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I recently found out about Guy Selector when I read simp’s comment.

It’s been around since 2022, owned by Aylo Premium Ltd. (Men and Sean Cody). But it has only released 42 scenes.

What is Guy Selector?

Guy Selector is an interactive porn site that puts you in the shoes of the stud, allowing you to make the choices that alter the outcome along the way. You want him to suck? He’ll pucker up. You want anal? He’s already spreading his ass wide for you. That’s of course, if you make the right choices. You can explore deeper stories and unlock different scenarios unique to you. Just like a video game but with your favorite porn stars. Click your mouse, mash your buttons, and jerk your joystick to this new porn experience.

For those in the know, what’s your experience with the site?


  1. logogay

    An absolutely dead, boring and unnecessary website for gays(?)! We already have Hoopla or not? LOL Gayporn 2024 is already DEAD!

  2. simp

    Not too big on the POV aspect of their productions, but I do appreciate this site featuring performers who don’t appear in studio porn as frequently as some others, e.g. Ricky Rexx (only time as the bottom), Justin Maxwell and Vincent Grey.

  3. baz

    I saw owned by Aylo and that’s ALL I needed to know.

    No thank you.

  4. truthneverlies

    Great content and I like the POV videos. 2 bad things, 1 new scene per 15 days and in some scenes, fake cum 🙁

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