From Men to Falcon Studios: Finn Harding

Finn Harding was introduced by Men in 2021.

He now has 35 scenes listed under his name. All of it as the top, except for one.

The first and only guy to fuck Finn at Men was Malik Delgaty.

Finn has not had a scene released by Men since July 2023. He just filmed for Falcon Studios.

18 thoughts on “From Men to Falcon Studios: Finn Harding

      1. Or….. don’t watch him. Plenty of other porn performers out there that you can judge or criticize instead of just enjoying the entertainment value of porn.

          1. Claiming to do a “critique” and using word like “banished” for that, is as much toxic if not more then you “think” (written in quotes because you lack the brain capacity to do so).

  1. The best thing Finn could do. Away from this “Queer Studio” with its terribly offensive scenes for gay culture.
    Even though I don’t know him particularly as an actor because I don’t subscribe to MEN (but there are still opportunities to see one or two scenes on the internet) I hope that he is better off at other “gay studios” and that they put him in a better scene he can perform better (without fake cum, for example). I think other actors who work for MG should also go to better gay studios. At MEN they can’t have a “career”, they can only lose their reputation, their face and their credibility.

  2. I’d rather watch the grass grow than to watch this truly horrible performer in a movie. And he’s going from one shitty company to another.

    Gay porn continues to get worse & worse.

    1. You know where he belongs? Say Uncle. Hardly any of their performers ever reach orgasm onscreen, which is right up Finn’s alley. Say Uncle productions are notoriously awash in a sea of fake cum and absurd overacting as “tops” pretend to cum inside their scene partners (without pulling out their cocks, lest their non-orgasmic histrionics be exposed).

      Finn would fit right in.

  3. I’ve got an even better exclusive. He’s got more charisma and entertainment value then Finn. His name is Paint Onawall. Watching him dry is more entertaining than those stale ass fuck scenes of Finn and whatever poor that has to sleep with him.

  4. I am as sarcastic as the next gay with these comments, but I have to say Finn is one of the nicest porn stars you could meet. He’s kind and considerate. I was as shocked as you guys. He’s really cool.

    1. That’s good, but none of it matters. Every comment thus far is about Finn’s performances and limitations. Not his character.

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