X: Logan Stevens “I love how I get this automated email from the gay clinic by my place in Weho saying “aww we miss you, didn’t think we would notice?” Sorry! I just haven’t had an STD in quite a while. I’ll try harder.”

Roman Todd at Chaturbate [room] “Hey everyone I’m 34 y/o German/Italian. I love sex and consider myself a pansexual. I have been in the adult industry since 2009 and loved every second of it. I am a fun caring guy who loves traveling and definitely consider myself a thrill seeker.”


  1. JB

    Seemed like a really angry, testy sort of week among the creators and performers.

    As always we appreciate you compiling these for us Denz.

  2. AndThenTheresMaude

    First, what kind of pride is Masculine Jason going to what kind of pride where everyone is verbally assaulting eachother???🧐

    Second, I’m kinda surprised that wasn’t Colby Jansen on the ground in that Pierce Paris video
    (apparently their “golfing buddies”…) 🤣

    And third , What the hell happened to Brad Kelvo? 😵‍💫

  3. NovaStar

    None of these guys are coming off happy at all. So much for “Happy” Pride Month. Then again, there can’t be any joy when you make shitty content.

  4. Alex

    Gurl, if mental illnesses were people they’d look like gay porn”stars”

  5. logogay

    Another proof of a sad “Pride Month” in gay porn. Only negativity, hypocrisy, vaginas or homophobia! No pride, no celebration, no party! Gayporn has become a shit heap of G4P’s and “vagina lovers”! Thanks Denz for these insightful posts.

    • sdsr

      It’s not proof of anything of the sort unless these tweets are representative of what gay performers tweet. My hunch is that they’re not, in part because posting positive tweets doesn’t generate as much traffic/comment.

  6. Pavel Ford

    Don’t know who craves attention more….Aspen or Cliff Jensen ??
    Jacob Diaz – Hateful ? Don’t know but you are just plain looking and uninteresting and desperate…
    Cameron / Colten Grey – I miss this guy. Always Hot and Horny.
    Vander Pulasky – Who ? Probably the grossest pic of the week, you win.
    Brad Kalvo – Who ? You get the second place of grossest pic of the week fatty.

  7. Reg

    You’ve got a job…but you can’t buy your own bed? Sleep on the floor like a big boy, because at least you’ve got a floor in your “new place”.

  8. baz

    I’m tired of men in gay porn talking about how they are straight. Go do straight porn then.

  9. christiancasey

    baxxx bugs tf outta me. gtfoh with 4’11”’ass

  10. Nick

    Matt Polaco: Beautiful asshole.
    Vander Pulaski: Sexy. He is also very smart.

  11. Camille

    I am not really into reading or paying attention to the tweets besides sex. I’m not going to ruin my fantasies because at the end of the day people are free to think and express whatever they want (yeah I know there are boundaries but that’s for another debate). I’d go for the sexual stuff and Vander Pulaski putting a gear level into his rectum. So hot and sexy and beautiful.

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