Controversial newbie: Lazzarato of Men

Lazzarato is the latest addition at Men.

His first scene on the site had him top Allen King.

Back in September 2023, Loc Rios accused Lazzarato of assault in one of his posts from X that I included in the weekly Tweets This Week.

As for Loc, his now deleted tweet on Hamas was also included in one of the weekly Tweet This Week.

+ Some of the homemade scenes of Lazzarato were uploaded by his scene partners at Raw Fuck Club.


  1. Alex

    Bitches thinking hamas are doing the good thing need to get their rights revoked and musn’t be allowed to speak on any topic.

    • Satanyahu

      Bitches who think Israel are the good ones need to disappear from this world or voluntarily stop their breathing.

  2. Jktooo

    HamASS are terrorists! This guy has very poor judgement skills. Engaging w a psycho then endorsing a bunch of psychotic terrorist Islamic trash! Well, he did sat he was only 22 and most young ppl tend to be ignorant but at same time all knowing

    • Britney

      Not everyone in Gaza is a muslim, ignorant.

    • Satanyahu

      Israel invaded in the 40s. Hamas was founded in the 80s. Israel has been oppressing the Palestinians since the invasion. Who’s the real terrorist now? You just keep consuming the lies that’s being fed to you.

  3. HermanCee

    I am fucking tired of these moronic Gays and college students protesting Israel and their need to protect their people. This goes for the “Uncle Tom” sympathizers, as well. Israel has a right to defend its existence.
    If these college kids feel so passionate, they might go over there and defend their heroes.

    • Jktooo

      Thing is the gays who out themselves in gaza will be thrown off of tallest building. These morons have zero clue thats what they do in gaza to gay ppl. Such idiots.

      • rg

        Totally irrelevant to whether we should support killing babies.

        • Jktooo

          Yes beheading babies is awful but It is 100% relevant cuz it highlights how stooooopid and ignorant these ppl r.

      • Britney

        What do they do to gays in Gaza? You mean like when people in Jerusalem pride got stabbed by Israelis? Or the trans girl in the UK that was murdered? Matthew Shepard?
        Like that? Smoothbrain.

    • Britney

      No they fucking don’t have the right to defend themselves. If Hamas or Palestine don’t, then neither do Israel, they’re Zionist terrorists.

  4. logogay

    No platform for such an actor/worker! Today`s Gays and the so-called “Z Generation” (queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid/+) have no idea about life and want to distort everything!
    Especially their own gays in community! In reality, they also hate other people and do injustice.
    Only they think they are better and would contribute something to peace and justice.
    Then they should pack their things straight away and fly to the countries where they could help directly, but they don’t want to do that either. It’s easier in a safe, rich country to sit on the street, occupy buildings shout hateful slogans, or sitting behind a computer and spreading hate speech only over the Internet and behave like a “snobbish modern” little terrorist!
    It suits MEN/MG. And since I’ll never pay or see it anyway, I don’t care about him or what he does!

    • logogay

      Lazzarato is fitting for this “Queer Agenda” company that calls itself (GAY?)!
      He’s definitely fucking vaginas now for their “GAY category” WNB!

  5. NovaStar

    MEN hires anybody don’t they smh. Trash galore.

  6. Bruiser

    Wow! A psycho scamming violent porn actor. Shocking.

  7. sammy1023

    I wonder how many people who have thumbed down posts (and will thumbs down this one as well) are gays who would be beheaded, tortured, etc by the very people they support. I assume all of these very smart, very informed folk know that gays AND Arabs have way more rights in Israel than in any other country in that area. If not, learn and get “with it” already.

    • logogay

      As I said, most people here or out there don’t know or haven’t learned anything about history at school or university. They all think they are freedom fighters but in reality they just dumb as fuck!

      • Vic Fanfatal

        completely agree with you. Fools, illiterate and also bad people

      • sammy1023

        This just about sums it up best, and you did it all in 2 sentences, kept it easy for these idiots to comprehend.

  8. Vic Fanfatal

    gay porn actors who support Islamic terrorists who behead homosexuals or throw them from rooftops. The sad thing is that he is not the only one. Porn actors like Derek Kage or Lobo Carreira, Sharok, Tony Genius, Sean Harding, Sean Xavier, Taylor Reign, Logan Stevens, Lucas Leon, Boomer Banks and many others support the Islamist criminals sponsored by Iran, who hang us from cranes, They throw us from rooftops or cut off our heads. All these people who make gay porn, of course, have already been canceled by me and my people. Let the terrorists of Hamas or the Islamic State (DAESH) buy their movies. I don’t spend my money on people who support terrorism, much less those who have gays as their main murderous target.

  9. Jhon

    You are a bunch of brainwashed queens. So I don’t know if I can get anything accross, let me try….
    Israel is “defending” it’s existence in a country they stole land from. Over the past 75years more than 100million have been displaced and can’t go back to they’re homeland, meanwhile if you are or convert to judaism even if you were born on the other side of the world you “have the right to return home”, they will just displace more Palestinians. Palestine doesn’t exist on the map no more, Palestinians are confined to open air prisons, some of them for over 25 years, which means children never knew anything beyond those walls. 75 years of oppression, land theft and regular bombings and slaughtering unimaginable numbers of deaths.
    Just because we don’t understand their religion or because they are not accepting of homosexuality doesn’t mean Israhell is better just because you can shag whoever you want. In fact we should be able to understand and empathise with those under oppression as we where oppressed before! But meanwhile you sit behind your computers in the comfort of your homes slandering those who will never come close to your privilege 👏🏼👏🏼

    • Vic Fanfatal

      To begin with, Palestine has never existed, so no one can steal from you what never existed and what you never had. That Palestinian gays have to flee to Israel to avoid being beheaded by the Islamic terrorists who rule Gaza and the West Bank, for you is the nonsense of brainwashed queens. Look, wanting to escape from a state that wants to kill you, incredible. And we already see that for you to rape and kill teenagers who are at a music festival, to behead babies, to burn entire families alive in their homes with grandparents and children included is nonsense, to kidnap 150 people of all nationalities and creeds , including Muslims, is another stupidity. and that they kill 1,500 people in a single attack and day, another stupidity of crying queens. If you like “oppressed” Islamic countries so much and that’s why they have to kill people in the United States, Europe or Israel, go there for a walk to see your friends from Hamas or the Islamic State and we’ll see if you come back with your head on track. Maybe you’ll do them a favor and they can play soccer with your head. Here is the one who is brainwashed because you are completely illiterate and on top of that, you are a worse person. Don’t worry, karma is a bitch

    • logogay

      October 7th is deliberately never mentioned or ignored by all of these dumb fuckers demonstrating around the world as if the massacre never existed. And I don’t even want to start talking about the earlier history of what Jews had to suffer. And then people like him talk about expulsion, murder and oppression and turn perpetrators/victims while Hamas deliberately hides among its own people and builds tunnels under children’s hospitals and mosques and Deliberately blocking aid deliveries or using them for your own benefit? You are no better than Hamas my friend!

    • sammy1023

      Wrong. Israel was attacked in 1948 by forces from all sides that wanted to destroy them, and against all odds and after MANY jewish deaths, they drove them all back, and yes, took land as a buffer. Israel did NOT ask for war, and cupcake, let’s be clear on history since you don’t understand, there have been something like 12 or 13 major wars between Jews and Arabs in the last 76 years, and every one of them, EVERY FUCKING ONE, has been started by Arabs. So stop trying to use words like “privilege” that you can’t possibly understand, when jews are attacked constantly for being Jewish, and youre privilige is sounding like all the spoiled brats on college campuses, they think they’re educated but are really clueless.

      • Britney

        Nope. Israel and Zionists started this. Look up Irgun or Lehi or Haganah or Palmach. Take your pick of Zionist terrorists.

        • sammy1023

          Land was split in 1948. Or you do want me to go back WAY before your plucking of orgs like Irgum or Haganah? We can talk about Jewish persecution by Arabs and Christians going back hundreds and even thousands of years before your hate of Jews started in your own warped sense of history. Grow the fuck up.

    • mysyn

      Clearly you are the brainwashed queen….without doubt

    • srw2

      They’re not brainwashed, they’re old.

      The majority of the people who read this blog (and especially those who bother to comment) are over 50. Surveys have shown that older people are far more likely to staunchly side with Israel over Palestine (see for example the Pew survey done in April).

      Their age also explains their vocal transphobia and the general black-and-whitedness of their views on sexuality. And their whining.

      • Meh

        What can’t be explained is why a young brilliant non-binary like you wastes their time in the old people’s home…

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