In need of your help: Riley Mitchel and Jarret Moon

Riley Mitchel [movies] asked his followers on X for donations to fix his teeth “My dentist ruined my mouth.” His goal is $46,000.

Jarret Moon [movies], who was introduced by Naked Sword in 2020, asked his followers on X for bail money “Show your support by putting some money on my books.

+ Big C’s love hate relationship with Jarret Moon
+ Jarret Moon & Daniel Hausser are in love
+ Jarret Moon denied the allegation made by Big C with regards to his dad


  1. Jktooo

    I wish Riley/Matt the best w his teeth but damn, theres got to be more to this than his “dentist ruined “ his mouth. U dont get that deep of yellow w out a bunch of time of neglect of care for teeth. Not sure what to believe.

    • MOP User

      That’s some serious gum disease as well. Drugs and/or chronic neglect for sure.

      I do wonder what these performers spend their money on. He’s had numerous studio performances, has over 80k followers and even a fraction of those people subscribing to his fansites must bring in a sizable monthly income. I guess you don’t need to spend your own money when parasocial fanboys like Joseph Magnone will throw $1k at you on command. 🤷‍♂️

    • BeyondVumen

      Two of those teeth are reduced down because they had a crown over them. I think they went a little aggressive and left him with tiny stumps. Some people want that perfect smile so badly they are willing to swallow anything their dentists tell them. Two more look like they are crown just by how white they are compared to the other teeth around them.

  2. Miss Piggy

    Go look at Riley Mitchel/Matthew Parrell’s instagram page and see how much the grifting loser travels and spends money. Roids, party drugs, travel, and a bunch of circuit parties but couldn’t put any money aside to fix his teeth in the year or so his dentist supposedly fucked up his teeth. Don’t give this scammer a dime.

  3. logogay

    Sad articles/stories/fates. The dark side of the porn business and what some people make of it. And as far as this actor’s teeth are concerned: I think there’s more to it than just the dentist ruining his teeth…
    I don’t believe this actor. Wasn’t Riley one of the first “gay porn actors” who fucked pussy for MEN/MG in their bi site and was then dropped out by the gay community? Was there something there?

  4. NovaStar

    In both cases, one thing is true: Drugs is something powerful. 😳😳😳

  5. Scott

    Riley Mitchell looks like he has the classic meth mouth. He has severe gingival recession and caries. That’s unlikely to be caused by a dentist.

  6. Dorian Lumeski

    His dealer ruined his mouth

  7. Someoneuuse2know

    Someone can tell Riley Mitchel that the first dentist maybe go overboard with the reduction for the crowns, but this teeth are perfectly recoverable, if what it says in is gofundme campaign is truth, the second dentist is worst, is planning on extracting perfectly recoverable teeth only to gain money. First he needs to treat his gums, covers the abfractions (and i suppose other work needed) and go to a good dentist that can recover those teeth (possibly only adding composite, or with a endodontic treatment and a post, it depends on the amount of tooth that remains, and then putting the crowns). But really, the second dentist is dangerous is overtreating to inflate the price.

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