X: Lucas Leon “Just so it’s very clear, if you’re one of those LGB without the T self hating morons that think trans men don’t belong in gay porn just give me a favor and unfollow/unsubscribe because you’re a vile piece of trash, Xoxo”

+ X: Alpha Wolfe “Happy thanksgiving y’all! I’m grateful for good health, sobriety, my family and good food!!”

58 thoughts on “X: Lucas Leon “Just so it’s very clear, if you’re one of those LGB without the T self hating morons that think trans men don’t belong in gay porn just give me a favor and unfollow/unsubscribe because you’re a vile piece of trash, Xoxo”

  1. Mmmm. Just let me relish being the vile piece of trash that I am for a moment… Ok. Good. Got that out of my system…… So Mr. Leon, should the G in the LGBT, be considered the same if we don’t wish to watch lesbian porn? Is that the gist of what I’m getting? If so, you’re not only absurd, you’re mentally unstable and need to talk to someone. Some men may enjoy FTM porn and their sexuality is up for debate, but how dare you mass-label authentic gay men like myself who do NOT find vaginas arousing to be trash. You’re pulling a dystopian 1984 on us and I’m onto your kind. YOU are the trash. Next!

    1. These people simply forget that at the very beginning there were only gays, lesbians and bisexuals on which the LGB community was built. The T and everything else that exists now has moved up because sexual preferences have changed massively over the centuries. What just annoys me about the whole thing is that these people all want to deny or ignore the G in this “movement” and now all gays have to become bi or queer or pan or fluid, otherwise they no longer belong to it. I don’t think much of LBGT anymore either. This “organization” hardly cares about gays anymore, they are hypocritical and now have other “more important” issues than dealing with the people on whose basis they actually exist!

      1. I have no idea why B is in LGBT – its clear that if stigma towards same sex desires/behavior didn’t exist at least 20-30% of guys would be on a spectrum of bisexuality; strictly str8 would prob still outnumber but bisexuality would be viewed like having blonde hair or blue eyes. Something not as common as dark hair eyes but still quite frequent

      2. I find it quite fascinating how effortlessly ignorant you are. And so confident, too! Do your home work and educate yourself about LGBT history before you start talking about who built the community. Who was on the front line of Stonewall? Spoiler alert: it wasn’t entitled self involved twinks.

    2. I agree. theyre saying trans are women. why should they be in gay porn – they should be in straight porn. They sure do like to virtue signal. id like to join his account just so I can leave it and be vile.

  2. Lucas Leon – that tweet and all the gay men ripping him a new one is 10 times more entertaining than his films. Who asked him to play advocate for anyone? And I’m with all the gays on that tweet letting him know that we want dick & ONLY DICK in our films

    Lucy Hart – WTF?!

    Elliot Finn – Big props to him for giving big props to this site. This is a great place and it deserves all the love it can get!

    Men/Rocky Vallarta – shame on Rocky for defending gay4pay trash. Guys like him are why gay porn is so bad today. And from what i saw, his films are lame as fuck so it’s no wonder he would support that crap, which leads me to……

    Markus Kage – that loser. Gay porn & straight porn or 2 different things. Gay4pay guys hardly perform with intensity like most gay guys in gay porn do. Stuff like this is why i won’t support gay4pay trash like him.

    Queer Me Now – so we see who is making shitty porn. He can put the mask back on and go the fuck away.

    Pol Prince – his music is as shitty as his films are. Homie stays consistent.

    Vince Vega – more pornstars need to follow his lead cause OF is all fucked up and needs a massive makeover in the worst way.

    Adam Snow – one of the very few bright spots in gay porn. Congratulations on your nominations! They are well deserved.

    1. Genuine straight guys by definition wouldn’t bring even a fraction of lust and chemistry that a guy who is fluid bi or heteroflexible would bring; after all the later fantasized all the time about sucking dick or having mmf with his gf.

      But Markus is prob delusional or dishonest- he is clearly bi; in his fourthsome scene with benjamin blue and vallarta he was so excited and turned on that he was all the time sweating, moaning,grunting and at the end barely was managed to pull out and released big rope of cum at the same moment his dick left BB hole- thats not behavior of straight guy thats behavior of a guy that loves tight guy Anus.

  3. Haven’t seen this mentioned here yet (or any gay porn blogs really) so I thought I’d bring it up:

    Sam Truitt and Trent Ferris broke up for the umpteenth time (Dunno when)
    Trent replaced Sam with a girlfriend in his porn/on his socials (Twitter and OF)
    Trent is now under arrest for assaulting said GF.

    Covered here on the more recent pages: https://www.lpsg.com/threads/sam-truitt-trent-ferris.5360051/

    Quite a mess.

  4. Lucas Leon: oh hey Ts can be in porn, theres a market for it! Just dont expect us normal thinkers to believe ur craziness that a trans man is really male and vice versa w trans woman.!

  5. Here’s what Dante Cole has been nominated for.

    Colle received the following nominations:

    • Best Leading Actor – The Wedding (Lust Cinema)
    • Best Double Penetration Sex Scene – “Influence: Vanna Bardot Part 3” (Tushy) with Vanna Bardot and Alex Jones
    • Best International Boy/Girl Scene – The Wedding (Lust Cinema) with Nicole Kitt
    • Best Tag Team Sex Scene – Sire: Up to and Including Her Limits (Deeper/Pulse) with Lena Paul and Seth Gamble
    •Best Virtual Reality Sex Scene-Trans – “Measure Me” (VRB Trans) with Emma Rose
    • Niche Performer of the Year

    None of them gay which makes his transition to straight porn complete. Of course he still does the bi shit to throw a bone to those gay men that think he’s still on their side lol. But he’ll get congratulated and some will treat this as a win to gay porn models or some shit like that

    1. Nothing wrong w going back to ur roots. Before CF he never even thought about sex w a guy. But now he has had sex w men dozens and dozens of times. I dont blame him for doing whats more comfortable for him. He can still perform gay and trans theres nothing wrong w that.

      1. According to several female pornstars a lot of guys on the straight side mess around with other guys in their private life so Dante wouldn’t be an exception- he stays hard and can cum without edits- he is just bi dude who feels more confortable with straight world.

        1. hes actually one of the few male PSs (str8 included) who can deliver an internal cum shot (as you can see his dick pulsing when he comes ala timothy champagne) and he can fuck all the way til he cums no edit cut away often pulling then cumming. Not all the time but he can do it.

    2. Why should we even care though? He clearly has little interest o stay on the gay part of the industry, so good riddance!

      May the industry embrace those who want to actually work on it.

      1. I see your point. Your fantasy is being trampled with the know late that lots of gay performers also have sex/perform with women.

        However I think most of these guys are less interested in their fans fantasies and busy living their own, basically having lots of no strings attached sex. Men can be good for that and female porn stars, well that’s their job.

        If your fantasy about sex workers doesn’t work out maybe try to care less. That way you won’t be disappointed by things you never find out. I mean you’re paying for a performance, not bringing these boys home to mom.

        1. You’re literally responding to a comment about how much I don’t care for a pornstar advising me to… check notes… not care about a pornstar.

          Alright then…

    3. Who cares about these nominations. Only Dante!
      And of course queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid queens, but none from the gay community….

    4. He also appears in that dreadful OUT tv reality show X-RATED NYC… The way he’s acting on it isn’t helping his cause..

      And how that got a season 2 is beyond me 🙄

      1. I’m not surprised that there was a second season of this hypocritical “gay” series. That’s what we’re talking about critically here. These gay porn blogs, podcasts, TV formats or magazines that do interviews and think they are doing something good for gays by only showing them that everyone is now queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid in the gay scene or community! They basically just show what they think has changed compared to Gay over the decades. Nothing else. Why do they keep using so-called queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid guys who do crossovers like Dante or Reese Rideout or Pierce Paris, Michael Del Ray, Derek Kage and many others, who prefer pussy, for their formats and interviews? They usually never ask critical questions! Or not want to show the true colors of these actors or their true attitudes. They’re basically promoting this agenda shit by continuing to show what’s really important to them and completely pushing gay people to the sidelines and think thei’re stupid!

  6. This week’s tweets are a riot, let me tell you.

    So, what do we have here?

    Markus Kage: do these “lesbians” go on their social media to incessantly enunciate about how much they hate dick and how disgusting straight sex is for them? Do they? I know this is not the case, because they know their public and how it would be a turn-off for most of them, if not insulting. But in the gay porn industry this is all a-ok.

    The usual suspects, be they g4p or bi, can simply go on social media and give interviews expressing their disgust for gay sex and how every second of what they’re doing is torture and nobody will bat an eye. He’ll, self-hating commentators will even rise up to defend them.

    And the self-id gay men who go on to shoot noj-gay content? Nothing but praise and comments about how “open minded” and “liberated” they are and how much they love doing it.

    Give me a break.

    Lucas Leon: PiV sex is not gay sex, no matter how many hissy fits you throw on social media. You may have all of this bravado right now, but once you piss off all of the gay men who support your stupidity, your tone is going to change pretty soon.

    I”ll laught my ass off once public opinion shifts on this topic and these wannabe pornstar “activists” scramble to panic delete their posts and make up half-ass apologies. It’s going to be great!

    They have no spine.

  7. So, Markus is your emphasis on “porn addicted” gays, “porn addicted “gay”? You’re either saying that you hate your audience, hate gays and concrete your gay4payness or both.

    Leon, you’ve just said it yourself. T in the G. And why is gay porn the only one getting bashed by you? Why shouldn’t straight porn also accommodate trans performers, or lady on lady action? As much as you don’t want to hear this, you’re being homophobic and a hypocrite.

  8. Pol Prince is launching a singing career??
    Hummmm I wonder if it will work? Let me just think of all the former porn boys who thought they could make a go of it singing……..
    As they say in A.A. – The definition of insanity is to try the same thing over and over again and EXPECT a different result.
    Pol, You must be insane. Good Luck tho……

  9. Hahahaaa. Dante Colle is a very sad number. He thought that when he returned this year for some G4P porn, the gays would welcome him with open arms and shower him with nominations (I hate those lying Gayporn Awards anyway). Since he is only nominated for straight/bi and transporn, that suits him. He’s welcome to stay there and please don’t do any more gay porn next year. It will be embarrassing for him. Only his obsessive “queer fan queens” believe him!

    To the G4P people like Rocky, Markus, Davin, Elliot who deny gay porn and badmouth it on the internet, I can only say: finally find another hobby! And please to all the gay porn studios out there that are still operating: Never give these actors a job again, it’s damaging to your image and credibility!

    Mystery G(G4P)ayporn “Star” (LOL) Zane from Men/MG : You look like a younger copy of Malik. I think he’ll soon be paying to stick a little tip in his ass and MEN will sell it as a sensation that one of their G4P guys has let him fuck him or they give him vaginas for their bi scenes!

    This “guy” who owns this “straight studio”: Good for you that your pussy films are continuing. We all know that you homophobic guys have thrown your gay porn site in the trash and your focus is only on vaginas! I’m just wondering who cares about this? Gays? Yes, of course. LOL

    And Lucas L.: You are the best example of denying the G in this organization and acting as a savior for other minorities while insulting and shaming “your” own minority.

    And as for the “GAY”vn Awards: They have a pussy category where the best bi scene is awarded. So vagina has finally arrived in gay porn! And these “GAY”porn actors can all take their wives and scene partners with them on the red carpet to the GAYvn Awards!
    So much hypocrisy and mendacity…

    Thanks Denz for this week.

      1. EF is a mental case! Just check out his TikTok. His GF looks like he grabbed one of the h I sekeepers at the Red Roof Inn. His retirement was short lived.

        1. Who watches his OF content or Tik Tok with his girl or his straight/pussy sex????
          Warning/exposure : Just you and other queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid people!

          1. You are the absolute epitome of an angry, (Whatever sexuality you define yourself as) contradictory, keyboard warrior. Who are you to say and tell strangers what they are and who or what should be in gay porn? Your ramblings are incoherent and your hate of all things not on your wheelhouse is more than childish. Grow the fuck up. It’s just porn, not 🚀 science. What happened in your life to make you so angry? Not enough attention from daddy.. Or maybe too much?

  10. Lucas Leon!? Wasn’t he born again Christian and against gays and all porn like a month ago? (I hope not because that was really disappointing to find that out)

    That said, on this point… I think it’s important to remember to not confuse support for Trans rights and support for Trans people in gay porn. They are separate, even when sometimes it might not feel like it. Not everyone that is against Trans people in their porn are against them as a whole. They just don’t want them in their porn.

    Personally, I don’t share the fear of that group of trans porn making any significant move or merger.into gay porn… (I don’t really see this as any real issue for porn… my personal war is with manscape brand, lol) but still, I feel like it’s important to point out some of these people are only talking about porn preferences.

  11. Ok…

    Who cares about Dante Colle anymore; sure he is not straight since in his scenes with Dakota Payne and Austin Wilde he came right after pulling out indicating how excited he was…But now he is more on a str8 side of industry.
    Lucy Hart who would guess that female hormones will block ability to produce semem….
    Now I realized that there is not only a tremendous amount of bi guys hiding behind straight label there is weirdly quite a big of bi mem hiding behind gay label; they love fucking and eating pussy but label themselves gay because they only date men…
    Rocky Vallarta you are idiot for defending and justifying supposed straightness of g4p idiots.
    Closeted bisexual Marcus Kage who busted at the same time he pulled out if Benjamin Blue’s sweet hole; the point is that straight-4-girl in straight porn is not repeating and embarrasing herself by pointing out all the time how she hates dick- straight men who watch porn would maul her.
    The same would be with a gay guy who was big Brazzers star like Johnny Sins and said how gross is vagina how manhole is great and he has to watch gay porn blah blah….again he would be ridiculed,assaulted and mauled by straight men.
    So fuck you Markus you arent either straight nor g4p should be respected.
    Oh and you won’t hear straight male pornstars saying that porn is a job/acting and porn set is unsexy and all this nonsense; they always say how much they love pussy and how many chicks they fucked- they view porn set as a normal hookup that is filmed; not a job.

    Elliot Finn how can you know MoP is full of sexy men if you are supposedly 1000% straight; str8 men cant acknowledge sexiness of a guy.

  12. Just so it’s very clear, actual gay men are NOT aroused by the quintessential sexual anatomy of the opposite sex. PiV, a male licking a vagina, etc.are intrinsically heterosexual acts. These simple-minded homophobic clowns need to understand that being progressive does not mean demanding every concept and space be made inclusive of everything.

  13. Why would anyone want to work with Riley Mitchel and his nasty brownish yellow Jack o lantern missing teeth?

    I bet Lucas Leon hysterically cries when he sees something Harry Potter related at the store or has a seizure when the name JK Rowling is spoken.

    Lucy Hart is a textbook autogynophile fetishist.

    No women in gay porn

    No men in women’s sports

  14. Lance Hart is getting more and more delusional every day. There’s something wrong with his brain. I can’t imagine how fucked up his body is today from all the bullshit he’s done to make himself look like a caricature of a woman.

    LGB ends with a B. The T doesn’t belong there. I’m sure Lucas Leon would have a lot of nasty things to say to me about that. And he can fuck right off.

    1. Not a fan of Lucy Hart but the man is suffering from gender dysphoria. He thinks in the head he is woman yet he is a biological male. I don’t understand the trans stuff I feel sorry for the guy. I think it is irreversible the hormone treatment. I just hope he hasn’t cut off the dick. I remember watching a BBC documentary on YouTube about trans people who reverse transition. This guy is crying for help. I hope he has support.

      1. Definitely gender dysphoria. I’m less conflicted with those who are classified as intersex. That’s a literal medical abnormality that often must be addressed. But those who are born and raised as fully formed men and women and then decide to transition, it’s worthy of an honest discussion about what’s going on in the mind of someone who decides to do this. Based on the results of his procedures, it’s clear that Hart is aiming for something that he will likely never be able to achieve. I agree, hopefully he has good support.

  15. Don’t call me part of the LGBTQ+!!

    Finally a person who sees it the was I see it.


  16. Markus isn’t straight he takes dick up the ass like a champ. The difference between gay porn and lesbian porn is lesbian porn is part of straight genre. Female porn models often don’t got a choice they do the lesbian porn for straight male gaze. Gay porn is different a man makes choice to crossover. Markus decides to suck cock and take it up the ass. You can’t fake the intensity and the erection this dude gets getting fucked by another man. Stop lying to yourself man you like men too.

  17. Dante Colle definitely transitioned to straight porn. He just used the gay male community for clout. His only fans is all straight porn he occasionally have a gay porn scene. But he works with the same bisexual guys.

  18. Lil’ miss Leon isn’t in any position to make fun of other people when homegurl looks like his mom is still greasing his hair and got those two bloated, dusty and deformed pillows in place of his pecs.

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