Sam learns the stories were true when Chuck offers him his huge cock to suck, then bends him over the picnic table to pound his tight hole. The twink rides the Wood Lurker, and the giant top picks him up for a stand-and-carry! Sam cums as he gets drilled in missionary on the table before taking a facial from the man, the myth, the legend…

14 thoughts on “Size difference: Chuck Conrad and Sam Ledger

    1. If he were only bi…
      He is totally G4P- cant even cum and get hard…plus he is fugly as sin.

      Wiliam Seed at least at the beggining obviously enjoyed backdoor and messed around with other bi hoes like miss Gainz.

      Personally I don’t have a problem with bisexual hoes since they enjoy cock and are big sluts for man sex. Most of them are really hot I must admit. The only problem is with g4p greedy hoes who go into gay porn only for better cash and give us the most insulting lackluster shit.

  1. The only myth is and remains with Men/MG why they always hire limp G4P guys who don’t get really hard and the sex in general in the scene is so bad that they always have to stage strange fantasy stories or comedy shows to stretch a scene. Also, this one picture looks like fake cum again. Nothing new. As almost always with them…

    1. I get your general criticism of Men, but in this case Chuck is hard almost all the time (his cock’s downward curve can be misleading) and in the video his cum isn’t fake, unlike in the photo (and unlike too many other scenes at Men). I can’t say I find him terribly attractive, but that’s another matter.

    1. Interestingly he got the the highest vote in the past here.

  2. I like big guy, could care less about his sexuak orientation as long as they give a good show. I agree gay guys in porn or guys into men can give more passionate performances. unless its just one guy giving another guy pleasure. I dont care

  3. Best I can say is the hotness of the hight difference. It’s a big turn on. But the big guy needs an attitude adjustment. If your not happy there are other jobs! But Sam is adorable and I want more of him.

  4. Chuck Conrad seems to only have one expression in every video he’s in and he doesn’t even look like he wants to be there.

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