Still as the top: Colt Spence, Leo Gates, and Alexandro Cabrera

The latest bottom for Colt Spence was Trevor Brooks at Cocky Boys.

✅ Kissed, sucked a cock (both guys), and rimmed (both guys).

Colt Spence at Raw Fuck ClubI’m a lifter and jock top in Chicago.

The latest bottom for Leo Gates was Gio Carrera at Say Uncle (via Missionary Boys).

✅ Kissed, sucked a cock (Gio), rimmed (Gio), and Leo supposedly creampied Gio.

The latest bottom for Alexandro Cabrera was Justin Jett at Tim Tales.

Alexandro on XCuban XXL dom top


  1. Jktooo

    I LOVE to watch tops fuck. If they bottom I usually dont watch their bottom scenes but i dont hate on them for bottoming.

    • Camille

      I love the concept of tops being tops. So for me it’s not a problem that they always perform in that position. I have to be honest that when I “fall in love” of one of them I feel bad when they bottom . For instante: Brandon Cody. Moreover, I disagree on cohertion of pushing tops to bottom. But that’s a long story.

  2. logogay

    I don’t care what Trevor films. He also fucks and licks vaginas, so I’m not interested in him anymore. Exactly the same with the G4Payer Leo Gates. Who is he? A nothing who only holds out his ass for money. Please keep going all!

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