Loves to bottom: Adam Awbride as Jack, Dominik Balta, and Evan Knoxx

The third scene and third top for Jack (aka Adam Awbride) at Corbin Fisher was Tony.

The second hardcore scene and second top for Dominik Balta at William Higgins was Radek Pozer. Dominik first had a scene as the bottom at Str8 Hell and Czech Hunter.

The fifth scene and fifth top for Evan Knoxx at Cocky Boys was Marcus McNeill.


  1. Bucko

    Love seeing a hot, handsome, fit and more “mature” guy like Dominik get fucked! I hope there’s more down the pipeline.

  2. bo69

    Dominik somewhat reluctantly said he was bisexual in his Erotic Solo but the way he takes cock puts that down–especially when Higgins’ go-to gay guy Radek Pozer shoves it in him. Prevoiously the more diminutive gay boy Martin Kadels fucked and fed him a big load.

  3. Nick

    I love bottoms. I think they should be paid better, as preparing for the scenes takes longer and with more details. Furthermore, without a bottom there is no scene.

  4. Filip

    Evan Knoxx is a great performer (both as top and bottom) and a very good looking guy.

    But I would like to see him the way he was before. No beard, no piercings (nose!) and a more proper hair cut.

    Plus he was a little more muscular earlier.

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