Go Fund Me: Jack Hunter “I have fallen on hard times. No job, no bookings, and my subscriber numbers have reached an all time low.”

It looks like having an Only Fans account is not sustainable in the long run for a gay porn star. Jack Hunter, with 149 scenes listed at AEBN, is now having money problems and he has asked his followers on X to help him out.


  1. Bsg67

    I’m attractive, white, Abel bodied but don’t want to actually work so just give me money 💵 …pretty privlige must be nice

  2. Dan

    Porn is great when you can work. However, maybe keep it as a side hustle. We all have to find ways to pay bills etc. I wish him well, but handouts because you don’t have a job and you want to stay in LA seems like it might be time to reevaluate your options.

  3. A man's man

    I really hope the ones who supported his conversion therapy decide to also give him some money now. I wouldn’t waste a cent on this “ex-gay” parasite or any other of his kind.

    • Reg

      Hang on…he underwent gay conversion therapy and identifies as straight now? Wow.

  4. Reg

    I don’t know if he’s from Los Angeles, but if he’s struggling to stay there, then why not move?
    If he’s staying just for the hopes of more porn work and no one will hire him, (which is strange, because they’re not exactly choosy these days) there are cheaper and certainly nicer places to live in the world than LA.

    You can’t live off a gofundme, because even if someone is silly enough to donate to someone they don’t even know…what’s to stop him from squandering it?

    Unless he has a plan for any money he earns through this…invest in a home, start a business (that doesn’t have to be adult entertainment related), then it’s not going to last forever and he’ll have to start another gofundme.

    If no one will hire him for porn, then get a job outside of porn. If you can’t afford a car, then unless you’re working as an Uber Driver; give it up.

  5. Reg

    Ah and he is going to have to be very, VERY careful. He says that he’s just filed for Unemployment Benefit and this gofundme has been up for how long? I know for a fact that he’s actively working as a pet sitter and someone actually left his feedback this week, so he is working/earning and needs to declare that, right? Maybe he has done, but it does make me wonder if he is just looking for free money :-/

    • IDK

      This is really interesting, but predictable.

      It happens all the time: these performers push aside their gay fans until their lives go to shit due to (most of the time) their own irresponsibility, then they come back crawling to these same gay fans, begging for money.

      We already got multiple examples of this. He’s just one more to throw into the pile.

  6. Cherrystick

    I have to be honest here but his popularity and viewership went down the day he started to filming FTM sex scenes. I remember being a fan of his and then that came out and I left ship along with countless others. He did like most and gave the naysayers a big fuck you in his responses. He then went on the whole I’m still gay rants etc… His attitude was the whole if you don’t like it then leave and guess what, people got the fuck out. The engagement on his Twitter started declining and I started seeing less and less of him on major productions.

    Everyone has their down moments but like mentioned before, why in the hell are you still trying to slug it out in one of the most expensive cities in the US?!? Move out of L.A. and scale back to a city with more affordable living. Focus on your OF with others that are based out of different cities. Lord knows there’s a plethora of them. He’s not thinking clearly.

    This also goes to show you that the group of performers he hung around and fucked aren’t showing him the love. You cashed out and alienated a group of people with your choices in niche and now those who you did so with aren’t even showing up for you. It’s tough. Get a true blue 9 to 5 and do what you need to do to get back on your feet.

    • baz

      Yep, the FTM stuff is what turned me off him too. The doubling down just sealed the deal.

    • logogay

      Unfortunately I can’t judge or say that it went the same way for him as it did for countless other (ex) gay porn actors like Derek, Trevor, Matteo, Dante, Reese, Cliff and many more who first do “Super GAY” and then switch to Vagina. And if they then insult the people who can’t understand it and say they just move on and away, and then these people do it, then these lying/cheating ex gays suddenly find themselves alone and whining and crying! If that’s really how it happened with Jack, then it serves him right. If not then I feel sorry for him. I just wish these other hypocrites like Derek and Trevor felt the same way to get down. But I think they have long since ended up on the “red list” of gays and the gay community! Only the queer/bi/straight/pan/fluid agenda is only interested in such “vagina” fuckers!

    • BrandztR

      What is wrong with transmen scenes? A lot of performers have done them. It’s a niche just like any other porn niche. Appeals to some, doesn’t appeal to others. So? By the way there are sites like Corbin Fisher where there are gay scenes, straight scenes and bisexual scenes and I don’t hear Karen’s like you demanding Corbin Fisher be shut down because there is vagina in the COED scenes.

  7. Nick

    I´m sorry for him. I hope he can find some support.

  8. NovaStar

    Homie needs to get a job like the rest of us. I’m not flicking a penny at his ass.

  9. sammy1023

    I mean, you feel for people in this position, but a quick look on Indeed shows around 30,000 F/T and P/T jobs in LA. I’m sure a couple of them he’ll be qualified for, you can work two p/t jobs. If not, maybe consider a job somewhere way less expensive? People either give up, or are just lazy. Guess the 2 go together many times.

  10. Not Surprised

    I’ve always found him unattractive. I’m not surprised by this.

  11. He's Looking to Work with Women

    Just checked his Twitter account. He tweeted a female porn star on May 21 and said he’s looking to start working with women and that she’s his type.

    Of course lol I hope he’s not claiming to be gay.

    • NovaStar

      Another reason why my wallet will stay in my pocket.

    • Cherrystick

      Lame ass. Desperately trying to hang in there so he’ll result to anything. It’s so funny when these blokes use the whole “this is a job” line as their excuse. Dude you’re fucking people and if you’re seeking to screw women then you better not use the gay label.

    • IDK

      Ah, the desperation!

      He’s not Dante Colle, nor has the contacts and influence within MG he has.

      Most female pornstars won’t even touch men who have done gay content, much less him, who has done so for years (and bareback at that!). If he starts posting straight shit into his OF, the few people still on it are going to fully drop him off and his page will have a slow, painful death.

      And the only one responsible for his own demise is himself, no one else.

      You see, people on social media might praise you for not having boundaries, but they won’t pay for your shit. He alienated his gay paypigs and now is paying for it (no pun intended).

  12. OldFatGuy

    As someone who once only had $7 to his name I can assure him that there are always Security Guard jobs that actually pay decently. Even if he has to work 96 hours a week its not like he’s doing anything else. He could even come here to Las Vegas where they have places like Budget Suites that are cheap and affordable for those willing to actually work.

    Worst case scenario he could actually help make the world a better place by selling his blood. Not kidding here, there are companies that pay for blood donations because there’s an active market for whole blood and plasma. Google it.

  13. Bruiser

    He should contact Timothy ($70,000 a month) Champagne. 😂

    • McM.

      Timothy Champagne claims to make $70k a month?

      • Cherrystick

        Oh he’s getting called out now too. His ex went on the radar to say that she knows he’s str8 and uses the gays and these men who he sleeps with as cash grabs. He did this stupid ass PR stunt saying he’s in a relationship with another male porn dude just to less than a week later saying he’s found the right girl off his dreams. Timothy is lame as hell too. It amazes me how some gays allow scum to suck them dry of cash and then spit in their faces.

  14. Alex

    Find a job like the rest of us diva. This bitch has always had that miserable aura and look about him, but girl get it together.

  15. Miss Piggy

    What’s hilarious is that he says he got into porn as a way to get into mainstream acting. I can figure out if he’s lying or just incredibly stupid.

    He posted that he wants a place to live in LA and someone else to pay for it. That should tell you everything you need to know about this piece of trash.

  16. Andy

    Jack is charging too much for his only fans $14.99 a month sorry dude no one is worth that. He is a handsome white guy with a massive dick. Why doesn’t he consider becoming a model? He can easily get a modeling contract he lives in Los Angeles. He must know someone gay and has connections in Hollywood? I am so surprised Jack hasn’t used his good looks to his advantage. He needs to charge less for his only fans. Some guys charge like $3 to $5 dollars to subscribe. But charge much more for full videos. Or he can diversity and fuck women? Do bisexual porn with his huge cock and good looks sites like biphobia love him or Adult Time. Fuck women Jack can grow audience.

    • logogay

      Exactly. You have EXPOSED yourself! You are also one of those supporters and drivers of this “agenda” when you write that an actor who is probably (?) gay should fuck women! It’s precisely because of people like you that gay porn is dying. You’re not gay and you don’t actually give a shit about gay porn? Am I right?

      • Andy

        Can you grow up? You are acting weird like you have a parasocial relationship to the porn models. My suggestion to Jack fucking women is more opportunities to make money. You don’t know me. This is a JOB!! Do you not understand that? I like FTM and gay porn. Don’t project your insecurities on to others. Some of you gay men are silly. Porn models don’t owe the audience ANYTHING. Porn is FANTASY not real life. Jack has already fucked a FTM Luke Hudson. Some of you gay guys are ridiculous! Jack is a SEX WORKER it is a JOB!! He needs MONEY. Jack is a good looking guy with a huge cock. He can do well on biphoria website plenty of gay porn models work there. Or Adult time.

        • baz

          Well then, I’m sure you and your fellow FTM porn loving non-gay demographic will more than offset the mass gay exodus from him.

          Swoop in and save his porn career!

      • agentDXP

        Well I don’t think misogynistic middle aged fags like you who live in their mother’s basement and never spent a penny on any type of porn content in their life can save gay porn either sweetheart.

        • logogay

          Neither can we. You and your “Queer/Bi/Straight/Pan/Fluid AGENT” Friend from your “Conversion Therapy Agenda” here in this blog and out there are the best proof once again that I’m right, you are a disgusting piece of scum who denies people their sexuality (GAY) and tries everything what is Gay too twist! And that is a FACT!
          And this “It’s porn and it’s just work” number hasn’t worked for a long time. It worked very well for Jack when he now begs gays for money (which, interestingly enough, these guys always do, most recently Reese Rideout) and has no job. You and your “agenda” are welcome to have it. Be happy with him and straight sex!

          • Andy

            Your comment makes no sense sex work is WORK. You gay guys are projecting your desires on to the models to be who you want them to be. But the Porn stars JOB is to sell a fantasy to the public! You are taking the gay fantasy that you are projecting on to them is weird. The porn model job be attractive do what director wants. That’s it. You are conflating your desires on to Jack Hunter. Jack has already fucked FTM. And by moving beyond gay porn is wider audience. Biphoria,Adult time got a bisexual audience. Porn is a JOB the sex worker will fuck whomever they want for money.

  17. Camille

    I understand you SEE gofundme as a nasty begging situation, and probably many of the beggars abuse of that power, but remember there might be real scenarios as Randy Sean Cody R.I.P.
    I still feel sorry for him.

  18. Brick Johnson

    I really thing the real problem is that he is a drug addict and alcoholic as he admitted in his video. I didn’t know he also denounced being Gay and trying to make the switch to str8. Things is it’s a real turn off to your gay fans. Some can do it like Roman Todd who does str8, tranny and gay content, Cliff Jensen who does the same although he seems to be leaning more over the bi/str8 content. OF can last you but so long, and if you are spending your money on drug and booze instead of saving it. Than yeah you are going to be put in the situation your in. No one should be homeless, but you got to think of the future. I hope he gets help for addiction first while he is looking for financial help.

  19. emercycrite

    Another pathetic, self entitled grifter. Go die.

    • BrandztR

      Same to you. See how that works?

  20. Gay PR Daddy

    He’s the poster child.of what happens when you do FTM porn and still call yourself Gay. At one time he seemed like he was headed to stardom. Oh well. Next.

  21. LaMar

    Oh dear…. One person’s fall brings out so many KARENs!!!

    • BrandztR

      Sociopaths is what they are. Let’s not mince words.

  22. david

    Who cares if he does gay, straight of FTM porn.
    Too many gays want to see these porn stars as role models which is so laughable and pretty stupid.
    He’s a good looking lad with a huge dick and should get work. He needs to address his alcoholism and drug addiction that is true to find his way
    I aint gonna hate him because he’s not gay enough for a whole bunch of precious queens.

  23. R47

    I thought Dante was a close friend of his. No help there?

  24. BrandztR

    Jack has delivered so many incredible scenes over the years I truly hope he is doing much better financially.

  25. Aegongus

    FTM pornography only makes money for one side and is not for cis gays. Likes on social networks and engagement resulting from collaborations with FTM is an illusion, because the one who really gives money to cis gays is cis gays, and little by little a “successful” collaboration can bring about situations like the one this person is going through.

    As an example of success, without needing this niche: Rhyheim. He will continue to be at his peak for a long time, even after retirement. He created an empire without the help of “queer” studios, even with all the harassment and pressure he and his husband receive online to embrace this “open-minded” thinking.

    I feel sorry for his cast in Brazil, which fell into that horrible, homophobic thing that has babes in the “name”. They will have the same end as Jack. So much so that few have posted anything so far, Kriokrio hiding everything about the collaboration. This casting error could have been a fatal error for Voyr BR.

    Babes only get engagement because they use bots, pay attention.

    • baz

      Been trying to google this but no luck. Could you elaborate?

    • Cherrystick

      Yeah that thing is ratchet as fuck and so is his colleague Triple. They give you this eerie feeling and they’ve been caught several times saying some of the most outrageous and quite homophonic things in the past.

      There was a clip posted on Twitter that called the one you mentioned out. They were in the beginning of shooting with some European guy and the guy said he was okay with doing penetration with his penis. The Babes character, said eww, first thing is don’t call it penis. I hate that word it’s gross. The fuck?!?! You hate that this man refers to his genitals as to what they are. You think it’s gross despite the fact that you love recruiting them and shoving them inside of you over and over again?!?!

      You hit the nail on the head. No one gives a flying fuck about the “gay” guy that sleeps with these performers after it’s said and done. The credit goes strictly to the trans performer and the crtitcisms goes to their co-star. The co-star will then go on a “fuck you” tirade towards the gays that have simple questions and the trans performer will stay quiet as a mouse, not giving any defense. It’s a crazy and ridiculous cycle that continues to take down each and every one of these men and honestly I’m here for it all.

  26. IDK

    It doesn’t help at all that many performers who do FTM scenes act like complete and total jackasses when confronted about it, be they “high profile” or not.

    It’s interesting how many of them go completely overboard over even the most inoffensive of comments, exposing their own fans to harassment from the terminally online like it’s no big deal, and all for what? A bunch of meaningless likes on social media? Asspats from randons who don’t give a shit about them? Is that worth it?!

    It’s not like this kind of behavior just push paying customers away from them or anything…

    About VoyrBR: being a “crossover” performer is not a big deal in Brazil, mainly because this is quite common amongst performers from there and audiences don’t give a shit about pornstars, like, in general. Also, homophobia is pretty common in the Brazilian side of the gay porn industry, with many performers being involved in homophobic shit in one way or another.

    But… VoyrBR has a major international audience, unlike many national studios, which means shit can get ugly for them… if they don’t decide to shift for a more “internal” consumer base, which would force them to cut corners.

  27. Blue Dawg

    “It looks like having an Only Fans account is not sustainable in the long run for a gay porn star. Jack Hunter”.

    I find it hilarious an established gay porn star with almost 150 scenes can’t keep his money maker up… aka Only Fans…

    Yet a straight but gay positive actor who creates content geared towards his gay fans is living his dream life on the proceeds from being a top 1% creator on OF. He bought a house, bought a car and began travelling the world.

    His name, “Dan Benson”. He was a child actor in the Disney network in a 2007-2012 series called, Wizards of Waverly Place – He played the character named Zeke. Zeke was a average looking child star and after WoWP ended, he didn’t do anymore acting. Through social media and being catfished his dick pics got circulated online. Instead of getting upset and mortified, he got smart and decided to own it – Only Fans…

    He has an OF, X (formerly Twitter), TikTok, Instagram and of course a Facebook page. After the catfish incident he decided to work on himself and instead of the dorky geeky child star, he’s now a lean and buff OF content creating machine… oh and he’s got 10 inches… JH only has 8 inches… 😁

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