Newbies: Edo Domen and Kit Corrigan

Edo Domen, who was back this year at William Higgins after his solo shoot in 2018, is the latest bottom at Czech Hunter.

2018 and 2024

Kit Corrigan had two scenes as the bottom released this week. A studio scene with Drew Valentino at Raging Stallion and his homemade scene with Braxton Cruz bought by Naked Sword.

UPDATE Samuel Hodecker and King Scot were removed from the list.


  1. McM.

    Sancho Chapin is handsome, has a banging body, is a good top, and can take a hard fucking from a big cock. However, his asshole looks chewed the hell up. Everytime I see it I focus on the top and him if it’s a non in-your-face penetration shot.

    Samuel Hodecker (Decker) isn’t exactly new as he’s been shooting with Meninos Online for at least three years, and more recently with Rhyheim. Now, he is outstanding! Dude does everything and really enjoys it. Samuel is versatile and can be paired with anybody.

  2. Jktooo

    Samuel “hodecker” is actually latino porn vet samuel decker. He has amassed a considerable library mostly as a top and new to Men, he has worked for latino porn studios.

  3. Mark B

    We’ve seen King Scot before also…

    • Denz

      You gave me an idea for a post

      Thank you!

  4. Nick

    Kit Corrigan is hot. Very beautiful.

    • Mike

      He looks just like Alvey from the show Kingdom(Frank Grillo)…sexy as hell.

  5. Rich

    Samuel Hodecker has a really sad life story and was away from porn due depression. If this scene is new, I hope he’s fine again…

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