1. Max

    Down low means in the closet. The disappointment is quality of the porn. There used to be hot black and white guys fucking. But the recent videos some of the models are really unattractive. Also I was surprised to see the fat Black model on the site. Yuck.

  2. logogay

    Another dead page that they recycle. I liked the approach of this site, but constantly using “crossover” actors and well-known “Bi” and “G4P” faces for this site, who then also filmed for sites like biphoria, got on my nerves. It’s better that this page remains closed. As long as the actors and the quality don’t change, it doesn’t make any sense anyway.

  3. NovaStar

    This is fucking atrocious. This is a desperate attempt to keep a dead site alive but there’s no resuscitating this dog shit. And with them using a negative stereotypical term regarding black men (if it’s still a primarily black site) is plain insulting. That whole site needs to die.

  4. Cherrystick

    All you need to pay attention to is the two blokes that are on the banner of the renaming of the site. They are the same two who have been plastered on every site that needs to be laid to rest. They’re the same two who’ve been overused and over saturated. This is a terrible way to try to revive something. I guess Chaos Men and Randy Blue needs another mate in the running for dead sites.

  5. baz

    Racist connotations aside, we know how they actually treat black models thanks to tweets from people like Xavier Zane.

    Throw the whole site in the trash.

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