X: Roxas Caelum “I know to some it may be easy, but to me, this work is pretty demanding on my mind and body, and I know I’m not the only one who thinks like that.”

Michael Lucas “I am a Jew who owns a gay porn company, and I want you to come to Israel.

Roxas Caelum “I know to some it may be easy but to me this work is pretty demanding on my mind and body and I know I’m not the only one who thinks like that. I’m also starting to learn that most people in this industry are not your friends or have your best interest and that’s totally fine. I know who my real friends are but it’s still sucks too experience some of that.

13 thoughts on “X: Roxas Caelum “I know to some it may be easy, but to me, this work is pretty demanding on my mind and body, and I know I’m not the only one who thinks like that.”

  1. I am of course empathetic to what happened last October in Israel and empathetic to what Israel/Jewish citizens are facing globally. But using identity as an excuse to be xenophobic/racist is pathetic and tired; and for Jews, hypocritical, considering they castigate Muslims/Arabs for doing exactly that….using faith/origin as an excuse to engaged in uncivilized behavior. That’s what Michael Lucas is doing and it’s nasty, and not surprised to see a leading Jewish publication serve as a mouthpiece for him. They’re using their Israeli identity and Jewish faith as a cover.

    I blame the gay community for this in many ways because Michael Lucas has loooooong been known to be a racist, to exploit talent, be at best murky when it comes to consent, and much more. He’s been allowed to slide for that and have a pretty large stature within the community and in the mainstream. That’s on us. Because people like his films, we’ve excused it, and that’s not excusable. It’s gotten to this point, and it’s really going to be up to performers to truly stop working with him and publicize that and draw a line in the sand with any performers who continue to. We need to nip this in the bud once and for all but we know he’s got fans now with FOX News and other right wing publications as a token gay. It’s sickening stuff.

  2. Teddy Bryce is a cute guy. I’m not one to judge. If he’s happy, so be it. But the extreme damage men like him are doing to their holes are gonna cost them in the long run. You damage sensation nerves every time you engage in extreme behavior and take such large objects in your hole. It gets to the point where a dick isn’t enough. You also sell yourself short as a performer because it’s such a niche activity. But it’s also his career and if that’s what he enjoys doing, so be it. But it definitely is behavior that should be attached with disclaimers on the real health damages involved.

    Some of those Grabby’s nominees are comical. If Malik wins it….

    Paddy gorgeous as always.

    Hope Quin has learned a valuable lesson. And I hope that with what he’s dealing with and Roxas’ tweet that performers realize they gotta look out for themselves. There’s a lot of snakes in porn who simply want the access to sex with guys they find hot and don’t really respect the craft at all nor the well being of other talent. It isn’t a brotherhood even though some will attempt to portray it as such. I think most of us know better. It isn’t a brotherhood. Look out for yourselves, and don’t apologize for saying No and prioritizing self-care.

  3. A quote from Micheal Lucas via the Jerusalem Post article.

    “That is why one day when a friend in the army said that the IDF wanted to thank me for my support, I was very touched. She wrote my name on a bomb destined for Hamas and sent me a photo”

    You know Micheal Lucas could have said “No” to them writing his name on a bomb, but he chose not to.

    He could have easily put out a tweet or press statement saying that he was giving supplies/ aid before this all went to shit online, but again he chose not to.

    He now wonders why he got backlash ?

    It’s simple: His Ego.

  4. The Sharok tweet had interesting replies. I didn’t know how much performers made per scene and the variables affecting rates. Then there were the replies saying they don’t get paid enough or should get royalties from scenes. Those were odd. I’m not sure many porn actors know they are independent contractors. If an actor is paid $1,200 for a scene, then $1,200 is a rate they accepted. It’d be great if studios would offer more, a lot of them do good work and should be compensated. But it’s just that. An offer. As their own business, they can negotiate for a higher rate. And they’re free to turn down scenes if a studio cannot pay what he’s determined his appearances are worth.

    As for royalties, I don’t know how that would work in porn and neither does anyone else. When I think of actors who receive royalties it’s those who were leads in major motion pictures, or in long-term contracts with a studio to play a character in a series. Independent porn contractors accept a rate for their services, perform them to the satisfaction of all parties, get paid and leave. They’re not television actors that draw continued viewership for a studio. Though they are for their fansites. Fans subscribe specifically to see a performer and his work earns him an income. I’ve watched a few fansite scenes, they were ::chef’s kiss:: and I understand their high subscriber numbers. However, I believe if they want royalties from porn studios they should offer the same to guys appearing in their productions.

    1. 1/ I really can’t tell whether you’re clueless and naive or just plain ignorant. I suspect it’s the former because you seem to think the performers and studios operate in an ideal competitive environment. Because of this and also to avoid sounding condescending I’m just going to say you are overestimating a performer’s bargaining position vs the studios and that’s okay to not have an opinion

      2/ You really should inform yourself better before voicing an opinion. It somehow escaped you that pretty much every studio has exclusive performers* on their roster and that they don’t rely just on “services” of “independent porn contractors”. I probably don’t need to mansplain to you how these exclusive contracts impact “continued viewership for a studio”.

      3/ Have a look at revenue sharing at RFC Channels platform. All featured performers are entitled to it, not just the performer/creator that produced it and released it on their channel.

  5. Daddy Diesel – “I remember when the times” WHAT THE FUCK? Talk Much? My God, as much time as this turd spends on social media writing/typing – and Still has no idea how to put a sentence together.
    Almost comical if it was not so sad.
    The rest of these distressed has been and never was “porn stars” are just not worth the time to comment on…

  6. Israel is the greatest current example of white supremacy. Its a bunch of white Americans and Europeans like Lucas claiming land in the middle east based on the religion they practice. Zionists like Lucas refuse to acknowledge what terrorist colonizing state Israel has been doing to the Palestinians for decades.

    Free Palestine

    1. You shout “Free Palestine” and put yourself on the same level as you accuse the Israelis of. Namely, as a destroyer of a culture and a country if you declare the destruction of Israel ambiguously. So you’re no better than Lucas and all the others who want to fight hate with hate. And what is Hamas, by the way? Not a terrorist organization that indiscriminately slaughters women, children and old people, kidnap and rape her, but a liberation state?
      Think about it before you shout the same shit in public and behave like the people you denounce.
      You’re no better than them.
      You behave and are like them!

  7. Dallas Steele you think you look good after working out in a gym but, truthfully you are looking worse because of wrinkled skin whether it be from all the tanning you do or just your age but it does not look good at all. Even if you get your ass done from surgery, you really need to get out of porn like a lot of porn actors have done. Your time in front of the camera is over.

    Paddy O’Brian you still look good after all these years age has been really good to you. You are still very handsome as when you first started.

  8. Lucas has always been trash. Everyone knew it back in the early aughts when he’d be seen walking his big stupid dog around Chelsea like a sketchy chickenhawk that the silly childgays would glom onto. Total dirtbag. And today, he’s still gutter trash as he attempts to antagonize and inflame hatred during a war that’s already horribly disturbing on every level. His posts are not witty or smart, insightful or enlightening. He is just another goofy looking guy with a platform and a big mouth that spews anger. And we have enough of those.

  9. I don’t understand the obsession with intestines sliding out of your body like an Alien exploding from one’s chest.

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