X: Logan Aarons on his testicular tumor “The new prosthetic seems to be fitting comfortably in his new home.”

Diesel Washington versus Alex Tikas

53 thoughts on “X: Logan Aarons on his testicular tumor “The new prosthetic seems to be fitting comfortably in his new home.”

  1. Derek Kage hates being called out for his dishonesty. And Alex Tikas loves playing things off like he’s ‘unbothered’ but he’s been going for days about this on twitter. Dork.

    The call outs have started, and they can’t cope.

  2. So Michael DelRey decided to remind everyone he is bi/pan ?

    Also why Gay4Gayporn2018 is obsessed with Derek Kage for filming with one woman. Logic of those guys is sometimes ridiculous;
    A pornstar who identify as gay is doing one straight or bi scene so he must be bisexual.

    But gay pornstar who identify as straight can do 100+ gay scenes and he is still 100% str8 in their eyes…because…you know.. I saw his private socials and he is hugging some frau.

    And explanation why majority of gay pormstars identify as bisexual (or pan) is not because bisexuality is far more common than we assumed and those guys literally orgasm with dick in their ass so its far more likely they are into it… But that they must pretending, because g4p is no longer desirable( Malik Delgaty laughter is the corner) blah blah.

    1. In what world you live in?

      In nearly every single post in this blog there’s examples of people questioning the identity of self-id straight performers who shoot gay scenes and the denial of “g4p” as a whole.

      People are pissed about Derek Kage because he’s part of any ever-increasing tendency of self-id “gay men” singing the praises of straight porn and straight sex while throwing actual gay sex and gay men under the bus.

      Do you see Bi performers and g4ps prosletizing about the wonders of gay sex? No, on the contrary: they try to distance themselves of gay people and homosexuality as far and as hard as they can while receiving no criticism for doing so.

      We had performers with literally homophobic tattoos shooting scenes some time ago and nobody batted an eye! Many of them even go to social media decry about how little they like gay sex and how painful every single minute of the experience is.

      This shit is normalized in a industry supposedly built for gay men.

      1. Derek Kage didn’t just film with one woman. He has also announced several times that he wants to make straight/BI/FTM/Queer/Pan films for everyone in the future. He has already had offers from numerous women, or studios like BIPhoria. It’s just a matter of time, I guess it’ll happen this year or next year at the latest, then he’ll think it’s over and nobody’s interested in who he is or what he’s shooting for anymore. Then he also became one of the crossover actors who now do everything but have completely disappeared from the gay community. Nobody will know him or remember him anymore. That’s currently the case with many of these “actors”.

      2. I heard several bisexual actors admitting that guys give better blowjob or that rubbing prostate with dick feels so good or that they love the simplicity and roughness of gay sex (as opposed to str8 sex that is more romantic). Even a lot of supposed straight ones (Sean Cody ones ) admit it which cast really strong doubt on their supposed straightness.

        Yes its possible to be straight and have gay sex but you are only straight if you hate it and beg 4 it to be over. If you enjoy it- you are bisexual. And if you are afraid to hookup with guys off camera because your ignorant family taught you that HIV is gay disease you are idiot.

        1. Yeah, they do admit it… in the specific context of post-scene, heavily scripted interviews.

          Yeah, they aren’t being compelled to say those things on camera by the studios! No, no, no!

          It’s not like such statements are better made on their actual social media accounts or anything.

      3. Also which pornstars had homophobic tattoos? I know that some had racist/nazi tattoos but nobody had any homophobic one.

        As for gay pornstars being homophobic- how seriously you take someone who call others fag#ots and at the same time he has a dick deep inside his ass and shot a giant load all over himself?

        1. I was referring to an specific case, documented on this very blog: https://www.menofporn.blog/2015/09/a-tattoo-regretted-by-jeff-powers.html

          And the guy self-id as bi, which really puts this into perspective, doesn’t it?

  3. Great collection Denz.

    Have to say I have missed a real good Twitter feud (I refuse to call it “X”). It will be interesting to sit back and watch the fireworks while Diesel goes to war.

    I appreciate all the surgical updates gentlemen but I’m really not too crazy about seeing my OWN x-rays and wounds let alone a total strangers. Discretion is the better part of valor.

    I am AMAZED that Dolf is actually proud of that ‘after’ pic!! He looks like a failed Pixar attempt at a cartoon villain.

    And all this bisexual outrage is getting a wee bit tiresome. Most of us have never tried to marginalize, ignore, or deny bisexuality exists. Let’s all just take a breather.

  4. Derek Kage needs to grow up already. People are criticizing him for claiming to be gay while endlessly extolling the virtues of straight sex and his relationship with his new girlfriend, with whom he claimed to be obsessed long before they met. If he is so very happy experiencing “this kind of beauty”, as he calls it, why bother to react to his critics in such an emotional manner? Also, the fact that he calls his grovelling supporters ‘good boy’ for kissing his behind, is rather embarrassing and makes him come across as a condescending narcissist.

    I LOVE Diesel Washington and the way in which he calls out the promoters of anti-homosexual, ‘being gay means you desire women and if you don’t, then you’re a stupid bigot’ brigade! They are so overwhelmed by the fact that he’s exposing them that they cannot avoid exploding into fits of hysteria at his barbs. Alex Tikas is reacting like an angry twelve-year-old and Sean Harding even accuses him of being a meth addict when he cannot counter his arguments… BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    Eli Hunter, Logan Aarons and Cliff Jensen make porn look like the most dangerous occupation in history – run for your lives! Anyway, I am glad that they’re recovering. I don’t wish harm on anyone.

    I’m surprised at how handsome and youthful Dolf Dietrich looked seven years ago, and how artificial and odd he looks now. Still, I suspect that the botox injections have less to do with his aspect than drug and alcohol-fuelled orgies and constant domestic abuse. I wouldn’t allow the deranged freak that is Jack Mackenroth to sprinkle water on me, let alone inject my face with anything!

    I am terribly sorry for Henrik Sommer. I hope he gets the help, love and support that he needs.

    Michael DelRay, stop trying to get attention, will you? Everybody knows that your so-called bisexuality is false and you’re straight. Just keep doing impossibly boring scenes and stop lecturing the rest of us.

    1. Michael Delrey is indeed bisexual because hr can cum without edits f.e his scene with Lucas Allen. It’s FAAR more likely that a gay pornstar is bi/pan than straight.

    2. Idk that Sophie Locke gurl looks really masculine- has really manly rough face and six pack so maybe Derek is turned on by her masculinity?

  5. Diesel Washington: Ebony King. One of the most beautiful models of his time. He was a pioneer, opening the path for names like Max Konnor. Alex Tikas is cheap, strange and rude. Like, incredibly rude.
    Dolf Dietrich: He managed to get even uglier. Strange, scary person. He has an evil smile.
    Michael DelRay: Narcissism personified.
    Derek Kage: It’s past time for this guy to grow up! Very spoiled. And it’s not even a dazzling beauty to think he is that important. But what irritates me most about him is his intellectual pedantry. So arrogant that he thinks he can “teach” people how to act or think. Come on! Idiot.
    Henrik Sommer: I am deeply sorry for him. I hope that good souls will help him in this difficult time.

    1. In reality he also has mental problems and depression. He admitted that too. This is mostly the case with people who don’t love themselves, or where simply don’t want to admit what or who they are, and can stand by it and fight with inner demons all their life just because he isn’t proud of himself or his sexuality. Many of us who have had to fight for our sexuality and for our recognition and dignity know the feeling. Only Derek hasn’t gotten it yet. He claims to feel good and at peace with himself, but he isn’t. And at almost 40 years old! I hope I don’t become like that when I get older.

        1. That’s exactly why we would think he would be mature enough and would stand up for who he is and not behave like a child. Not a good role model for gay young men who want to consume gay porn.

  6. I say it EVERY TIME. Cliff Jensen… Man, this guy Loves attention of any kind. He also seems to ALWAYS be in some kind of “I will show you” fight…. It must be so tiring to be someone in his circle of friends to have to listen to him go on and on every week.

  7. I’ve just had an aha moment. Porn stars are all a bunch of self-absorbed narcissists. Perhaps I should just accept this and stop whining incessantly about how social etiquette need not apply to them…. In any case, I can accept that some (if not most) of these guys are varying degrees of bisexual. My issue has always been with the mutable nature in which they’ve used the definition for “gay”. If you like pussy, you like pussy. I don’t. Just stop classifying yourself as homosexual and we’re cool. Then again, I’m always a bit skeptical when an alleged gay man refers to another man’s asshole as a “pussy”. Total turn off and it kills the moment.

    1. They know most women have zero interest in bisexual men, so they stick to the gay identity to better blend in gay spaces.

      Don’t be fooled though: many of them don’t see gay relationships as a serious thing, but as a thing to be used and discarded when the time is right.

      Collin Simpson and many of his other ex-GH friends are case studies of this: only after their desire for straight lives crashed and burned horribly that they pushed the “sugar daddy button”, not before.

      What did they do before? The classic combo of denial and overt homophobic slurs.


      1. “Don’t be fooled though: many of them don’t see gay relationships as a serious thing, but as a thing to be used and discarded when the time is right.”

        Yep. Societally easier and less pushback from religious nuts, family. and friends that may not be as accepting. It sucks, but what can you do?

        Don’t even get me started with guys like Collin Simpson. The more homophobic slurs, the more they expose themselves for the insecure closet cases they really are. Is Collin gay? Most likely not, but he sure isn’t as straight as he portrays himself via social media. It’s a total front.

        1. Collin Simpson said that he doesn’t date dudes but wouldn’t call humself straight- I think as long as you can stay hard with dick in your ass you are bisexual at least. And don’t use those pathetic excuses like “prostate stimulation is not only 4 gays/ enjoying dick in my ass doesnt make me gay” no it doesn’t make you gay it make you bi bitch. You are just afraid to admit that its not the prostate hitting makes you hard but through of some masc guy dominating you and enjoying your hole hhahhh

          1. It’s just strange that he’s bi when it comes to porn or “work” or when he begs men for money to “finance” him. If a guy in real life confessed his love for him or wanted more from him, I bet he would beat the guy up and immediately say he’s straight, married with kids. Funny way to be bi. Like pressing a button. LOL

      2. As I already said in the Vegangenheit: There is an internalized homophobia in the gay porn industry among performers, consumers/fans and owners of studios or agendas who become known with homophobic statements in blogs or their own private accounts, studios shoot offensive comedy/fantasy Scenes with which they make fun of the gay way of life or culture (the way gays supposedly think and live) or stage or involve women and vaginas and still call it gay porn because there are gays out there who have no problem with straight porn too see and have no problem with everything being mixed up now. LOL
        Such people’s self-perception is often so distorted and toxic that they don’t even notice it and now see it as normal!

  8. What an interesting collection of specimens we have today!

    Did someone force Derek Kage to self-id as gay? As far as I, and many people, are concerned he can screw around with whoever he wants. What is being criticized here is his incoherence and dishonesty, nothing more.

    Him presenting his straight sex adventures as “subversive” behaviour of any kind will never cease to be funny though: this is literally what 99% of society expects him to behave as a men.

    Can’t these fools figure out that many people would be very happy if every single gay men simply went for women instead? In what world do they live on?

    1. People like Derek Kage are trying to distort the image of a gay man in 2023/2024 because he thinks the young or rather the new generation of gays would be like that. He would follow or trigger a trend. LOL
      In doing so, he only tries to undermine the fact that he was never really gay or lived like that with ever more entangling statements and justifications, but is now just basking in the fame that he believes he has for himself as an “actor”.

      1. Derek Kage is the reverse of those pathetic G4Pers who despite loving having their prostate poked by 8inch cock, sucking dicks, rimming and whoring off camera with other models still insist they are straight. They are pathetic he is pathetic.

        Also didnt Derek Kage admit that he is 70% gay 30% str8? 30% str8 is a lot- its like 4 or 5 on Kinsey Scale.

  9. Derek Kage: Instead of telling a false past or continuing to claim these things in the gay community, just be honest with yourself and others who believe in what you say and admit your bisexuality or your preference for women or vaginas . There’s nothing wrong with being bi. Take Michael DR as an example!

    Trent Atkins: As a porn actor, you seem to have a different perspective on it. Many of your porn colleagues, whether gay, bi or straight, just shoot anything (crossover) and call it “work”. I just call it selling your body and soul in this business, nothing more. Many are no longer authentic and are primarily lying to themselves and consumers. But that’s just part of the deal now if you want to satisfy everyone who now consumes gay porn (cis women, cis men, queers, trans, FTM, fluid, pan and so on…). Like guys like Alex Tikas, Dolf Dietrich, Cliff Jensen, Baxxx and so on.

    Trey Whitee: Congratulations on your love.

    Logan AArons, Baxxx, Eli Hunter: All the best, I hope everyone is doing well.

    Hendrick Sommer: Please accept help. You’re sick.

    Daddy Diesel: I like some of your views, but don’t be so arrogant. Twitter or the internet in general lies about followers or fans anyway, so just don’t do it.

    Timothy Champagne: Way too boring G4P content with your own videos, you’re almost unknown among gay fans.

    Thanks Denz for the contributions. As always, I learned someth

        1. That’s exactly how it will end with Derek. Nobody will remember her anymore. Only in a negative sense. Do you remember how recently Dante’s return to the gay porn business failed? Pathetic and sad. They should all stay with pussies. Nobody needs them in gay porn anymore.

  10. The best botox? Dolf looks like he’s been injected with bathroom silicone! His cheeks are swollen and bloated, his nose has widened, his eyes are creased far more than before and he’s a shadow of his former self.

    I guess though if you let a drug addict more used to injecting heroin near your face with his syringes AND his fists, then this is what you get.

    Jack can’t possibly be certified to be doing this.

  11. Nasty. I remember being downvoted for commenting on that creepy-ass studio making pedobait with Austin Young; they literally filmed him in a room decorated with baby toys. It’s honestly gross how many people find him attractive.

  12. I can accept a particular performer straightness if he is completly miserable like Elliot Finn- looks like he is raped, with completly flaccid cock, with numbed asshole so he has no idea if his asshole is torn apart or bruised or whatever. Doing weird expressions then cumming minutes later because you dont feel if you are getting close or not.

    However when I see those Sean Cody old “performers” that cums hands free, deepthroat 9 inch dick, are so turned on they don’t even can pull out, are leaking precum from french kissing other dudes or rimming ass I am like…. ok? You’re no different than those “straight” jocks on Grindr looking for a dick.

  13. I now know way too much about Derek Kage. He fucks and gets fucked by men. That is all I need to know. Listening to what comes out of most porn stars mouths is a wasted moment in time. Is he Bi, is he gay is he pan. What a waste of time. I don’t care what he or others claim to be or who they fuck. Taking them seriously is a fool’s game. They all disappear eventually.

    1. No, I don’t think you understand.

      We need 734 more paragraphs from “logogay” about Derek Kage being the worst person of all time. Derek Kage murdered logogay’s family and fucked a woman on their graves.

      It’s very important.

      1. He really does live rent-free in your mind, doesn’t he?!

        And you have the gall to call us “obsessed”, even though that’s exacly what you are.


        1. The dude is writing dissertations on every article MOP posts. He’s written like 5000 words on Derek Kage here alone. It’s enough.

          And you are obsessed. Who cares what Derek Kage thinks?

        2. He can’t stand me since I exposed him as not gay! Since then he has been obsessed with me and has been following me and what I write on this blog and especially what I advocate for. Instead of writing about the things that are published here himself, he can only annoy others and act out his psychosis. That’s the price you have to pay when you open your mouth instead of remaining silent, but I’m willing to pay it. I know it annoys a lot of people, but at least this way I get attention for my points of view and hopefully get people thinking.

  14. Then do it. But you’re still writing here. Like you, others don’t feel the need to put up with this. It sounds exactly like it does out there in reality.
    “Oh, I’m gay and belong to the community but I don’t stand up for myself, I keep my mouth shut about everything and it’s none of my business as long as I’m fine and no one attacks me or my sexuality and leaves me alone”! Many people make it too easy for themselves. That’s your right, but it doesn’t sound honest or convincing.

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