Then and now: Adamek Alex aka Breno Gomes, Luke Geer, and Rico Gabbani

The first to introduce Luke Geer was William Higgins in 2019 as Adamek Alex.

After that, he was given the names Breno Gomes or Gomez (East Boys), Luke Geer or Greer (Boy Fun, Jawked, and Bad Puppy) and Rico Gabbani (Fresh Men and Belami Online).

He did love to top. He did bottom to Kirk Gauguin at Fresh Men.

He joined X last year as Luke Geer. It’s also the name that he uses for his live cam shows at Chaturbate [room].


  1. OldFatGuy

    Another beautiful body ruined by hideous tattoos.

  2. Res1

    This made me sad. Tattoos have ruined so many guys. I wouldn’t be against them if they looked more cohesive and appealing.

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