As the bottom: Malik Delgaty “Only true bro’s get my hole.”

Once in a while, the versatile performer of the year, Malik Delgaty, does bottom.

Two years ago, it was with Finn Harding.

Last year, it was with Dom King.

Both scenes were released by Men on Black Friday.

This year, his latest top was Papi Kocic.

Will the two film a second one for Men?

Up next for Malik at Men is cowboy Malik as the top.

Malik Delgaty is line dancing when he sees Zack Mackay stroll into the bar. Zack spots Malik checking out his big ass and beckons him over, but Malik tells him to come dance, then pulls out a rope and lassos the bottom!


  1. NovaStar

    Oh joy if it isn’t 2 gigantic bores & snores together making terrible gay porn. I’ll gladly pass over all of that pig slop.


  2. Miguel

    papi + malik = the most boring scene you ever seen

    • Camille

      Malik anus day is never boring.

  3. Jktooo

    I think its a matter of time malik finds a twinkish guy he finds as a BF. Hes given in to bottoming and often pulls a guys face to him to kiss him tho he hasnt fully made out he still has that instinct to kiss. I love this guy.

    • Camille

      At least for the fantasy. A boyfriend of Malik.

  4. Bruiser

    Seen more passionate fucking at The Hall of Presidents at Disneyland.

    • Camille

      Malik Delgaty the most beautiful guy in porn nowadays. And honestly I wanted him as a strictly top. Such a perfection guy.

  5. logogay

    Totally overrated and the same negative reactions have been received a thousand times over and over again, no matter which gay porn blog or where this actors or scenes from MEN/MG is advertised! Malik is the most boring G4P performer ever! Papi is a little better, but he only films for this crap label, which has always been a mistake on his part. His OF Videos have now become just as boring, unattractive and G4P as Malik’s. Together they filmed the most boring, uninteresting OF videos ever. And now they’re filming together for this queer label MEN/MG? Wake me up if Malik ever sucks a cock or kisses a man properly with his tongue, then I would be surprised for the first time in Malik’s years of G4P performances! That’s definitely enough for the queer label MG! I know he has a lot of obsessed fans around him, but these people are no longer realistic or to be taken seriously anyway. Just like what MEN/MG releases every month. They have enough money and influence in the prono industry anyway that they just buy the awards and recognition anyway! They can buy anything with money! Just not the pride and respect of GAYS!

    • Camille

      It’s funny cause he’s the most famous gay porn star nowadays and why? Simply he is the most gorgeous guy in porn willing to perform. He has a dominant personality and has charisma. The hate towards him is always for the people that want more from him by giving him any penny.

      • baz


        He is marketed and pushed by MG. The exact same way William Seed and all those other French Canadian straight guys were pushed as “the most popular”.

        They’ve never been the most popular for me.

        • Reg

          The French Canadians are where gay porn thinks it’s at! Malik Delgaty, William Seed, Ryan Bones, Bo Sinn, Chuck Conrad…but there’s not a genuinely gay or good one in the bunch.

          • Camille

            Ryan Bones, being so handsome has sucked cock, he has been a bottom many times. What the hell You want from him?

            • Reg

              To give up the drinking, to actually be gay or at least bisexual and to have his name removed for whatever reason from Mindgeek’s blacklist and work, even if it is Gay4Pay.

        • Camille

          He is the most popular! It’s not an opinion it is objective. And from my subjectivity he is famous because he is the most gorgeous boy in porn in the current era. Most porn fans what love it’s a hot guy willing to Perform. I prefer a gorgeous face sucking me than an ugly expert doing it. It is what it is.

          • baz

            Well then, all I can say is this:

            Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and gay porn conglomerate popularity is in the eye of the marketing machine.

  6. Jimi

    Not for $50 bucks ($49.99) is all I have to say.

    • Camille

      If I were Elon Musk, I would pay him millions of dollar to be my exclusive.

  7. NovaStar

    What’s interesting about this combo is that Papi & Malik both don’t suck dick and if my memory serves me, Malik barely kisses, if he kisses at all. I have absolutely no idea how this film can be hot without proper foreplay going on cause rimming alone won’t do it. This is already screaming pitiful & pathetic.

    • Camille

      Many people love the idea that the hole of Malik is once again used. And by the way Papi rims anus so you can check that again.

      • NovaStar

        And you can check that I said that rimming alone won’t cut it for a scene like this. I don’t need & want to see a guy fuck a guy like he’s a chick acting like he doesn’t have a dick on him, I need some hot & dirty man-on-man sex where every body path is licked & sucked & it won’t happen with these 2 half assed performers. You might enjoy the mediocrity & more power to you, but i won’t join you with that.

  8. Reg

    “Versatile performer of the year”…seriously? What a crappy year.

  9. Deepgloat

    Malik is “versatile” the way that I am “versatile” about getting a colonoscopy: it happens once every five years and the experience isn’t fun for anyone.

  10. Phil H

    There’s genuinely no one more disappointing in porn (at least in terms of their performances) than Malik Delgaty. Anyone who tries to suggest he’s not physically attractive is fooling themselves, the guy is stunning on pretty much every physical level. The issue is that the guy has been doing gay porn now for four years and he’s just not progressed in any way. He has tiny flashes of passion, but for the most part he could be replaced with a blow up doll attached to a fuck machine and the outcome would be the same. After four years in the game the fact that he’s still not sucking dick is very poor, and his “versatility” is all smoke and mirrors where varying camera angles and shots where the tip is barely in are used to cover up the fact that he probably has had dick in his ass for a couple of minutes at most in each of these scenes.
    Clearly Delgaty has his fans – as demonstrated in this thread – and that’s why Men keep him front and centre. If I was new to gay porn and saw the picture of him on the landing page, I’d probably be drawn in too. Sadly, unless he learns to actually put on a decent performance then he’ll remain a total disappointment.

    • sdsr

      I tend to agree (plus, Malik was far more attractive before he had his teeth capped, or whatever he had done to them – they now look too big). But I would take him any day over Papi Kocic; even if I thought he was as attractive as he seems to think he is, he’s a terrible performer. Malik’s performances may be a bit robotic, but he has one of the most beautiful cocks in porn, reliably gets and stays hard (with or without the assistance of drugs I have no idea) and provides nice cumshots (one or two may be fake at but they aren’t at onlyfans); Kocic has none of those qualities, including that he’s seldom hard and seldom cums. Even if one found him otherwise attractive, wouldn’t that be disappointing?

      • Reg

        Malik’s teeth are definitely bleached, but I’m honestly not sure how much veneers would cost. I think it’s over $10,000 Canadian, maybe even $14,000. I would be surprised if he could afford that himself, unless Mindgeek paid, in the hopes of earning more money through him. They could just be they’re clip ons or false teeth though.

        It does go to show much “great” a performer Malik is, when you notice his teeth over anything else.

  11. Mark

    Malik is hot but he’s such a poor performer, I don’t even bother trying to watch his scenes because they are so boring. While I know a lot of guys on here have a problem with the gay 4 pay guys but I really don’t except in cases like Malik where he clearly isn’t into the sex. Like someone like Johnny Rapid is straight but I wouldn’t be able to tell by his scenes, he always comes off as into the sex.

  12. Cherrystick

    Who needs a fucking Ambien when you got this fella. Look I’ll be the first to admit and this and it’s hard as fuck to say but he’s got a nice body and easy on the eyes. I’m just tired of seeing his ass everywhere. His performances are literally one note. Even his surprise bottom scenes spark nothing whatsoever.

    It’s quite saddening to see a big studio like Men rewarding him the way they do. Especially because there’s some bomb ass actual gay men who can perform way above the standards he sets. Yet they can’t seem to get past the Malik phase. It’s enough. Let’s find new faces and inspired performers.

  13. Ted

    I mean, I think it’s good marketting, but he’s not really to my taste to be honest…

  14. HKTOP

    I don’t enjoy watching men who aren’t attracted to other men and claim they don’t enjoy it having sex. Malik and Papi are very attractive men but really poor performers. I think gay men who are so turned on by these “straight” guys are pretty self loathing.

    • NovaStar

      And that’s one of the biggest problems with Malik & Papi. They won’t perform the way they need to. I’m not a fan of gay4pay at all but if they’re going to do this, then DO IT! Go all the way with it. Stop being scared of the dick or any other male body part.

      It’s clear that it’s just for a paycheck for them & they along with many others like them just phone in their performances & they think gays like us won’t notice it but the weaknesses in their performances are as bright as a sign in Times Square at 10pm. Many guys will excuse them because of looks & whatever else, as we see in the comments here, but even they deserve better than what they’re getting. We all do and i wish MEN, other studios & even content creators would stop hiring these half assed men and get guys who really give a shit about making a hot film that will satisfy ALL of us, not just a few easy people. We deserve so much better than this.

      • baz

        But the reason that won’t happen is because MG isn’t into making good gay porn, it is literally an assembly line numbers game. The quality of a scene and performers are secondary to just having something to push out as a release. Hence all these stupid “sex in front of a woman while mking a goofy face” scenes.

        That’s why all the French Canadian shitty performers can churn out 100s of MEN scenes, whether people like it or not, trying to make It look like it’s due to overwhelming popular demand when there are hotter and better performing guys .

        I would say if you are ever looking for MEN scenes that can be classified as good gay porn, give up that hope. The closest they ever got were some of the MEN UK scenes which were basically outsourced and had no one from the main MG shit factory having a hand in them.

      • baz

        P. S. The MEN French Canadian flagship guys don’t give good performances becuase no one is going to make them try.

        They get away with the shitty performances because they can.

  15. CC26

    Malik bottomed for Papi Kocic already? When did this happen? Off-screen?

  16. JR

    Ugh. What a nauseating pair. Papi- the biggest, most vain, self important, egomaniacal narcissist in porn (and that’s saying A LOT). Malik- so brain numbingly stupid he makes a caveman look like a Mensa member.
    Since none of them suck dick, what’s this scene going to be like then?

  17. Edie

    Malik is super handsome with great physique, but please don’t talk. He fucks and kisses like a bad actor try to finish the scene. He rarely bottom and doesn’t suck cock as well as Paddy O’Brian at his early porn career. Hopefully he’ll give in just like Mr. beautiful fur O’Brian.

  18. Cherrystick

    To think this lame ass won an award for his sex work. The fuck?!?!

  19. BlueVelvet

    This comment section is pure GOLD.
    Someone should print it out and post it to:
    7777 Décarie Blvd.
    Montreal, Quebec
    H4P 2H2

    MindGeek doesn’t exist anymore. First it was bought by Ethical Capital Partners (ECP), a private equity firm. This was in spring 2023. In the meantime MindGeek was rebranded to Aylo. The above address is Aylo’s office in Canada. They also have offices in Austin (TX), Bucharest. London, Luxembourg and Nicosia.

  20. BONE

    For those of us old enough to remember this is not new. Google Jeff Stryker. Mailk is not sexy nor is he a bodybuilder. He is an average looking guy with an above average penis size. To be honest, with exceptions of guys with tattoos everywhere, you could stand him in a line up of the current crop of “it” boys and not tell them apart from one another.

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