Back in action: Tanner Valentino

Tanner Valentino only had scenes released by Broke Straight Boys from 2015 to 2019.

He is back. He is the latest update at Randy Blue.

His comeback scene had him top Damian Night.

+ Tanner joined X in 2022. His X account with his boyfriend (Preston Peter) was created last May.


  1. Bangle

    I unfollowed Tanner when he started making America great again. He can keep his conspiracy nonsense, thanks.

    • baz

      Yep, The MAGA shit was what made me move on back in his BSB days too.

  2. Cherrystick

    So sad he started the MAGA rhetoric. He’s a handsome guy, great body and sporting a nice package. I was a fan of his when he did a scene with the oh so hot Zeno Kostas. (What happened to that freaky fucker?).

    Back to Tanner, he’s a smart dude and it’s nice to see an actual gay man in the industry but the whole political alignment and stuff killed the vibe for me. I don’t know how you can support such a vile human and a party that has a decent amount of representatives who’ve been active in trying to reverse our strides in the gay community for the last 50 years.

    SIDE NOTE: RB will never be like its former glory days. It’s going the same route as ChaosMen. Using familiar faces and presenting us with bland performances. Nothing new and exciting.

      • Cherrystick

        Oh he was the only reason why I subscribed to BSB. He’s so sexy. Wonder where he is nowadays. Hopefully he’s thriving and happy. His bubble booty and that cross tat on his back would be rolling up and down and my dick would have a calypso.

    • logogay

      Unfortunately, I didn’t follow his journey because I don’t subscribe to BSB and hardly know any actors from this studio. It’s a real shame when an actor is finally GAY (and hopefully remains GAY) and doesn’t give in to the (current) modern “Queer Conversion Therapy Trend” from Studios like MEN/MG, Adulttime or other studios, and then goes privat in completely confused false conspiracy politics way!
      And what you say about RB is true. They crash. Mostly they have crossover actors (Reese, Roman, Johnny, Michael, Trevor and others) with boring scenes. Except Alex Kof!
      This guy really does everything and is hot for sex with men. But just subscribing to RB because of him would also be a waste of money.

    • NothingButFacts

      Actually he is not gay; he is bisexual and at the beggining of his career pretended to be straight. You are just so easy to assume he is homosexual because he is dating man. In reality he is in a really small minority of bi guys that date other guys. Most bi guys just enjoy sex with men and women but only date women.

      Its so dumb that gay men think that when a bi guy date woman he is straight and when he dates a man he is gay.

      • logogay

        As you are, am I right? The main thing is that all men were once straight or are bisexual in gay porn or will become so! You are also one of those “queer” supporters in gay porn who only see that and only want that! Then the MEN/MG scenes where gay men fuck and lick women in conversion therapy scenes are just right for you. And Adulttime too, where they also have sex with men dressed as women. For people like you who don’t accept gays, it’s just right!

      • Cherrystick

        Yeah smart ass he said multiple times on his IG that he’s gay. He’s hashtag multiple posts about gay pride etc…. I’ve been following his account for years before I left it alone and on your other note…. I’m completely aware that bisexual men and women can date both sexes and it makes them bisexual still. They may have a leaning preference for one or the other but still their sexuality doesn’t change. If anything your response shows the lack of thinking. Bi men date and have marriages etc. with other men all the time. It’s not rare.

        Paul Canon did the same thing when he shot with BSB and newsflash, he was gay.

        BTW.. sounds like you have some biased opinions on gays and their ability to except and think. Unlike the other massive group of weirdos who think they’re still gay if the fuck the other genders, I know that your sexuality doesn’t change. If you’re bi, then you’re bi. Take that argument with someone else.

        • NothingButFacts

          It is VERY rare; surveys don’t lie; 88% of self-identified bisexual people are in straight relationships. And this is amount self identified ones- what about men who like sex with men but id as straight? The ramaining 12% of those who are in same sex relationships are probably mostly gay leaning bisexuals; mostly str8 and equal bisexuals date almost always women.

          Also I am not bi; but just sick of violating common sense and evidence.

  3. NovaStar

    Why is it always the guys who perform the best are the ones who are truly fucked up people? It never fails, almost every time you find a gay porn performer who gives their all in these films something comes out with them and they become total douche bags. It’s extremely frustrating because you want to support them but then you find out stuff like these performers who support Donald Trump and it’s kills everything. Jesus Christ man UGH!

  4. JR

    As if all the MAGA shit wasn’t reason enough to be turned off by him, he’s fat too.

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