If one was not enough: King Scot

The Bro Network is a network of sites with six channels.

One of them is Amateur Gay POV. In 2021, they released a scene of King Scot.

Rent is due and you don’t have the cash! When the landlord’s hot gay son, King Scot, comes to collect, you offer to fuck him with your big cock if he’ll extend the due date by one day. You’ve heard him getting fucked through the paper-thin walls – and now it’s your turn to please him for that extension.

This week, The Bro Network released another POV scene of King Scot.

King Scot keeps using your damn parking spot! It’s the most convenient one in the lot, and if he wants to keep using it, he’s going to pay for it one way or another! Luckily he’s a cute little fucker and you’re open to alternative forms of payment… Your cock could use a nice service, and he’d better be ready to take it!

[h/t Mark B]


  1. baz

    Kinda looks like he could be related to Tommy Defendi….

  2. R47

    I hat clothes in porn. Naked or go away

    • Reg

      The worst example was Ryan Bones, but I swear that’s because he gained weight. What did it matter though? If they wanted to work with him and he’d gained weight, then still strip him off and whoever likes it likes it! You can’t keep someone’s clothes on to disguise something like that, because it just draws attention to it.

    • NovaStar

      And that includes jock straps. I’m so over seeing guys getting fucked in jock straps.

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