Model of the Month (Aug. 2023): Rex Rush of Next Door Studios

Rex Rush of Next Door Studios won over Achilles (Cocky Boys) by 101 votes as your favorite model in August. Third place went to Liam Vasylyk (Belami Online), followed by Yoan Swift (Belami Online).

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Achilles, Rex Rush, Yoan Swift, or Liam Vasylyk?
640 votes
Ends on 09/30/2023

So far, Rex has only had one scene released by Next Door Studios.

7 thoughts on “Model of the Month (Aug. 2023): Rex Rush of Next Door Studios

  1. I wonder why Rex Rush is making porn, when I have read that he has an extremely well remunerated job (he’s an electric engineer and makes a fortune). Also, he’s married to a woman and they have children, and the family leads a very conventional lifestyle… Does he really think that nobody in his personal life will eventually find out? Some people are weird.

  2. His fantasy life could include exhibitionism and this is certainly a safe and legal way to play.

    A lot of bi men today talk about how casual sex with men is pleasurable, but they would never date or marry a man and so a conventional straight sex life is how they appear in public.

    Needless to say, his wife is very understanding.

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