7 thoughts on “Scenes where he was the bottom: Gustavo Cruz

  1. He is versatile. But that’s good. Many people want that. So what more do they expect?
    I especially like him better now when I see him as a top. Nice cock…….

  2. First off bottoming for Tomas Brand doesn’t count, even the most tradiest top wouldn’t say no to that! If you like it – go for it! and the realism only shows in the video. Guys with huge schlongs make great bottoms!

  3. Maybe I am in the minority, but I like him as a top. For me, I personally designate certain people in my mind as being either top or bottom. For me, it’s just weird to see Devin Franco or Allen King as tops. They’re better off as bottoms. Gustavo Cruz, Sir Peter, and Dom King make good tops. There’s nothing wrong with sticking to one role.

    1. Sssshhh! Don’t say that! In this blog praise an actor for being good as a top rather than being versatile is a sin with all these silly pussies with fragile personality around here.

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