Vojtech Lokan, Christian Power, and Shamu Azizam

Vojtech Lokan of William Higgins and Str8 Hell is the latest bottom at Czech Hunter (#747).

Christian Power, who made a comeback last year via Sketchy Sex, is the latest straight at Bait Buddies.

Shamu Azizam is the latest bottom for Malik Delgaty at Men with their threesome scene with Roman Todd. For Roman, this is his second time with Malik.


  1. R47

    I love Roman as a bottom but I would love to see him top Malik. They are both very handsome and Roman is great at whatever he does, in gay scenes.

  2. Jktooo

    Bearded bottoms so disinterest me. If i was a top i just couldnt. But thats a me thing. Some tops probably like the “conquer” (best word I can describe) of perhaps “taking down” a masculine looking man w facial hair. Idk. I would love opinions on this. I also like larger sized tops and smaller framed guys probably cuz i have been smaller framed, someone who can carry while fkng me. Just my opinion

    • simp

      Happy to see that Vodtech finally gives up his booty here after his weird Cherry Busting scene at William Higgins where no cherries were busted.

  3. Cherrystick

    Riley Mitchel is cringe to the max for me so that Bait Buddies scene is a hell no.

    We’ve got yet another scene with Roman and Malik. For fucking goodness sakes can we get someone else. These two are so over exposed and overused.

    Shamu is kind of cute. I like his body but that’s about the only positive I can take away from this lineup.

  4. Reg

    Christian is…not looking so good. He used to be really healthy and vibrant, but his face looks like it’s shrinking in on itself and withering. I’m also not sure what makes your veins stand out like that, because his never used to :-/

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