8 thoughts on “Rate the site: Say Uncle

  1. Middle of the road.

    Say Uncle relies heavily on themes to turn viewers on so the sex often falls short. Good site if you get off on power dynamics, and if you’re also looking for hot fucking you may need to pick scenes to watch based on the performers. Like scenes with Devin Franco, Manuel Skye, and some others tend to be bangers. The studio isn’t trying to bring anything extra out of the performers, so guys who are “ok” will just be ok.

  2. One of the worst gay porn sites out today. It’s rare that the sex is fun to watch on there and there’s too much dominant/submissive stuff going on with that place. I’ll gladly pass on Say Uncle.

  3. I’m waiting for Tim Tales. This is a 5/5 site
    I love the Casting Room too
    William Higgins, althought the beauty of its models has decayed.
    Lucas Entertainment (politically incorrect but still wonderful)

  4. I enjoy the different themes that Say Uncle provides within their larger portfolio and lots of models that are a little more fresh compared to the usual rotation elsewhere. There’s something for everyone.

  5. Sometimes I confuse this site as “should have been a part of carnal+ or next door”, but the content they put out is regularly pretty good.

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