Newbies: Ro Reyes, Ricky Rexx, and Brody Bauer

Ro Reyes swallowed the cum of Alexander Muller in his first scene at Falcon Studios.

Ricky Rexx had his first condom scene with Dakota Preston as his bottom at Gay Room (via Man Royale).

Brody Bauer is the latest straight guy “convinced” to film for gay porn for money at Bait Buddies. And he was the bottom to Adam Trainer in Guy Selector.


  1. logogay

    “Brody is the latest straight guy “convinced” to do gay porn at Bait Buddies for money.”
    Rarely laughed so much. The irony in this sentence and the meaning is fantastic for gay porn 2024!
    Now I know why MEN/MG and Adulttime are trying to “convert” all “gaybaiting” guys into crossover performers! There are no “real” gays in gay porn anymore! Only bisexuals or G4Ps! So everyone here on this blog and out there is thinking that. LOL

  2. simp

    Brody also appeared in a Guy Selector scene as the bottom.

    • Denz

      Thank you!

      I added it to the post.

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