Not often the bottom: Roque Rems

Roque Rems only had scenes as the top released by Jawked and Eric Videos.

He did bottom in two of his eight scenes released by Lucas Entertainment.

He has uploaded two of his homemade scenes as the bottom at Raw Fuck Club.

The latest for Roque as the bottom was at Tim Tales.

His top was Axxl Mart.

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  1. logogay

    A performer like him would have deserved an award for the best versatile performer of the year or at least a nomination! Not Malik, who is supported with a lot of money by an influential queer studio like MEN/MG and who influences the jurors so that their studio can even win anything in “GAY” porn! But those performers who really like having sex with men in front of the camera are deliberately ignored in the hypocritical gay porn industry that has been bought up by heterosexual corporations!

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