7 thoughts on “Flip-fuck: Beau Butler, Nik Fros, and Brock Kniles

  1. I have problems with Trevor Brooks. This “pseudo gay” has been annoying me ever since he buried his cock in a vagina…

    Nik Fros and Kosta Viking are both horny……

    As for Brock and Kyle, they’re both like Trevor. Plus they work for this queer/bi/straight pan/fluid “organization” that runs Disruptive Films. They also use women in their scenes to “act” and ruin an entire GayPorn in the process!
    I recently saw a scene where Kyle filmed with Ethan Dale for Icon Male. Kyle played a straight guy (I’m surprised lol) whose wife appeared in the picture at some point and the two even “animated” sex later until he was supposed to fuck Ethan later. I immediately turned it off and decided not to look at Icon Male anymore. These now also work like MEN/MG in their scenes. All queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid organizations in gay porn……

    1. Bi/fluid/pan/mostly straight guys gonna stay in gay porn because many of them are far better than gay men;
      For me as long as guy is vers, suck dick, eat ass, kiss and can cum from being fucked and can cum from fucking a guy its good enough 4 me…. by definition since str8 men cant be turned on by guys they cant stay rock hard lets forget cumming without edits so the next largest group are bi/fluid dudes.

    2. If only eating ass, sucking cock and kissing were that easy!
      Pay particular attention to the actors at MEN/MG and other queer studio companies…

      1. At MEN it is. Many GFP who need injections or drugs to keep it hard, using fake cum because, well you know why. I’m looking at you Malik Delgaty.

  2. Is Anthony Miller transitioning? Because that’s the biggest clit I’ve ever seen…. Oh, oh, oh I’m sorry he just has a baby dick.

  3. If only gay porn looked like all of these scenes on a regular basis, things would be 100 times better than it is now. All of these scenes are an A+ in my book.

  4. Mr. Deep Voice. One of the dumbest gay porn names ever. Put that up there with Jeremy Spreadums, Dylan McLovin, Girth Brooks, Dred Scott
    (Here’s an idea: Why not name yourself after the historic Supreme Court ruling that upheld slavery in the United States? Sexy), Flex Xtremmo, etc… I’m embarrassed for these, missing a chromosome, dumbasses.

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