Then and now: Tim Kruger, Ace Banner, and Johnny Donovan

Tim Kruger‘s profile photo at Tim Tales, Tim’s latest scene on the site, and Tim’s latest photo shared at X

Ace Banner in 2013 at Legend Men and Ace’s scenes this week at Carnal Plus (via Scout Boys and Boy For Sale)

Johnny Donovan as Deacon in 2017 at Sean Cody and Johnny’s scenes this week at Men and Falcon Studios


  1. Camille

    Tom Krueger 5 out of 5… you should be top forever baby don’t fall on the ungrateful and greedy behaviour of fans! TIM TALES one of favorites sites.
    Johnny Donovan 3.5 of 5: For some reason I don’t find him that atractive. He’s atractive but not the way people think.
    Ace Banner 4 out of 5. Delicous daddy!

  2. Fathom

    Love Ace Banner—the accent, the smile, the personality. So sexy.

  3. christiancasey

    johnny donovan looks like shit. it’s either drugs, being ran thru or both. used to b a real life ken doll.

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