The face of Stag Homme: Bastian Karim

Last April, Stag Homme was relaunched. Since then, every update has included Bastian Karim.

Bastian [movies] was known as Vadim Covrescu (2018 – 2019) at William Higgins.

He has uploaded 100 of his homemade scenes at Raw Fuck Club.


  1. Alex

    Fuck all the way off.

    This is not the og StagHomme that featured (most of the time) fit and healthy men with Damien Crosse in his prime.

    Instead we get whatever this ghetto is supposed to be with cheap, unhealthy gays.

  2. logogay

    Bastian Karim is a sweet guy who has been doing gay porn for a long time and has taken in a lot of cocks. What do gays want with the dead site Stag Homme? It was never good when it started and then quickly shut down. Too many unwilling, bad actors and poorly filmed scenes with lousy quality and G4P!

    • Alex

      Shut the fuck up.

      Damien Crosse and Francesco were anything but g4p

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