Then and now: Felix Dowoni, Michael Jackman, Travis Stevens, and Damien Stone

Felix Dowoni at Fresh Men this week, and Felix as Igor Tarda [aliases] in 2020 and 2022 at William Higgins.

Michael Jackman at Men (also released at Why Not Bi) this week, his profile at Men, and Michael as Roman Tate, aka Casey, at Gay Hoopla in 2017 and 2021.

Travis Stevens in his latest scene at Cocky Boys this year and his latest message on X “Bulking“.

Damien Stone, who underwent a Gynecomastia surgery in 2017, in his profile at Men in 2018, his last scene released by Next Door Studios in 2021, and his latest message on X.

6 thoughts on “Then and now: Felix Dowoni, Michael Jackman, Travis Stevens, and Damien Stone

  1. Felix Dowoni: hot redhead twink who has done a lot of good twink gay porn and is versatile.
    Michael Jackmann : I can only say one thing about him and his return to Pussy for Gays : hahahahaaaa
    Travis Stevens: my sexy favorite.
    Damien Stone: no idea? looks like he fucks women too when his work for MEN.

    1. Felix aka Harry Davis, elc. was introduced as Igor Tarda at Higgins in 2020 as “curious” and has well worked that issue by not appearing in any bi or str8 scenes. This one with Pierce Harrington (who was introduced in 2019 as Radek Cerveny as str8 at Higgins and is aka Mark Troy) is one of his best performances and ironically it’s the first time they have appeared together. It’s beautifully done and Radek, who rarely eats cum, takes a very serious load in his mouth here. Terrific scene.

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