Bo Dixon was known for his nude solos in print from 2005 to 2008. In gay porn, he had a scene released at Hot House [movies].

According to Google, died in his sleep suggests “Sudden arrhythmic death syndrome (SADS) is a sudden unexpected death of adolescents and adults caused by, as the name implies, a cardiac arrest.

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13 thoughts on “Died in his sleep: Bo Dixon

      1. Oh Lamar- are you aware how stupid you sound before you post, or not until after. As an FYI, I have a Masters Degree in Sports Medicine. When I was in my 20s I did a lot of steroids, knowing full well the damage I was doing to my body. So, yes, I do have a professional opinion.
        Now, please get back into your double wide trailer and figure out what you are going to spend your welfare check on this week.

          1. You think you know me? Not everyone who reads these blogs are brain dead morons like you who are qualified to scrape gum off the sole of my shoe.

  1. It appears now he suffered a true “cardiac event” , instead of dying in his sleep, but there is no autopsy or confirmation yet.

    Roids could have done anything from creating a blood clot to enlarging his heart. Apparently he posted a work out video the week before and seemed fine.

  2. RIP big guy. I’m not going into my speculations of his death. I’m just sorry he lost his life and I hope his family and friends are able to cope and heal soon.

  3. I find it once again disgusting and disrespectful how some people comment and like or dislike here other Comments or the report.
    A human has died!
    It doesn’t surprise me at all anymore that some people have to present themselves as absolute “assholes of humanity” here in this blog. Some of the “news” here in this blog brings out the absolutely unbelievably bad in a person in some people here!

      1. Others don’t do that? There is a difference between freedom of expression and spreading stupid, fake, idiotic crap to the public. I’m only talking about gay porn, gay actors and gay porn studios. Even though I often find it difficult to keep my mouth shut about the rubbish I sometimes read here. But sometimes you just shouldn’t keep your mouth shut but take a stand. So don’t act like you right away like an offended CUNT!

  4. Zero point in speculating. He’s dead, he leaves a partner behind, he was seemingly universally liked, and he brought many entertainment and joy over the years. RIP Bo/Thom.

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