If one is not enough: Derek Kage, Kosta Viking, and Ridick

The threesome scene of Derek Kage, Kosta Viking, and Ridick is the latest update at Lucas Entertainment.

The three guys also had scenes released this week for other studios.

Derek at Raging Stallion with Morgxn Thicke.

Kosta at Kristen Bjorn with Gus Torres.

And Ridick at Lucas Entertainment with Harold Lopez and Jacob Lord at Men at Play.


  1. Nick

    Derek Kage and Ridick are beautiful.

  2. baz

    I’ll take everyone EXCEPT Derek Kage, thank you.

  3. logogay

    I don’t care what Derek does now. First, he has been lying to his gay fans for years about his “true” sexual preferences: namely, vagina. And then he constantly insults her on his X Acount along with other cast members like Trevor and makes fun of her. Now he’s worried about his image and is currently “only” shooting gay porn to “convince” people and the industry of what a great gay porn actor he is. Of course he also wins awards and many follow him because he does such great “work” in gay porn. But that’s it. Only work! He’ll become a crossover performer like Dante in the future and then he’ll (hopefully) disappear for good to the straight porn. I can’t watch his “work” in gay porn at the moment anyway, it doesn’t matter what he films, he’s just annoying. Especially his hypocritical interviews on gay porn blogs! Derek move on to your vaginas! Gay porn and gays don’t need you anymore!

    • Jktooo

      Cant believe im thumbs upping a logo post.

      • Q

        Can’t believe you even read it, I usually just skip straight past them.

  4. Cherrystick

    Guys like Derek keep getting booked. The man is toxic, a label user and a jackass. You know what the perfect amount of Derek Kage is suitable for me, ZERO.

  5. Reg

    Beware watching that first scene…his guts end up hanging out :-/

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