Gay, bisexual and straight: Roman Todd

So far this week, Roman Todd has had three scenes released.

Next Door Studios had Roman in a flip-fuck with Masyn Thorne inside a prison cell.

Men, via Why Not Bi, had Roman in a train fuck that had Michael Jackman [aliases] pegged.

Trans Angels had security officer Roman in a flip-fuck with Lola Morena at the airport.

Roman, who was introduced in 2010, is still in demand.


  1. JB

    Strike while the iron is hot, I guess. Porn stars have a very short shelf life, so kudos for him for making all the money he can while the studios and audiences are paying him. Soon time (and drugs) will catch up with him and he better have a fallback plan lest he becomes another statistic.

  2. Andy

    Roman Todd is 38 years old yet he looks like he is only 30 or maybe 31. The man is stud he takes care of his body incredibly fit. Roman gets lots of work because he is responsible and reliable. He also unlike some porn models doesn’t claim to be straight. This dude is rock hard gets fucked by tons of men. Check Roman only fans he gets fucked by some gorgeous handsome men. The straight porn models they don’t fuck guys on their only fans like Dante Colle, Kaleb Stryker ect. He is in demand at age 38 because producers know they can count on him. He makes a lot of money because he is excellent at his job.

    • logogay

      I agree with you absolutely on everything. Unfortunately, over time this reduces his “credibility” in many things and aspects. If an actor is booked a lot and is a “crossover” actor who then shoots a lot, then there is a risk of oversaturation! And with Roman this level has long since been reached. I recognize his achievements and I know he is married and his sexuality is what I know?, but my sexual fantasy and desire to see him in his gay porn appearances has dropped to zero because I know that it is his “JOB” and he’s doing a good “JOB” and not because he’s horny for men.
      It is like it is. Mass-produced scenes on an assembly line for a single actor…

    • Anthony Josephs

      (A man who claims to live cleanly and has never does drugs?? (Who’s crushing pills and snorting them in 2023?? ) ) Gay adult film star Roman Todd has claimed he was clinically dead for five minutes after snorting fentanyl-laced pills earlier this month. Total Scum!

      Todd, who won the GayVN Award for Performer of the Year back in January, made the stunning announcement during a July 4 livestream with fellow adult film star Cliff Jensen, reportedly a day after the near-fatal overdose.

      “I should not be here right now,” Todd said during the livestream.

      Jensen told viewers that Ricky Larkin, another adult film star, allegedly gave Todd the deadly pills, which Todd crushed and snorted in a bathroom stall at the Los Angeles International Airport before collapsing.

      “If he would have stayed in the bathroom for 20 more seconds and collapsed in the stall,” Jensen said, “they wouldn’t have found him for, what, 20, 30 minutes, an hour until the next fucking shift came through to clean it?

      “He would have been dead.”

      Todd was revived by naloxone, sold under the brand name Narcan, a medication used to reverse an overdose from opioids, said Jensen, adding that tests showed fentanyl to be the sole drug in Todd’s system.

      In a since-deleted Twitter post, Jensen called Larkin a “dirt bag,” to which Larkin responded that Jensen was the one who spent the day with Todd. “I’ll pass a piss test right now- will you?” he wrote. “Sound (sic) to me you got a guilty conscience.”

      Despite Larkin’s claims, Todd posted screenshots to Twitter of a text conversation between himself and Larkin from April suggesting that the latter provided him with the fentanyl-laced pills.

      “I’ve got 75 pills coming from Arizona tonight,” Larkin allegedly wrote in a text.

      “Damn that’s a lot of pills lol,” Todd responded in the exchange.

      According to federal data from the National Institute of Health’s National Institute on Drug Use, lesbian, gay, and bisexual adults misuse opioids almost twice as much as their straight counterparts. During 2020, 6.7% of sexual minority adults misused opioids, compared to 3.6% for the general adult population.

      • logogay

        I don’t give a shit about statistics from so-called authorities because they aren’t real and from the way you’re accusing it here it sounds like everyone gay, lesbian or bisexual takes drugs. I do not believe that. There are just as many (if not more) heterosexual people using drugs or opioids in the real world than in the “community”. You can only be right when it comes to the porn industry. There is more drugs in the gay porn industry than in the straight industry! Your entire “report” sounds like an accusation, supported and subjected to alleged statistics that we don’t even know whether that’s really the case. People like you only make accusations based on such bases and nothing more. If you had only written about what really happened between Todd, Larkin and Jensen I wouldn’t have cared, but your statistics are an insult to the community based on statistics. Furthermore, as I wrote in another post, I reject award shows. They are also just hypocrites in the gay porn industry.

        • Anthony Josephs

          Shhhh… Calm down. Drink your juice Shelby.

    • Lonny

      Well said!! I’ll watch Roman in any of his videos.

  3. logogay

    Roman Todd is just Roman Todd. A queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid “crossover” actor who fishes in absolutely every pond. For him it’s a win win situation. He gets booked a lot and makes enough money. But is it credible for his fans and subscribers to see what he does in gay porn? Is this fantasy, lust and expectation even enough, while in the back of many people’s minds it’s “just” his job? Everyone has to decide for themselves whether they want to see these types of performances or scenes a lot. For many, it is what it is. Just porn and a JOB! And as for Tony: I thought he was into straight porn either and wanted to do that. Then why doesn’t he do it? He’s annoying. I don’t think he’s a good actor. Not like Roman. His cock is usually limp, so he mostly just holds out his ass. I was disappointed that a good quality gay porn site like CB hired him. That was wrong. CB, please pay more attention to quality next time!

  4. bo69

    His scene with Masyn–they’ve been together in another wild one (Stepdad’s Date)–is actually terrific because of Masyn, another boy who plays it cagey on sexual identity but whose dirty mouth, absolutely great cocksucking skills, and Top Three bush make it almost special. (Colby Chambers and Rocky Tate of CF are the other Best Bushes IMHO)

  5. Anthony Josephs

    Overused and boring at this point. I mean when you see someone fuck over 100 guys it gets monotonous. He ain’t all that.

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